3 thoughts on “RAINBOW CURRENCY..”

  1. CIA, I suppose that Agency is just a Conspiracy Theory? DS or Deep State another Conspiracy Theory! UN has no Agenda another Conspiracy Theory! Biden has Never stepped foot in White House as pres. another Conspiracy theory. No Fences in D.C. and No Federal buildings Closed, another Conspiracy Theory. DUMBS, another Conspiracy theory. Pedo’s and Human Trafficking another Conspiracy Theory. Millions of Missing Children, Blood Sacrifices, Secret Societies, Elite Families such as the Payseur family, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, fallen angel, clones, body doubles, demons, and I suppose GITMO doesn’t exist, all Conspiracy theories!
    Bio labs, DEW weapons, HAARP, lasers, Geo Engineering, Chem trails, Poisoning our Water, Food, Air, and US Humans, all Conspiracy theorists ideas, Right?
    America was given to us by God and our Founding Fathers as a Republic. Look up Benjamin Franklin.
    Who do you think promoted Conspiracy Theory?
    One Caveat, over 1,400 vehicles were destroyed on 911, but not near Towers. “Where is all the Debris?”


  2. Lord SATAN, said Get thee behind Me!’ And He Did! Non- corporeal Beings of outer Space hiding under our Cities and using Our Treasury and Declaring Our AMERICAN Central Bank Evil while they use a earth’s Gold, silver, etc. to Set Up an Alien Ran money System! Lord Satan’s! This will not bode well with God! And Criminal Donald Trump is Chosen to run The World! Please! Not from God! Satan really thinks we are Stupid! He will come to clean His House!! The Alpha and the Onega, I Am That I AM!


  3. Why are people keeping this nonsense going? People should not believe in any Nesara, Gesara, New Currency BS. Anyone who attempted a new currency or economic system throughout history has been murdered, taken out, OR assainated. Lincoln, Kennedy, Hitler, Ghadafi and probably others as well. So Until the President of the US says on national TV that we have a new currency or economic system then it’s all BS conspiracy theories being spread by desperate people with too much damn time on their hands. Get a Damn Job is what I say to these people.


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