Russia Orders Over 15,500 Military Drills For Summer As America Prepares For Fall Civil War

A chilling new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today echoing the warning just issued by renowned futurist Gerald Celente (whom the New York Post wrote about: “If Nostradamus were alive today, he’d have a hard time keeping up with Gerald Celente”) declaring “You are going to see violence like we have never seen before this summer…You are going to see police against the people, and it’s going to become more militarized as it becomes more violent…If we don’t unite for peace and restore freedom, America is dead”, states that due to the assessment made by MoD intelligence analysts that the United States will erupt into a full-scale civil war during the September-October time period, President Putin has ordered Russian military forces to conduct an historic and unprecedented over 15,500 combat drills during the summer training period.

A time period assessment of when civil war hostilities will break out in America these MoD analysts based on numerous factors, to include this past week’s stunning US military preparations being made for war—such as the US Army designating this week the three day time period between 30 June-2 July to hire with at least $2,000 bonuses 10,000 additional troops, who will immediately be deployed for training at the massive Fort Benning military base already housing over 120,000 combat forces belonging to the US Army—is a military base where President Donald Trump has combined infantry and armor training for the US Army—and whose 10,000 new combat forces that have just been hired by the US Army this past week, will be trained and readied to be deployed in 10-14 weeks.

A deployment into the United States that MoD analysts assert will be made by President Trump using a series of federal laws known as the Military Reconstruction Acts—which were passed by the US Congress after the American Civil War, in the 1860s, to restore order in rebellious Statesset up 5 military districts governed by US Army generals to rule over them until normal law and order was restored—are still in force federal acts, and after the US Congress repealed this act’s Habeas Corpus provision in 1867, it eliminated the United States Supreme Court’s jurisdiction over them—and is all occurring as socialist mobs in Washington D.C. have now begun marching by the thousands chanting blood libel against the Jews, who were unleashed yesterday when shockingly the socialist Democrat Party in the US Senate blocked a resolution condemning mob violence

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