[9.10] The Pentagon’s Missing Trillions

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One thought on “[9.10] The Pentagon’s Missing Trillions”

  1. Sorry, you missed it on the missing trillions! FYI, the funds for the $10,000-dollar coffee makers and $5,000 hammers are actually identified within the budget. The funds you are looking for is way outside the defense planning cycle and created out of thin air. It is “printed” by the Fed without going through the Congressional approval process.

    At the behest of a former assistant secretary of HUD, a team at Michigan State University identified at least $20.5 TRILLION was missing from HUD and the Pentagon. To date, there is still no accountability.

    Perhaps recognizing that notable figures like Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy as well as Senators Inouye (D-HI) and Church (D-ID) were aware of the true nature of the military-industrial complex and the wayward intelligence community.


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