1. I like a lot of what I see written over here; you guys are literally the only option if you’re trying to learn about stargates and whatnot, Antarctica and all. But what’s really going on with you? It’s hard to understand how you could possibly be on the level when you’re behind Trump so firmly. Trump is no different from the rest excepting that he’s much more vulgar and loud-mouthed. Give me sensible decorum in the rulers I have, if they must exist at all. No way would Trump ever have gotten as far as he has if he weren’t ultimately one of them and working for their side. Personally I think “they” are using him to co-opt the American right wing, as that’s what my years worth of accumulated data still say. He was out there hawking that vaccine, just like Biden is. That is why the latter has lost me, even though I am a lifelong Democrat. I cannot see a single good in convincing all these Americans to take something that they do not need at all. Cold vaccinations have been systematically rejected again and again, by every generation who has governed the US except for this one. What has changed? Why are the bad ideas of yesterday not still bad? It makes no sense, and for my part, I cannot go along for the sake of party loyalty. And all that is assuming the tales told around about that vaccine are just “fake news” as usual. If they’re real, well…

    In any case, I suggest you guys look into the IP address and ask yourselves this question: If Trump is really such a great guy, why was he collecting donations at a site named after Pete Buttigieg – that shared its server with the Rockefeller Archive? Doesn’t that strike you as exactly the type of above-the-heads-of-the-people dog whistling the Illuminati has always loved, to express to those in the know that our governments are actually just a big pantomime and that the conflicts we see them playing out are just to keep us entertained, like the pro wrestling Trump loves so much?

    No matter what, though, thanks for the stargate data. Any word on plans to keep them closed?


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