2 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin SHOOTS DEAD crew member with prop gun in freak ‘accident’”

  1. Regarding Brandon Lee,
    my recollection is that he was shot to death while filming a movie.

    Supposedly the “blank gun” had an obstruction in the barrel,
    like a gun cleaning fitting or wire brush, and that projectile was
    propelled by the blank cartridge.

    This sounds very suspicious, now that we know what we know.

    Bruce Lee also died under rather peculiar circumstances.
    Maybe it was not foul play in his case, but I cannot help but wonder.


  2. This story sounded suspicious from the beginning.

    One person killed, and another wounded by the same shooting.
    It sounds like a live round went through the first target,
    and entered the second.

    Powerful revolver bullets are known to do this.
    Blank cartridges are known to be fatal at close range,
    but the paper wad will not shoot through someone,
    and then injure another standing behind them.

    It must have been a full power revolver cartridge.


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