One thought on “President Trump posted this!!!”

  1. After watching the video entitled THE TAKEDOWN OF THE CABAL FROM A to Z by Charlie Freak & Mark Devlin, I became a Trump supporter. I watched this video about 2 years ago and have been pulling for Trump, Q & The Plan ever since. If this video is true, the things Trump & Q accomplished in December, 2016 and during the year of 2017, “alone”, would be PLENTY to make TRUMP THE GREATEST LEADER IN WORLD HISTORY.

    However, Donald John Trump appears to be sabotaging his “POTENTIALLY” Bright and Positive LEGACY by demonstrating his “horribly uninformed” understanding of both VIRUSES & VACCINES. He even brags about how “wonderful” these vaccines are and that because of his fabulous leadership abilities, hundreds of millions of lives have been saved because of these vaccines. Of course, in reality, he is “HORRIBLY WRONG” and history will clearly reveal this about him.

    The Trump Supporters have been told that TRUMP is actually being forced to LIE about Vaccines in order to trick or deceive The Satanists who rule our world, including the W.H.O., The C.D.C., The F.D.A., The N.I.H. and many other Satanically controlled organizations and institutions. For Donald’s sake, I hope this is true.

    If Trump truly is “UNINFORMED” about both Viruses & Vaccines, which he clearly “appears” to be, then his LEGACY will be about like Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Legacy, which is that of a liar, murderer, and traitor.

    Trump needs to come up with a GREAT EXCUSE for supporting vaccines. Trump simply needs to start telling the TRUTH, WHAT DR. STEFAN LANKA found to be true, which is: NO VIRUS CAN MAKE YOU SICK…which means…NO VACCINE HAS “EVER” BEEN NECESSARY…which means that ALL Virus-Related Pandemics, since 1917’s Spanish Flu Virus Pandemic, have been CRIMINAL SCAMS. Plus, “ALL” VACCINES, including the POLIO VACCINE, have been CRIMINAL SCAMS as well. “ALL” VACCINES should be abolished now & forever!!!

    Unless Donald Trump can manage to pull his head out of his butt and FIX “his” Gigantic Vaccine Blunder, he will go down in history as just another greedy, stupid, and destructive politician. Plus, if Trump is found to be a liar working for The Satanists, a massive CIVIL WAR will break out in America and millions of people will be murdered, especially those serving the Satanists.

    Overall, Trump, Q & The Plan have handled the past 24 months in a truly disgraceful manner by “allowing” such egregious TYRANNY to run rampant throughout America for such an “extended” length of time. Hopefully, Trump has some really strong “excuses”, BELIEVEABLE EXCUSES, for his incredibly “incompetent” & horribly destructive decision making, because, if not, he will be considered just another piece of trash, like Fauci, Gates, Soros, Schwab, Biden & Pelosi.

    I am praying that Donald John Trump starts telling us the WHOLE TRUTH very soon. Because, he has NEVER told us The WHOLE TRUTH. He needs to tell us that both VIROLOGY & ASTRONOMY are “FAKE” sciences, and explain precisely why.

    Trump has the opportunity, right now, to either be remembered as a Great Man or a TURD. It’s totally up to him. The Truth will make hi a Great Man. Lies & Deception will make him a TURD. It’s all up to Donald. Too many of us KNOW the WHOLE TRUTH. Donald “must” start telling the truth, or else his LEGACY IS TRASH.


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