One thought on “Twitter would have you believe they aren’t complicit in the Censorship and tracking of Domestic US persons”

  1. Social Media itself (FB, Twitter, etc.) would have us all believe they aren’t complicit in the stealing of the social media esp FB from the real creator of social media, Michael McKibben, CEO, Leader Technologies, Inc.  He also helped AT&T in the 90’s with their internet as Contract Worker; but sadly Mr. McKibben didn’t know the attorney he was working with was actually working with HRC & Podesta & that’s how his social media invention was stolen.  It’s shameful to accept that I retired from AT&T (actually the Baby Bells like PacBell, Western Bell, etc. were part of AT&T (the MaBell) until they divest in 1983 and now they are all back together again as part of AT&T) now knowing that NSA & AT&T spied on “We the People.”  I was wondering & now realized why yahoo news (an AT&T sub) continuously attack Trump in spite of he is no longer the President of the US Corporation, Inc.  This is a great deception.   


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