DR WILLIAM MOUNT: The Cure For Autism Update 18 – Wrap Up

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Following is the 18th  update of The Cure For Autism. In these Updates we have been following a small boy and a small girl in their fight to rid themselves of this horrible curse.

Out of 202 children a friend of mine has chronicled 2 were born with Autism and 200 were given Autism due to vaccinations.

All Autistic Children have several things in common, and their family members do have any of these characteristics despite living together:

1) They all have indigo Aura’s and the Crystalline Aura Children are killed.
2) About 95% of the 200 kids test positive for Lyme’s Disease, a US Patented Disease – see You Tube.
3) They all release high levels of Uranium in their hair analysis.
4) They all have high levels of Mangalese, which can only be given by a shot and simply prevents their bodies from healing. Until this is removed then they will never recover form the shots they received. We have seen that only the surfactant Immusist  remove Mangalese from the Human Body.

Child One: Joe – the Typical Vaccinated Child:

Joe got Autistic at around the age of 11. He was given a standard Vaccination, got a fever, and never recovered.

The doctors and nurses denied every thing and told the parents that they were not responsible, they denied every thing and handed them huge amounts of literature written by the AMA that stated Vaccines are safe – they lied.

Mom and dad were fit to be tied – but what can you do?

Personally – I would have thrown the doctor out of the window- but that is the Old Infantry In Me – You Know – Protect and Defend the Constitution, etc.

Mom began researching everything and fond out that many foods, like Canola Oil and the New Wheat and Corn, have been designed to kill you so she began feeding her family Non-GMO Foods, yet still a year alter Jo could not speak or even shower by himself – poor little guy.

Mom tried everything – Cold Laser, Mud Baths, Antibiotics, Long hot showers, different foods – after a year – nothing, Joe was still not talking or reading or able to shower himself – all hte things he did before the vaccination, He was living in a fog and getting very angry about it.

Then Mom ran into Immusist and said – why not try it, what the heck?

Thirty days later Joe said his first word. A Miracle- “Whatzthat” – and pointed to a bronze statue of a seal at the Tacoma Zoo – eye, hand, mouth coordination – Mom and little sister were flabbergasted.

A surfactant did this?

Holy cow.

A year later Joe was reading – not like he had done before the Vaccination, but pretty good. He was slow but could read at his previous level from age 11. Things processed but not real fast – all from 15 drops of Immusist a day for 1 year.

It is now 4 or 5 years since the deadly vaccination and Joe is in a Special School – one where he can actually learn something – and is now at the top of his class.

In terms of how smart Joe is – top of the class.

Emotionally – he will always be 2 -3 years behind his classmates but he is ambitious he has already been making art and getting paid for it.


Second Child: Ann. is very typical of Military Babies.

Ann was born Autistic to a Mom who was a doctor in the military and is now about 12 and has an older sister about 14 who is smart as a whip.

I met Ann about 2 years ago and several weeks later introduced to Immusist and the Autistic Community. I tried the product and within a moth gave it to my friend who is the Doctor. Her daughter took the bottle form her mom when she brought it home and this non-speaking nonfunctioning child put 15 drops in her water and drank it.

One month later she said her First Word: “GoooMorrrrnnniinnn?” and waved with her right hand and looked the teacher in the eye.

The entire class stopped – never ever ever has an Autistic Child recovered – it’s Impossible, right?

The same day Ann looked at the teacher and pointed to a pin of the carton character Arial and said “Aaarrrrreeeeel.”

This shy little gal was not only crawling out of her shell but speaking.

Mom was called immediately – your child spoke – she spoke – age 9 or 1- she spoke.

Fast forward a year and she read her first word “Reeeeed” and pointed to the color Red. She was putting words together with color.

This little Ann and her brother and sister are now a real jot to be around – all 3 of them. The older girl is extremely intelligent, Ann is now showering herself and dressing herself and playing games, and the youngest one – the boy of 6 – is a huge goof ball.

Little Ann has a great personality coming out. She was at a wedding we all attended and she was able to play by herself and with adults in a sort of shy way – but she interacted with almost ever one.

A few months ago Ann began to hit puberty – the exact same time her older sister did. Ann is apparently trying to duplicate her older sister and it is fun to watch. At this point since older sister is not using Immusist she will stop using it as well. That may change soon.

Ann now has, at home, a real playful attitude. Since she began growing in her mind 2 years ago she is a cross between a playful 2 year old and a moody 12 year old going through what all little girls do.

When Ann reaches 18 she will more than likely be emotionally 8 or nine – and she will always be a Moma’s Gal – but that’s OK. She is active and very delightful to be around, loves balloons, and quite capable of functioning on her own.

With the world seemingly falling apart it has been a real joy to watch these 2 children walk their way out of Autism.

Moms – there is hope. You did not do this to your children

Join me, and thousands of others, and walk YOU child out of Autism, Cancer, MS, Traumatic Brain Injury and a host of other problems you might encounter.

In order to tell you the truth for free I cannot be associated with any of these companies and even the book that is being written about The Cure For Autism I cannot be part of in any way.

God says: Freely I gave to you, freely you must give.

Sounds good to me.

Products we use for all diseases and maladies:

a) Immusist 888-702-3319 – I eat 15 – 50 drops per day. Many folks start out of 5 drops per day and that is OK – a bottle will then last about 90 months.

b) Citricare 800-622-8446 – I use twice a week and when my wife gets her typical Pneumonia every fall I give her 50 drops a day and it is gone in 3-4 days
c) Diatamatious Earth – Buy at the feed store – it is million year old Plankton – it is a bag of Minerals I feed to my chickens, Dog, Cats and I eat a tea spoon twice a week. A clinic told me once that 95% of all women who eat 1 Tea Spoon of this a day loose their Lupus in 30-45 days.

d) EDTA – a Human Hormone that makes your Veins/Arteries young and flexible again. I use 1,500 MG only once per week. Only use this once a week.

e) Sea Weed. I like Tripple Flake form Main Coast Sea Vegetables. I eat a table spoon a day now. We like the taste and we like the fact that it is like eating concentrated minerals and vitamins.

Videos free on You Tube

The Cure For Autism

The Cure For Autism – YouTube

Be Ready:

BE READY – YouTube

Do one last thing – Pray that All moms can buy these products and walk their little boys and girls out of Autism and also pray they realize it was not their fault and they can have more children, normal children.

To the Moms in the military: I have never seen a family with all normal children – they are usually “Premies” or born without body parts, or twisted backbones, etc. I encourage you to eat Immusist before and during pregnancy as the child may not be so deformed. Check with your doctor first though.

As for Premise – a compound almost identical to Immusist is fed to “Premies” to keep their lungs cleared out until they hit 9 months so this product – which used to cost $4,000 an ounce — is now only about $88 an ounce.

Finally – with older Autistic Children – and Mongaloid children – we have found that cognitive processing improves at any age and you may find a much better relationship with your children once they start eating Immusist and Citricare and Sea Weed.

The FDA and all other large London Owned Corporations have not reviewed these recommendations and are not likely to approve anything that leads to batter health.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The Cure For Lyme Disease

The Cure For Lyme Disease – YouTube

May GOD help all you moms and dads.

You Wonder why I do this for free?

Just got a call from a guy who’s wife dies and he has 32 older boys and one little Autistic Girl. After 3 weeks of using 15 drops of Immusist per day she said her first word. Now how do you put a dollar value on that?

God bless that Dad.

May GOD bless Israel

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: The Cure For Autism Update 18 – Wrap Up

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