2 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Far-left ‘religion’ SACRIFICES REALITY for power”

  1. So true.  I remember during the 2016 Presidential election while everyone was waiting for the election result (early hours) the dems were very confident that HRC would win.  In an open mic Podesta mentioned to HRC about he did offering (not sure if he said chicken) to Maloch (dark force or Baal).  I was not aware back then what is going on regarding the dark force.  I also remember Bill Clinton in one of HRC’s campaign rallies and she was not present (she could have overdosed with adrenochrome (lol)) but Bill spoke to the audience and mentioned that Hillary continuously speaks to the spirit of Elenore Roosevelt and he sounds happy and proud to report it (just weird).  I forgot to mention I was a democrat for a long time because of JFK but then I realized during the Obama presidency when he promoted CHANGE and I realized it’s a change from Good to Evil.  So we voted for Trump in 2016 and give it a try and very happy of his performance.  But I always believe GOD (good) always wins at the end.   


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