5 thoughts on “DNC’s Plan To Replace Our Police With NATO Contractors – Dyncorp and Blackwater Again”

  1. Coronavirus funding diverted to DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) and Department of Defense — carried out by military/armed forces. Coronavirus=due to Obamacare bankrupting healthcare system and individual health care market — including Blue Cross Blue Shield which lobbied for Michigan coronavirus legislation in 2019. (Source: Unmasked: the coronavirus story by Susan Bradford)


  2. Financial contributors to the Chatfield
    Majority Fund include the DeVos Family/Amway, which is affiliated
    with none other than Betsy DeVos, the Trump Administration’s
    Secretary of Education whose brother, Erik Prince, founded Blackwater,
    a mercenary contracting group that received a slice of the $138 billion
    doled out to contractors during the Iraq War – and who has advised the
    Trump Administration on China and other matters.

    Chatfield Majority Fund
    for which an advocacy group, Public Affairs Associates, held a
    fundraiser at the Hidden River Golf and Casting Club in Brutus,
    Michigan in July, 2019 – one month after Michigan legislatoure introduced legislation to assign budget for coronavirus.

    Source: UnMasked: The Coronavirus Story by Susan Bradford


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