Kryon 2019 – They Are Coming!

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3 thoughts on “Kryon 2019 – They Are Coming!”

  1. thank you for your call, i listen to it all the time, i am a canadian senior just a few thoughts, from canada a lot of canadians, wish we had trump here instead of our mr dress up here,we also wish, we had the right to bear arms, in our charter of rights in canada. owning a weapon in anada is a hassel. with paper trails to goverment agenies in tow . the rcmp police checks each gun owner each day. but the criminals run wild,they don’t care about gun laws, in canada.they will take your weapons on a whim, so american brother patroits, don’t let these kind of gun laws, in canada come to usa. bury them if you have, don’t let on, you have them, i wish you well,and i pray for president trump each day, god bless the usa.


  2. Electrogravitic magnetic energy and cymatics are the free energy. They killed Tesla for that, and in Africa, the observed round structures – millions of them – are called “cattle pens” (no gates though, hinthint) but are energy extractors of the earth, amplifying it into the aether to be collected, as seen in the Dendara bulb, which also ran off the light in blood, human batteries.

    The skies are being sprayed to hide Nibiru the Destroyer. They multiply this crime against humanity by making people pay for their own extinction as consumers, dumbing them down, creating a plasma atmosphere, and trying to trap soul light energy in and keep The Purifier out (THE DOME/firmament AKA Van Allen Belts). Look up Operation Solar Warden, and the SSP – the Secret Space Program, Operation Majestic.


  3. We see how well the Puna Geothermals worked out, a part of the cabal plan to direct the Hilina Slump and cause the impending tsunami that will submerge and fold under the West Coast. And fracking. This is fracking. This Kryon is a shill, and completely tarnishes what actual extradimensional messages exist.


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