5 thoughts on “‘TIS THE TREASON!!!”

    1. Laszlo, has there ever been a time that you’ve said anything nice or positive about anyone or anything ?
      Seeing your comment’s, in all seriousness, reminds me of a tooth i had pulled once and it was super painful and that particular time is what i re-live everytime i see your name.
      Is that how you want to be remembered ?

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      1. I agree Kate. You do not know me, but I am wishing you love, light, healing and prosperity, despite the flood of misery guts people out there.


    2. Technically all debt was made using the old, now worthless, money. I would say anyone owed money is screwed. Plus most of that debt was for interest charged which is illegal. Wipe that out and what do you get? The money was probably owed to the Fed which POTUS Trump shut down. There’s no one to repay. Even if we had to repay someone it can be done out of petty cash with all the money (gold) we have. That’s 1 followed by 40 zeros.


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