2 thoughts on “MSM IS FALLING DOWN!”

  1. I meant to say the FIRMAMENT above us (PSALMS 19:1) is what makes Earth a TERRARIUM. This is another BIG SECRET of The Satanists. Of course, the Lands Beyond The Antarctic Ice Wall, allegedly as much as 10 times more Land & Ocean than we are currently aware of (The 5 Oceans & 7 Continents)…All still UNDER THE DOME (Firmament). When will TRUMP tell us “THIS” TRUTH??? Is Donald John Trump as serious about the TRUTH, our highest synonym for God, as he wants us to believe? Let’s hope so.


  2. THE BIG PICTURE: Satanism is a “fake” religion that “had” to be created by The Criminal & Immoral (The Bad Guys) in order to both “sell” and “preserve” their Lifestyle. Satanism is designed to “trick” & “deceive” the vast majority of it’s own membership too.

    You see, the Biggest Truth the Satanists have been working so hard to “HIDE” from all of us is the FACT that “EVERYTHING” is God. That’s right, the Quantum Physicists have found that “ALL” matter consists of the same “stuff”, some form of electro-magnetic energy that possesses enormous intelligence.

    All MATTER is this “stuff” vibrating at various frequencies. The complexity and sophistication of this “stuff” is FAR BEYOND the human conscious mind’s capacity to comprehend. That’s no Big Deal because each of us has “access”, 24/7/365, to the Highest Wisdom & Power of The Universe, many of us call it God, and, the best part is, this God lives within each and every one of us, even The Satanists.

    Of course, Satanism had to be created to preserve their Corrupt & Immoral Lifestyle through a very sophisticated system of lies & deception. When people know the TRUTH ABOUT GOD, they become almost impossible for the Satanists to recruit into their criminal businesses, which span the entire world.

    It takes a special form of “Conditioning” or “Programming”, called SATANISM, to make folks “BELIEVE” that it’s OK for them to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and KILL others……All for the greater Good…is the LIE.

    The TERRARIUM above us makes Astronomy a “fake” science, which is another Satanic Secret to keep us from “KNOWING” that GOD is both Real & Here. In fact, God is OMNIPRESENT, occupying all space, simultaneously. This means that “EVERYTHING”, including “all” people, are made of 100% God. There is nothing but God.

    RAISING THE CHRISM (Christ Oil) & MEDITATION are the two most important teachings of both Moses & Jesus, and many other Avatars, which have been stolen from us by The Satanists. Why? The Satanists totally control Organized Christianity. How many folks know, for example, that Billy Graham was a loyal Satanist for many years?


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