One thought on “AOC Cries ‘Fascism’: GOP Bill on Parental Rights #shorts”

  1. A person with less than 2-your old child’s brain always cry “someone’s fault” if they don’t get their way; and in AOC’s case either ‘Racism’ and ‘Fascism’.  At least a 2-year old child usually give some sensible reasons.  Just sick and tired of the dems esp the Squad but I think she is the only remaining Squad that keeps on barking fully paid by the devil Soros. Time to take her down too but I think Representatives Marjorie Taylor, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, etc. are still having fun counter punching AOC’s & her dem colleagues’ stupid Alinsky games which is no longer working.  AOC is experiencing extreme Fear to lose Power as she witness it through Nancy Pelosi.  (“There is an end  to everything on earth” by Lailah Gifti Akita).  Send them all to a beautiful newly renovated Resort in Cuba (G); their beautiful orange wardrobe, designed by BejiingJoe’s former deputy Energy Secretary who stole the luggage of a Tanzanian Fashion Designers in 2017, is waiting for her and her dem colleagues along with the RINOs too. GOD BLESS AMERICA. 


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