2 thoughts on “Crowds rally in St Paul ahead of the trial of an officer charged with the murder of George Floyd”

  1. Namaste ūüôŹ. There‚Äôs a war on the consciousness of the human species and race, like everything that triggers one‚Äôs egotistical bias, are used against the human. Fighting with each other over perceived perspectives about anything. Just don‚Äôt notice how many children/babies are stolen/kidnapped/aborted. All other illnesses vanished. Becoming sick, unless it‚Äôs the Chinese virus, was non-existent. Cancer, flu, heart attacks. Even getting hit by a car became virus related. The one thing that was noticeable is hospitals became empty.
    Child sex trafficking, Epstein, who by the way didn‚Äôt kill himself. But… we sure did a lot of damage. And George Floyd is alive : https://www.roxytube.com/watch/george-floyd-death-hoax-crisis-actors-explained-roxytube_5zu9gI9n1coP8ZH.html
    Take a look…


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