One thought on “‘We got there!’ | NASA spacecraft makes touchdown on asteroid Bennu”

  1. Honestly my friend, why post stuff like this that is pure BS. Do some basic reading and you will find out NASA has not been able to go into the place called space because space does not exist.
    You read that right, there is no such thing as outer space.
    Earth is flat….yes, here it comes, a flat earther. Well, I’m a flat earth for a good reason and that is, the earth is flat and I can prove it to anyone who is willing to just open their eyes to the facts all around them.

    Earth is flat, we live under a dome and the stars are attached to that dome. The dome turns and under the dome, it is pressurized. It’s impossible to pressurize open air/space. How can you have a pressurized world next to a vacuum of space? It’s impossible.

    The local stars are attached to the underside of the dome. Under the dome is a layer of water. Outside the dome is water too. The planets are wandering stars, not rock and dirt balls.

    The sun and moon are under the dome and both are about 38 nautical miles across, as measured with a sextant while at sea.

    So this BS of NASA landing on something in space is insane and a total lie to the public.


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