2 thoughts on “Juan OSavin, Do We Go In And Take Control Or Do We Let Them Blow The Engine? | FULL VIDEO”

  1. After learning that the crime committed on 9/11/2001 was an inside job, I started researching The criminal activities of The Empire of The City States, (The Vatican,+ The Inner City of London + Wash. DC), the Satanists who rule our Earth.

    Above all of the secret societies, in the world today, is a group of TRILLIONAIRE ELITES who control ALL OF IT!!! They are “ALL” Satanists, without exception. Simply watching a 5-hour-long video by an ex-Rock Star named ALTIYAN CHILDS, entitled SATANISM: THE SECRET RELIGION THAT RULES THE WORLD, will teach you a lot about these evil people.

    Currently, these Satanists are totally controlling both the WHITE HATS & BLACK HATS, while most Trump Supporters still believe Donald Trump is a good guy. Folks, I made excuses for Donald for nearly two years, after I voted for him.

    Now, after watching TRUMP “fail”, again and again, to tell us the truth about Viruses & Vaccines, he has convinced me that he is also rotten to the core. Trump has intentionally ignored the most brilliant and HONEST health experts, like DR. STEFAN LANKA, DR. LORRAINE DAY, DR. POONIMA WAGH, DR ANDREW KAUFMAN, DR. TOM COWAN, and others.

    Had TRUMP simply acted upon the TRUTH about Viruses and Vaccines, he could have stopped this COVID-19 Pandemic “BEFORE” it could get started. Just “think” about that!

    Instead, Trump has been incredibly Stupid & Horribly Destructive, even PROMOTING The Killer Vaccines. Some speculate Trump, the life-long Gangster and world class Con-Artist, has earned as much as $100 BILLION DOLLARS from his being the Greatest Vaccine Salesman in World History.

    Regardless, both the White Hats & Black Hats are working for various factions of The Ruling Satanists. In America today, we have NOBODY of HONOR working “for” the American people.
    They are all treasonous as Hell.

    Currently, America has only ONE MAN who possesses the KNOWLEDGE, COURAGE & HONOR to SAVE AMERICA.
    That man is Russell-Jay: Gould who should go down in history as AMERICA’S GREATEST PATRIOT & HERO.

    Why? In 1999, just after the Corporate United States went bankrupt, Russell “outsmarted” The Satanists by Capturing The Title 4 American Flag, the flag that allows its’ custodian, who just happens to be Russell-Jay: Gould, to set the terms for all Commerce. This is GIGANTIC!!!

    Russell’s James Bond/Jason Bourne-like action to capture the Title 4 Flag really Frightened the Satanists, and literally compelled them to knock down the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001, primarily to “steal” all the GOLD, located under Tower #1.

    The Satanists have demonized the Hell out of Russell, ever since. Russell, according to (Judge) Anna Von Reitz, in her article entitled A RIGHTEOUS MAN IN A CRAZY WORLD, is a RIGHTEOUS MAN who “is” who he claims to be.

    Russell-Jay: Gould is our LEGITIMATE Postmaster General & Commander-In-Chief, among other things. Donald John Trump is both an imposter and a traitor who knows about Russell yet is “intentionally” preventing Russell from doing his Constitutionally authorized jobs.

    Simply do your research on Russell-Jay: Gould and you will see that he truly is a Man of Integrity who loves TRUTH & GOD far too much to ever serve these Satanists.

    True American Patriots, including all SHERIFFS, all State & Local Police, and The U.S. Military need to break away from their Satanist controllers and start SERVING GOD, THE TRUTH, and THE Original Constitution “for” the united States of America.

    Russell’s plan is to restore our Original Constitution, whenever he manages to be in his “rightful” position which requires The U.S. Military to follow Russell’s orders.

    Nobody on Earth today understands what needs to be done to restore Peace & Prosperity to our entire World, in an HONORABLE WAY, than does Russell-Jay: Gould.


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