The Arrests Have Begun – Be Afraid Left

The Arrests of the forces loyal to the Satanic NAZI Jesuits has begun and they will continue to accelerate. The Open Warfare and Tribunals will begin next month and are expected to last for around 90 days. Those who do not surrender to the Living GOD and turn to the good will be – shall we say – destroyed. GOD has cursed them and they will now fall like Dominoes. Here are some stories that are evidence of what is happening: 1) Catholic Church Appointed head of the knights of Malta was fired indicating a whole lot of people no longer agree with the Satanic NZAI Stance of the Jesuit Pope on 25 January and a NAZI appointed to replace him. This was done in the open for all the world to see…


2 thoughts on “The Arrests Have Begun – Be Afraid Left”

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