One thought on “MEDIA BLACKOUT! Look Who Just SWARMED The DC Capitol The Media Doesn’t Want You To See”

  1. Very Confused about WHY BLM would even be there since Creepy Old Joe Biden has made many statements against BLM Organization activities, has for Decades been against African Americans since the 1970s, Friendly with KKK for Decades and biggest question WHY WEREN’T these BLM COWARDS CRIMINALS NOT ARRESTED RIGHT THEN AND THERE???? President Trump won the Election by a Landslide and He was sworn in as President for next 4 Years by Military at Whitehouse!!! Supposedly All Democrats State Representatives , Democrat Governors , MSM MEDIA, Journalists, and All Criminal activities , Traitors, Treason against America were Arrested since Friday and over the Weekend including Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer and many Others and Americans haven’t been told about what happened!!! Vermont has All Democrats in Washington DC Criminal Patrick Leahy who lied to Vermonters for 53+ years how important He was in Washington DC, Peter Welch and Nazi Traitor Bernie GUTMAN aka Sanders who a Traitor, Liar, and All have committed TREASON against America!!! Vermonters have No Representatives now!!! Patriots are Trusting the Plan and waiting for the TRUTH and the Black Out to happen and President Trump talking to the World through Emergency Broadcast System!!! Chinese Communist Party are Owners of MSM MEDIA, Owned Newspapers and are Fact Checkers for Facebook, Twitter and must Social Media Sites!!!


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