One thought on “Karl Rove shreds Big Tech’s ‘consistent hostility’ toward center-right”

  1. I have been Locked out of my Facebook Account for 3 days because I support President Trump, JFK JR and ALL of Our American Soldiers/ WWG1WAG Soldiers who are on the ground cleaning up Nazi Democratic Party and Republicans that have Lied and plotted against Americans who belong to New World Order, went along with allowing Nazis Heading up the CIA, FBI and All Positions within Our Government in Washington DC and States!!! All Nazis and Their Families Generations should be Deported ASAP along with All of the Illegal Immigrants Obama allowed into America!!! I am a Patriot and an American who wants Our Country back and Our Financial Billions given or gave away without Our knowledge and most of All I want to see All Traitors Publicly Hung, Firing Squads or Executed by Injection ASAP!!! Zuckerberg and His Chinese Wife who with Her Sisters started their Cannibalism Restaurants in California and NYC HUNG ASAP!!!!

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