3 thoughts on “Let’s Just face it, It’s time to admit you have been fully conned, by the government.”

  1. There are people who are double dosed and still cannot get home across the border to Queensland Australia even with their Green ✔️bs, + the Mask, + a Border Pass unless it’s for compassionate grounds or a Doctor’s appointment TRIP ONLY, which means if they live ten minutes away from the Doctors appointment and they’re stuck in NSW, they can go to their appointment and then they have to exit Queensland back to NSW…I mean that’s not asleep anymore, that has progressed to a COMA or even BRAIN DEAD in my opinion !


    1. A lot say they got the double dose because they want to travel, yet they can’t get back home, seriously…do they need the lame stream script readers on the idiot box to spell it out to them ?


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