Hollyweird, Pedowood Arrests List

RECENT CALIFORNIA INDICTMENTS; Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, Ellen Lee Degeneres, Steven Allen Spielberg, Steven Tyrone Colbert, James Christian Kimmel, Kevin Spacey Fowler, Christine Diane Teigen, James Eugene Carrey, Benjamin Giza Affleck, Jennifer Anne Garner, John William Ferrell(will farrell), Marshall Mathers (Eminem), Madonna Ciccone, John Paul Cusack, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry), Gwen Renee Stefani, Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga), Anderson Hays Cooper (CNN), Wanda Yvette Sykes, Chelsea Joy Handler, Kerry Marisa Washington, Seth Benjamin Gresshel-Green Alyssa Jayne Milano Philip John Clapp (Johnny Knoxville) Stephen Gilchrist Glover (Steve-O) Neil Patrick Harris Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver William Bradley Pitt Angelina Jolie Voight Robert Seldon Duvall Haley Joel Osment Walter (Bruce) Willis Hans Dolph Lundgren Steven Frederic Seagal William A. Maher Tim Dick (Tim Allen) Edward Allen Harris Amy Marie Madigan Kevin Michael Costner Woodrow Tracy Harrelson Daniel E Aykroyd Paul(y) Shore James Edmund Caan Diane H Keaton Al Pacino Beverly Heather D’Angelo Dana E Owens (Queen Latifa) Sandra Annette Bullock George T Clooney Matt Paige Damon Mark Robert Wahlberg Halle Maria Berry John Christopher Depp Thomas Cruise Caleb Casey Affleck Gwyneth Kate (Paltrow) Martin Kirsten Caroline Dunst Tobias Vincent Maguire Jonah Hill Feldstein Seth Aaron Rogan Channing Matthew Tatum Amanda L Bynes Zachary D Efron Hugh M Jackman Ryan Rodney Reynolds Blake Ellender Lively Scarlett Ingrid Johansson Ryan Gosling Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal Maggie Ruth Gyllenhaal Anne Jacqueline Hathaway Emily O Blunt Christopher Hemsworth Miley Ray Cyrus Jeremy Lee Renner Zachary John Quinto (Spock) Bradley Charles Cooper James Francis Cameron Renee Kathleen Zellweger Nicole Evangeline Lilly Pierce Brendan Brosnan Orlando Bloom Natalie Portman Hershlag Russel I Crowe Gerard James Butler Milena Kutcher (Mila Kunis) Christopher Ashton Kutcher Zachary Knight Galifianakis Jeri Lynn Ryan Kristen Jaymes Stewart Helen L Mirren Jane Seymore Fonda Kate Winslet Denzel H Washington Charles Robert Redford Samuel Leroy Jackson Katherine Marie Heigl Aaron Edward Eckhart Patrick Galen Dempsey Quentin Jerome Tarantino Candice P Bergen James Todd Spader Molly K Ringwald Ramon Estevez (Martin Sheen) Charlie Sheen Emilio Estevez

The list just keeps getting longer

4 thoughts on “Hollyweird, Pedowood Arrests List”

  1. Surprised to see Chris Hemsworth’s name on that list. A popular homegrown boy and well thought of here in Australia.
    I read recently that Miley Cyrus in not the original girl. The claim was she refused to have any part in Hollyweird’s games and was probably killed.


  2. Tobey Maguire. That hurts. That really, really hurts. Mainly because of “Pawn Sacrifice”. Which was really a great movie, albeit its title takes on a sinister new meaning now…except that it was about chess, & Bobby Fischer. So the title actually makes sense outside of satanism. & the movie was awesome, just awesome. One of the best movies ever made. Oh please please please, not Tobey Maguire! Maybe there is a mistake, & he didn’t partake of the adrenochrome harvesting & child sacrifice/torture/murder. I’m fervently hoping he didn’t.


    1. Q As always said you’re in a movie! Every movie from Disney to horror to Syfy they’ve been telling us what is going on. Don’t be surprise life imitates art . Remember a few good men you can’t handle the truth that will be most of the people Sheeple.

      You’re watching the fall of Babylon Babylon resurrected at the Vatican. The United States from the active 1871 we were a corporation until 2017. Trump removed us from being a king a corporation back to our country. They change the constitution when they borrowed money from the 13 families the illuminati’s.

      The one word that was changed was for the people to of the people. Everything is playing out as planned most of it has already happened in the United States alone it’s around 51,000 arrest can you imagine how many are going to get executed? Over 600,000 worldwide every government was run by Canaanites Satanist, don’t be surprised just read the Bible. God says worship no man mega churches many of them will go away.

      This is the end of humanity it’s the beginning of humanity for the first time since the fall of Adam and eve we’re going to 1000 years of peace December 21 20 , Will be the first time in 800 years that you will see the star of Bethlehem when Jesus was born. It will not be a star it’s Saturn and Jupiter there is 0.01% away from each other that will give the illusion of a star. That will be the gift from God to remind everybody that he is in control and he wins. I believe all the angels in heaven are with us right now to protect us from the evilness that we have been ruled by.

      No country and no human is better than anyone else we’re all the same .
      We are all gods children you’re going to learn parts of the Bible where False . Most of it was truth with some falseness that’s how they got away with lying to us. The Bible was written and 1611 by the order of the pope at the Vatican at that time there’s sadness, Canaanites, the Phoenicians the club of Rome I can go on and on. I believe we were always born into tribulation that’s why we didn’t recognize it 2020 our eyes and our vision became quite clear for perfect Vision that was the year God shows it’s also sad that we chose to be here now it’s our time to wake up others before it’s too late we don’t wanna leave anybody behind. Many people will think it’s the end time it’s the beginning of peace. God will eradicate all even less from this planet, there is no more communism they have all been removed Q is 17 elite military forces around the world that was started by President Kennedy. President Trump and his administration along with Q set the World free for God..

      All that money will be no going into a new clean perfect world the money we once had was blood money. New money must circulate along with new cryptocurrency the old cryptocurrency was used to harvest children for blood Steel our gold Put weapons in the enemies hands. The CIA, and the Messiah and the M 6 are three entities acting as one. Babylonians.

      All three pups were executed this year, the white pope the black pope and the gray pope. The blacktop was the ruler for the 13 families. The illuminati’s created communism through modern day Israel. The people of Israel are amazing people just like our government their government was able too.

      We were all victims because of sin. We had the illusion that we were in control of our life God has control of our lives. We will have a new Bible because the forgotten Scriptures Will be released eventually they were all locked down in the Vatican. They were worship Samaria’s and Nimrod her son and husband not Mary and Jesus. Version was always with us we ignored it. We all must ask God to forgive us to ignore the harvesting of children to sacrifice to Baphomet. He had five generations of children that were born and bred under our feet‘s around the world. Many of them weighing 10 to 20 pounds of bones. 8 million children around the world go missing where are they? They’ve been experimented on it’s going to make World War II look like child’s play. The holocaust was below all of her feet through tunnels and bunkers along with mad scientist. Those children were on ships around the worldReceiving love and nurturing for the first time in their lives along with many surgeries the ventilators were for them COVID was used So that President Trump would slowly wake up the Sheeple who are still asleep. Those who will never except the new kingdom of on earth will be the left behind people. Trust God God wins that’s the spoiler alerts. Sit back put on your seatbelt Trump will shut down the world for a few days so that you can witness their confessions and their crimes God bless you all.

      I might have gone a little too far and explaining myself for that forgive me and I had a lot to say five years and 12,000 hours I’m writing a book. Please prove me wrong do your research


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