One thought on “XRP: Best News For ALL OF 2022 SO FAR”

  1. This man reporting this BITCOIN/Digital news is clearly extremely knowledgeable. Unfortunately he is a HORRIBLE SALESMAN. He “violates” The NUMBER ONE RULE in Sales which is THE KISS RULE.
    KISS is an acronym for “KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID”. This guy talks WAY TOO FAST and is WAY TOO CONFUSING. He is talking to maybe one-tenth of one percent of the population. I HATE REALLY “STUPID” people like this man. While he is brilliant regarding his subject matter, he simply does not communicate what he “UNDERSTANDS” very well…at all!! He should act like a real MAN and tell us what HE ACTUALLY BELIEVES, what he, himself, plans to do. Otherwise, he is both irritating and a horrible waste of time. He is, like Satan, confusing as Hell!!!


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