One thought on “GEN FLYNN-“STAY HOME””

  1. Patriots know that things are happening that We have no idea about to save America!! Nazis are throughout America and I know of some here in Vermont that I wonder if the President Trump and His Team Members know about besides Nazi Bernie GUTMAN aka Sanders or The Van Trapps Family!! What about Shelburne Farms in Charlotte Vermont that was built by Vanderbilt’s Sister right next to Lake Champlain and I personally know the Jesuit Brother David Stendle – Rast Nephew and the BS Story about the GIS saving His Father from being a 15 year old SS Soldier for Hitler from Austria which I found a Documentary about Brother David Stendle- Rast, Father High Ranking Nazi close Friend to Hitler, a Million ++ Foundation that helps European Men become Priests, John Paul 11 was a Client, All 3 of the Brothers were SS SOLDIERS and how proud it was for Them!! Brother David very important Author/ Gratitude. Org and Best Friend. The Dali Lama Both ran Sex Trafficking Rings for Decades, Maximilian a 5th Ave Pediatrician, and my Friend’s Father a Travel Agency Photographer who traveled the World especially Germany throughout the Decades as a Spy possible and Died 2 Years ago!! My Nazi Friend now where the Huge Red and Gold Baron Ring and is Running the Fake Foundation and VERY CATHOLIC!!! His Jewish converted to Catholic Great Grandmother came to America after WW1, bought up half of Manhattan for Her Family Members had a Home after WW11 so this Family knew about the plans for WW11 , His Grandmother helped out a United Nations when Nazi Smithz?? was Head of UN until the Truth about His Warcrimes came out in late 1980s !!! This Man was my best friend and after learning the TRUTH about His Father and Brothers I can’t even speak to Him!!! I had Meals with Brother David and Dali Lama many times and I am sick about the BS garbage I was feed and believed!! I know that President Trump and His Team Members are Arresting Nazis Families Generations too, Chinese and Muslim Terrorists Obama allowed into America and every time I hear about an Earthquake or Volcanic activities I know it’s Our White Hats blowing up underground Bases and Tunnels of Nazis and Pedophillia Hideouts!!! I truly want to tell Authorities about what I know but how or who do I trust!!! I pray for America, WWG1WAG SOLDIERS who are fighting against the Evil Nazis and Their Families Generations who are living in America and within Our Government positions Daily Nightly and for All Patriots to TRUST THE PLAN And Its only a Movie that is happening with Fake Biden and Fake Harris for the Evil Deep State Members that haven’t been caught yet!!! I have been banned from Facebook for next 24 Days for posting the Truth too!!!


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