One thought on “SICK Liberal Posters Hung In NYC Targets EVERY Trump Supporter”

  1. MAY I VERY bluntly say, DEAR truly good Sir, that You’re “totally” correct:

    IT GOES over the LINE, to like, “DEMAND” “DEATH” to “TRUMPSTERS” –

    ALSO the national post, though I DID have to criticise it FOR its anti-Assange, Assange not even MENTIONing unstyle, but it DID help, concerning, Trump DID open “doors” to Economy – which MIGHT under CERTAIN still ETHICAL parameters, BE good for People;

    YET NOT, when a USA does TWO massmurders: Nam and IRAQ —

    for both which, I CAN surely not blame YOU – AND, you’re in NO way a “NAZI”, Sir, but merely indeed a Rightwinger – but no bad One, no dangerous One.

    I TOO am against MONEY-monkeyism: Since in the middle age, JEWS were, got, by (YE!) Christians, by authorities of europe, forced, to merely carry out money- or valuable metals and gems-related, but back then NO high government positions, this changed insofar, as that ROOSIE the 2nd, DID NOT even let in THREE Rabbis, that came “asking” for help against the holocaust in europe – Roosie 2 was a bourgeois, and held NADA about “JUDAISM” – what if I told Ya, there of course anyway IS no god (or no evil would ever have taken place), but also, that MY Judaism IS “Satanism” (merely a rebelism AGAINST massmurder, simply AGAINST rape), IS “Voodoo”, – simply OF the ethical type. I HAVE to say, I like You very much, I respect Ye utterly, Sir. Bernie IS cool, I do say – he won’t disappoint exactly You. IF no votes-alteration BY the illegal “diebold” votes-altering machines, which need to get PUT out of service ENTIRESTLY, happens anymore, and MOST US People DO vote FOR Trump, alright; YET, ASSANGE must ANYWAY be freed. Likewise, as I, Chomsky, and around sure a reasonable growing 45, 50 percent of Jews, do NOT like “goldman sachs” and their “pro-white” racism AND exploitation, nor of other such companies, among whatever Peoples, we do likewise clearly NOT like those abusively ANTIGAY “orthodox” type of 30 percent of jews AMONG Jews, simply. NUTNJAHU is a NUT, an IDIOT, an ABUSIVE actor.

    HECATE CERIDWEN, unto Ye, good Sir Knight. We’re on the same side. There IS only one Side, namely sustainable Life, as in, a concept. Which adolf didn’t have. Which BEN gurion didn’t have either, this bourgeouis midstyle dude, LOL, this NOT-EVEN-intellectual – and HERZL merely hung on to CAPITALISM, to imperialist western BANKS, to found ISRAEL: netanjahu does a HUGE discrimination against PALESTINIANS, who are LEFT OUT abusively out of ALL Education-Help, by an ISRAEL, which government-wise IS unwise, IS not the ideal, and NEVER was that.

    But we’re all surely merely APPROACHING a condition of NO false morals, OF NO disobjectivity, – OF truth, and OF no injustice, OF no harm. BY concept. Read all bout it UHN ma site. :} Always Yours, Sir.


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