One thought on “BATTLE BEGINS: Governor Begins Attack On Abortion Laws”

  1. Abortion is UGLY, regardless of who you are, whether Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. NOBODY ever really “wants” an abortion. However, in many cases, abortions “WILL” be had, regardless of “any” law.

    After enduring this Abortion Debate 50 years ago, I realized that this is THE “UN-WIN-ABLE” Debate. A large percentage of folks are passionately representing “each” point of view, and will NEVER CHANGE. Loving people understand this and would NEVER “deny” any woman, who is 100% God, the FREEDOM to “choose” for herself whatever she wants to do regarding her “unwanted” ZYGOTE (Technically, a Baby).

    When people understand that The PRO-LIFE Movement was created by THE SATANISTS, sold to Organized Christianity by Satanists like Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, and every other Big Name TV Preacher, then this Hate-producing Satanic Movement will dry up and die.

    The Satanists KNOW this is the “un-win-able” debate and that’s why they created THE PRO LIFE MOVEMENT to “insure” CONSTANT DIVISION & HATRED, and violence too.

    The Satanists “use” the ignorant, yet well meaning Christians, like a Marjorie Taylor Greene and other prominent members of The Pro-Life Movement to KEEP THE FLAMES OF HATRED ALIVE, all in the name of protecting the dignity of the unborn? Marjorie and her “morality Peddling” friends need an EXORCISM, seriously.

    NOBODY “WANTS” AN ABORTION, MARJORIE!!! However, nobody wants to become impregnated by a retarded brother either, Marjorie.
    Until you figure out “WHAT” Jesus actually is, perhaps YOU & YOUR SATANIC PRO-LIFE FRIENDS should stop spreading so much of your HEAVY & DESTRUCTIVE DOGMA around, OK?

    Just LET GO & LET GOD handle it Marjorie. It’s much safer this way. At least we should know God WILL NOT BE blowing up an Abortion Clinic, shouldn’t we? Marjorie, trust God to handle abortions. You need to stay out of it.

    Marjorie, if you want to do some GOOD, tell us the truth about OUR FLAT EARTH which has a ROOF on top too. How about that? Just start there. Let’s just see how much you love God, our highest synonym for the truth.

    Just how much TRUTH do you have the courage to tell?


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