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Office of Poofness 8-15-16… “‘Must Read’, from Zap” | Kauilapele’s Blog

This is a Zap “must read’ update, including an important document from Leo Wanta which is a letter from several Congress people regarding the Clinton’s and their well-known “Foundation”. I’ve “Scribd-ed” that document below.



Lee Wanta has given me permission to share this with you. This shows a few things that are self-explanatory, but besides the attention to the Clinton love triangle, of significance is the ability to pay down the US debt as he was going to as per his mission task.

Download pdf via Scribd (Original pdf download link)IN ADDITION: A MUST READ


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Monday, August 15, 2016 

Video:… This Is YOUR Media Outlet – YouTube

You input in the Comment Section of these videos drive where we go with our stories. We read many of them and we even go to the banned comments.

These comments tell us what YOU, the viewer want to hear about.

This is the ONLY channel we have ever found where YOU,  the Viewer, has input into both our written stories and our videos

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Liberating Syria’s Ancient Pentagram Vortex and It’s Geopolitical Effects | Stillness in the Storm

Monday, August 13, 2016 by Lance Schuttler

Liberating the Syrian pentagram is the talk of many right now within the esoteric fields of study as well as those involved in covert geopolitical action. It is with no doubt that much of Washington D.C.’s effort and focus right now is and has been for the past 4 years specifically to forcefully overthrow the sovereign and democratically elected regime of Bashar al-Assad.

It is easy to understand the reasoning for this in a geopolitical sense, as Syria is pivotal in the control for Middle Eastern oil and natural gas. On a deeper, more occult level, Syria has special importance on a global level.

First though, let’s look at the political and financial importance of Syria.

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Russia Puts All Bio-Troops On High Alert As Fears Over Mystery Siberian Disease Grows

what does it mean

August 15, 2016 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A sobering Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that President Putin signed a decree this morning activating to “high alert” status all Troops of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defence (RChBD) as the death toll of both humans and animals throughout the Federation have risen to over 20,000 and whose deaths are suspected to have been caused an ancient “disease/virus/bacteria” unearthed in a Siberian diamond mine and estimated to be as old as 70 million years. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, the Security Council (SC) was first notified in May (2016) by the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (ROSSELKHOZNADZOR) that their examination of an “unknown/mysterious” creature in the diamondiferous sands [that date from the Mesozoic Era from 66 to 252 million years ago] of a Udachny diamond mine in the Sakha Republic (Siberia) revealed a “grave virus anomaly”.

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Economic and demographic data make it clear it is game over for the Khazarian mafia – Weekly geo-political news and analysis Message from Benjamin Fulford

Recently, the Chinese government’s Xinhua news service reported that developing and emerging countries combined (the BRICS alliance) control 85% of the world’s population, 60% of its GDP and account for 80% of economic growth. In other words, the Khazarian mafia controlled countries have lost the battle both economically and demographically. Furthermore, the more time passes, the weaker their position gets.

If you look at World Bank data on real GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) you see that the members of the OECD’s (the rich countries club) total GDP is 50.9 trillion dollars while the rest of the world’s GDP is 127.3 trillion dollars. That means that even if all the rich countries allied themselves with the Khazarian faction ruling the US, they would have less than half the economic power of the BRICS alliance.

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August 14-21, 2016 HILARION 2016 – The Rainbow Scribe

Messages from the Ascended Light Realms

August 14-21, 2016

Beloved Ones,

Trust that all the changes taking place ARE taking place. These changes begin first on the etheric levels and filter down to the material plane of existence. The higher levels are active and the process has been set in motion and will continue until the ascension takes place. Nothing and no one has been forgotten. We understand that this is something that is difficult for many of you to accept given the appearance of your day to day life on Earth. We ask that you look past the appearances, for they are illusions, illusions that have been perpetuated for thousands of years and now these illusions are being broken, are being dismantled so that what appears in its stead is the true state of being, the true state of affairs upon the planet and in the higher realms.

Humanity is not helpless; humanity needs to awaken to the realities that are besetting them. Humanity needs to remember their strength and power. They need to remember that they agreed to this experience before ever they came to Earth during this incarnation. You it is who has the strength, the knowledge, the wisdom, the understanding and the experience to overcome these illusions and as you do this you set free many, many others of humanity around you until there is a turning point for everyone upon the planet. Too many of Earth’s humanity believe all that they are told in the regular mainstream media and it is your input, you holding your Light and energy that will create the opening that is needed to awaken them to the higher realities that exist, to move beyond conspiracy theories, to move beyond all that seeks to distract and dismay.

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Office of Poofness 8-14-16… “Set The Children Free” | Kauilapele’s Blog

Another Poof, et al, report. All I will add is that, as I have been perceiving this, no matter what anyone says or writes or puts a date on, “it” will happen when it happens. And when the time is “right” we will know it. Until then, I prefer to live one moment at a time.

Music lyrics and two video links are at the end.

[Kp note: I always take these “Poofnesses” as potential data. Bottom line, how does it hit my Higher Innards”? Does it “ring” true within (if it “rings” at all)?]
[Office of Poofness support links are at the end of each posting. To support RMN for publishing these each week, please click here.

[Poof] “We are ready to tell you that the indicators are coming fast and furious and the dam is breaking and we can see some good events moving in for all of you. The ways and means committees have done their job and the management on several levels has been told to prepare for the deluge that you most certainly can expect.

“…what you don’t know about is the recriminations that are playing out because of some institutions that have been guilty of withholding information, or blocking transactions. You have wondered how and why that hasn’t been brought up before.Well, it has and yes it has always been in the back ground but the game changers are making headway… Notice the level of strong influence that seems to be shifting much of the internet language. The RV and the PP and the currency are all moving forward as planned…”

[Susan] “A word of caution here : there will never be an internet announcement that deliveries are to begin on a particular date and time. It is important to implement discernment when perusing the internet! This is essential for your emotional stability… The good news is the RV is making strides which I have repeated often. As each step taken with the RV, this means our deliveries are that much closer”



“THE OLD ADAGE OF THE ONLY THING TO FEAR IS FEAR, IS CORRECT. THIS IS SUPPORTED BY EXCERPTS HERE FROM MUSHABA WHICH ARE MOST ELOQUENTLY STATED: So much is taking place in your world of earth because in these days of humanity’s ascension, this is the time where fear and love are making their stand. This is being done through every single human being on earth from the newborns to the eldest. This is the time, the very vitally important time, where earth humanity has to make a firm choice; take an uncompromising stance to either side with love, or to side with fear.



Greetings and Salutations:

POOF SAID: We are ready to tell you that the indicators are coming fast and furious and the dam is breaking and we can see some good events moving in for all of you. The ways and means committees have done their job and the management on several levels has been told to prepare for the deluge that you most certainly can expect. The preparation time and the where-with-all to do the job has been allocated. The makers of the mischief know they have been isolated, surrounded, corralled, and filters are in place. Hackers can do very different things these days which is a positive.

Now what you don’t know about is the recriminations that are playing out because of some institutions that have been guilty of withholding information, or blocking transactions. You have wondered how and why that hasn’t been brought up before.Well, it has and yes it has always been in the back ground but the game changers are making headway in spite of that and yes there are things that those with power on the good guy side of this can and will do, have done, and are still doing. None of that you’ve been musing about is new. Just so, the shifting in energy and emphasis is taking a front seat which should make you quite pleased.

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Abel Danger: Russia conducts investigation of documents in Moscow office of PricewaterhouseCoopers

July 28, 2016 by Mikhail Fomichev

“Russia’s Investigative committee is now conducting an investigation in the office of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Moscow regarding the persons that are linked with the company’s client. Investigative activities are held as usual. PwC fully cooperates with the investigators as part of the probe,” the company’s representative said.

Earlier TASS reported referring to a source with law enforcement agencies, that the investigation is under way in the office of PwC in the north of Moscow.

“Inspection of documents is going in the company’s office as part of pre-investigation check,” the source said. He did not elaborate on the reasons behind the inspection.

In Russia PwC provides service in audit, business consulting, as well as tax and legal services to companies of various sectors of economy. PwC has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Vladikavkaz and Ufa. In Russia the company employs more than 2,500 people.

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Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online — RT America

More than 2,500 files from the raft of organizations run by billionaire George Soros have been leaked by hackers.

Saturday’s leak, published by DC leaks, includes hundreds of internal documents from multiple departments of Soros’ groups, predominantly the Open Society Foundations.

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Hillary – For God Sake – Sit Down

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Video::  Hillary – For God’s Sake – Sit Down – YouTube

Dr william mountPlease pray that Hillary, and her doubles, just sit down before they collapse.

These Clintons have been used by the US Shadow NAZI Government since the day they were born.

Every position they have had has been created for her so they could Push for both the Destruction of this nation and for a full scale Nuclear War

They are merely puppets of this Shadow NAZI Government, who’s “Leaders” in London answer to Rome and Jerusalem and who’s real leaders are under the Brazilian Jungle and Under the African Congo

Hillary and Billary are merely Figureheads in this Grand Game to keep the Human Race as their Personal Slaves as these Fallen Angels feed off of our Fear,  Pain and anger through a series of satellites scattered through the globe to capture these emotions.

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Hillary Clinton “Total Terror” Descends Upon Disabled Mother Who Discovered Her Link To ISIS – WhatDoesItMean

what does it mean

August 14, 2016 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A heartbreaking Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today details the “total terror” Hillary Clinton and her Obama regime allies have unleashed upon a disabled American mother of an autistic son who had “inadvertently/mistakenly” discovered an “electronic document” (email? photocopy?) written by the former US Secretary of State authorizing a massive weapons shipment from Benghazi, Libya, to Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terrorists in Syria. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, earlier this spring the General Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) reported that they obtained a “treasure trove” of secret Islamic State documents from a Syrian village that had been retaking by Kurdish forces.

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Mystery ‘alien’ cube returns to orbit the sun as UFO-hunters accuse NASA of ‘cover-up’ » The Event Chronicle

A distinct square shape that appears to be much larger than Earth was spotted on two different cameras 25 hours apart on Wednesday.

The first was shot on NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) cameras EIT 195 and EIT 171.

Eagle-eyed UFO hunters spotted the mystery cube and uploaded it to the web – sparking conspiracy theorists to comment that an unidentified flying object is in orbit in our solar system.

MYSTERY: A UFO-hunter posted a picture with the cube seen on August 8

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Dr. Jim Willie: Will Government Start Taxing or Confiscating Gold & Silver? (Video) | Politics

Sunday, August 14, 2016 2:05

jim willieSince it’s no secret to U.S. lawmakers that the U.S. Dollar is on life support (most of them I should say), it’s hardly surprising that there has been speculation in recent times that eventually the government would crack down on gold and silver profits. To prevent people from fleeing the already weak Dollar, and flocking into gold and silver instead, the government could very easily add an enormous tax or surcharge on gold and silver , effectively stripping investors of any reason to buy into the metals in the first place.

For the foreseeable future, it doesn’t look like we have anything to worry about on that front. For now, the Fed seems content to just keep on printing money out of thin air, since it’s worked so well up until this point (eyes rolling), however right now the U.S. Dollar is also getting plenty of help from Europe.

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Russian Hackers Leak George Soros Documents Online | Your News Wire

August 14, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Russian hackers have been blamed for hacking into the email accounts of George Soros and Gen. Philip Breedlove.

Just as the western media laid the blame on the recent DNC hack to “Russian hackers” with very little proof, Bloomberg report that Russian hackers have yet again penetrated the systems of Open Society. reports:

The report says that hackers gained access to the company’s intranet system called Karl, used to circulate draft program proposals, budgets and other internal documents.

“The hackers may have had access to the foundations’ network for nearly a year,” Bloomberg writes. “Although Open Society has about 800 full-time staff, as many as 7,000 people have access to Karl, which is used to circulate draft program proposals, budgets and other internal documents.”

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Secret Elites: Why Forbes’ Rich List Excludes World’s Richest Families | Your News Wire

August 14, 2016 by Baxter Dmitry

The mainstream media has never had more power than it does today. Do you ever ask yourself who controls it? The fact is that just six companies control over 90% of what you read, watch and listen to. Six companies controlling the “programming” fed to the whole country.

That is a lot of power in a few hands. Who are “the men behind the curtain” with all that control? The answer is uncommon knowledge, because mainstream media is desperate to keep it a secret.

As Oxfam warns that global wealth inequality is spiraling out of control, True Activist asked why the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are missing from the business magazine’s definitive annual guide…with some startling revelations.

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Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly: The Retrieval of Objects of Unknown Origin (UFOs, Extraterrestrial Spacecraft) | Stillness in the Storm

Sunday, August 14, 2016 by Leslie Kean

In September 1947, Lt. General Nathan Twining, Commander of Air Material Command at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, wrote an opinion concerning “Flying Discs” to Brig. General George Schulgen, Chief of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division at the Pentagon.

Twining wrote:

“The phenomena is something real and not visionary or fictitious…

The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and action which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly aircraft and radar, lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled either manually, automatically or remotely.”

He described the objects as metallic or light-reflecting, circular or elliptical with a flat bottom and domed top, and usually silent.
Twining stated that “due consideration must be given” to,

“the lack of physical evidence in the shape of crash recovered exhibits which would undeniably prove the existence of these objects.”

He recommended that Army Air Forces assign,

“a priority, security classification and Code Name for a detailed study of this matter…”

In 1953, the Air Defense Command created the 4602d Air Intelligence Service Squadron (AISS) and assigned it to the official investigations of UFOs.

The squadron was headquartered at Ent Air Force Base, CO and soon moved to Fort Belvoir, VA with field units throughout the country. All UFO reports were to go through the 4602d AISS prior to any transmission to Project Blue Book, a public relations project with no access to reports above the Secret level.

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The 4602d AISS dealt with more sensitive cases of national security concern requiring a higher classification. Thus, many UFO reports bypassed Blue Book altogether.

In 1954, Air Force Regulation 200-2 (“Unidentified Flying Objects Reporting”) stated that the Air Defense Command has,

“a direct interest in the facts pertaining to UFOBs” and will conduct all field investigations, “to determine the identity of any UFOB.”

It stated that the ADC will investigate the reports through the 4602d AISS, a highly mobile unit composed of,

“specialists trained for field collection and investigation of matters of air intelligence interest.”

The document outlined collection responsibilities for this unit.

According to an Air Force Intelligence Letter (“Betz Memo”) of 13 Nov 1961, the 4602d had three peacetime functions:

  • UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS (UFO) – A program for investigation of reliably reported unidentified flying objects within the United States.
  • PROJECT MOONDUST – A specialized aspect of the U.S. Air Force’s over-all material of the exploitation program to locate, recover, and deliver descended foreign space vehicles.
  • OPERATION BLUE FLY – [A unit] to facilitate expeditious delivery to the Foreign Technological Division (FTD) of Moon Dust and other items of great technical intelligence interest.

The memo stated that all three functions involve,

“employment of qualified field intelligence personnel on a quick reaction basis to recover or perform field exploitation of unidentified flying objects, or known Soviet/Bloc aerospace vehicles, weapons systems, and/or residual components of such equipment.”

A classified 1969 Air Force document terminating Project Blue Book (“Bolender Memo”) made it clear that existing operations would continue to investigate UFOs even though the Air Force was closing Blue Book.

The memo established that UFO reports affecting national security,

“are made in accordance with JANAP 146 or Air Force Manual 55-11, and are not part of the Blue Book system” and that “the defense function could be performed within the framework established for intelligence and surveillance operations.”

It stated that “reports of UFOs which could affect national security would continue to be handled through the standard Air Force procedures designed for this purpose.”

As far as the public was concerned, the termination of Project Blue Book meant the end of the Air Force investigation into UFOs.

The Air Force stated publicly two months after the issuance of the classified Bolender Memo that the continuation of Project Blue Book could not be justified on the grounds of national security, since no UFO has ever presented a threat to national security. The Air Force misinformed the public by not acknowledging its continuing, secret investigation of UFOs independent of Blue Book, and its very real national security concerns.

Ongoing efforts to retrieve fallen objects are described in a 1970 State Department telegram to its embassies and consulates around the world requesting that they post any “reports or sightings of entry into atmosphere or landing of ‘space debris’.” (Quotes around “space debris” are throughout.)

The offices are instructed to follow leads “as expeditiously as possible” without informing the local government or making public comment.

“Recovery of any material from such space debris would [be of] great scientific interest to USG,” the telegram states.

A 1973 Secret State Department Airgram confirms that,

“the designator ‘MOONDUST’ is used in cases involving the examination of non-US space objects and objects of unknown origin.”

Beginning in 1989, Sergeant Clifford E. Stone, US Army ret., of New Mexico wrote to fourteen intelligence agencies for records on Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly under the Freedom of Information Act.

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Many of the documents cited here were obtained through his efforts. The responses from numerous agencies were inconsistent and evasive.

In 1990, the U.S. Air Force told Stone,

“we do not have any records responsive to your request.”

The U.S. Air Force Intelligence Service stated,

“we have made a thorough search of our records and found none responsive to your request.”

Four months later, the Air Force reversed their initial position stating,

“we have two records responsive to your request. However, they are exempt from disclosure because the information is properly classified.”

The Defense Intelligence Agency stated that information pertaining to Project Moondust is classified and that the agency located no records on “Project Bluefly.”

Fifteen months later, the DIA acknowledged that the State Department had eight DIA documents, but that two were not releasable. (There are numerous references in Moon Dust documents to DIA participation in retrievals.)

In a 1991 letter, the Air Force told Stone,

“we can neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of records responsive to your request regarding Projects or Operations known as Blue Fly, Moon Dust…”

On Stone’s behalf, New Mexico Senators Jeff Bingaman and Pete Domenici agreed to make inquiries to the Air Force about Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly.

Related David Wilcock and Corey Goode: History of the Solar System and Secret Space Program – Notes from Consciousness Life Expo 2016

In response to a letter from Senator Bingaman in 1992, the Air Force told the Senator that, “there is no Project Moon Dust or Operation Blue Fly. These missions have never existed.”

When the Senator responded with documents challenging this, the Air Force “amended” it’s previous statement, acknowledging the existence and function of Moon Dust and Blue Fly with regards to UFOs.

In 1994, Senator Domenici requested eleven Air Force documents pertaining to Moon Dust and Blue Fly that were in State Department files but were denied Stone in 1991. (At that time, the Air Force had not been willing to “confirm nor deny the existence or non existence” of these documents.)

The Air Force responded in December of 1994 that,

“the projects, as such no longer exist, nor do their files. Classified reports that existed, if any, presumably were destroyed.”

Yet the Air Force informed a New Jersey citizen in 1998, in response to an independent request on Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly, that,

“the information relating Project Moon Dust remain classified” and is being withheld.

This contradicts the earlier statement by the same office that the files did not exist and were likely destroyed.

  • Why did the US Air Force state that the documents had been destroyed when they were requested by a US Senator?
  • Why did it tell a second Senator that Moon Dust and Blue Fly never existed?
  • Why the great concern about releasing information concerning fallen space debris collected decades ago?

In a letter dated February 28, 1994, New Mexico Congressman Joe Skeen told Stone that the,

“House Government Operations Committee has taken an interest in this matter…Congressional hearings may be held on this matter later this session.”

Skeen said he would also share Stone’s report with the House Intelligence Committee.

In April 1997, the Air Force acknowledged to Stone that Operation Blue Fly’s mission included,

“space objects and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) if any were reported available for recovery.”

It goes on to state that no Soviet Bloc planes were ever downed in the US, and,

“no UFOs were ever reported downed or recovered in the United States or anywhere else.”

These statements are patently false.

Air Force Intelligence files show that Operation Blue Fly was assigned to the intelligence exploitation of a Soviet-built Cuban helicopter in Florida.

Related FBI Documents Prove Government Knew About Peaceful ETs That are “Etheric” in Nature, Have Radiant (Free) Energy, and Knew of Esoteric Science in 1947–And Covered it Up

More importantly with respect to UFOs, official documents released through FOIA directly contradict the 1997 Air Force statement.

  • In 1965, a three-man team was sent to recover an object of unknown origin reported downed in Kecksburg, PA. (Witnesses state an object was recovered; the Air Force says nothing was found.)
  • In August 1967, an object described as a satellite crashed and was recovered in the Sudan under Moon Dust. (The description on the DIA document released by the State Department does not fit that of a satellite.)
  • In 1968, Project Moon Dust recovered four unknown objects in Nepal.
  • Also in 1968, a “dome-shaped object” with no identification marks was retrieved underwater off Cape Town, South Africa. The metal object had been subjected to extreme heat and showed no signs of corrosion. NASA determined it was made of “almost pure aluminum” and stated that the NASA analysis of the sample and photographs “does not otherwise provide a clue as to its origin or function although it is possible it is a space object of US origin.”
  • In 1970, Moon Dust investigated a metal sphere that fell “with three loud explosions and then burned for five days” in South America. It had “ports” which had been melted closed.
  • A May 1970 State Department document describes a fallen, unidentified object in Bolivia, depicted in the newspapers as metal and egg-shaped. The Department expresses a desire to assist the Bolivian Air Force in the investigation. “The general region had more than its share of reports of UFOs this past week,” the document notes.
  • It says that Panama and Paraguay checked with appropriate government agencies and “no direct correlation with known space objects that may have reentered the earth’s atmosphere near May 6 can be made.”

All the documents on the above events represent raw, unprocessed field intelligence data.

The public, however, is not privy to the final determinations of these investigations. Where are the finalized intelligence products? Where are the recovered fragments?

Our government will not disclose what these objects were. In fact, the Air Force denies these events ever happened, even though official documents show otherwise. What is the purpose in keeping this information classified? The search for this information must pick up where Sgt. Stone, Senators Domenici and Bingaman, and Congressman Skeen left off.

The Kecksburg incident is an ideal focal point for further inquiry into Moon Dust and Blue Fly, since it is already well documented. The object fell on American soil. There were witnesses to the object on the ground and its removal by an Army vehicle. Countless others saw the Army cordon off the area, blocking access.

Project Blue Book files state that no object was found in Pennsylvania.

They also acknowledge that no space debris entered our atmosphere that day and that “aluminum type” fragments were retrieved in Michigan. (Where are they now?). It is likely that Blue book was not informed about the retrieval of this object since it would have been classified higher than Secret.

In short, the documentation shows that the United States Air Force has continued to conduct a highly classified UFO investigation program in conjunction with other government agencies.

Under this program, Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly have recovered objects of unknown origin. We, as citizens, have been denied knowledge of what they were. Physical evidence in the possession of the U.S. Government could shed light on the UFO question as would nothing else.

The Kecksburg case also has the potential to generate more documentation on Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly, which hold the key to other cases involving downed objects of unknown origin.

Source: Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly: The Retrieval of Objects of Unknown Origin (UFOs, Extraterrestrial Spacecraft) | Stillness in the Storm

Hillary Finally Gets ‘Legal Whooping’ She Deserves -Larry Klayman | Opinion – Conservative

Saturday, August 13, 2016 12:29 By Lary Klaryman 

It’s August 2016, presidential and congressional elections are on the horizon and the Washington establishment is generally on vacation, but I’m not. The country continues to sink into an abyss of corruption, and the “Wicked Witch of the Left,” Hillary Clinton, continues to fly around the country on her political broom, dismissing her rank criminality over her most current scandals in order to convince the uneducated masses that she should be the nation’s first female president.

I am not concerned with her politics, but I am upset at the failure of our so-called justice system to hold her to account legally for her crimes. The latest collapse of justice occurred when FBI Director James Comey abdicated his responsibility and failed to recommend Hillary Clinton’s prosecution over her criminal misuse of her private email server. This resulted in classified information about the whereabouts of Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and his colleagues, such as Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods and State Department official Sean Smith being compromised, most likely by Iranian and Russian cyber-hacking. The hostile powers, particularly the Iranians, then undoubtedly gave the coordinates to terrorists such as al-Qaida.

The federal government appears to be unable to stop an arguably flagrant criminal from be elected president. Proof that someday soon there will be a U.S. dictator.

The federal government appears to be unable or unwilling to stop an arguably flagrant criminal from be elected president. Proof that someday soon there will be a U.S. dictator rising to power.

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Pentagon Say $6.5 Trillion Dollars Is Missing, Sparking Fears Of ‘New 9/11’ | Your News Wire

August 14, 2016 by Baxter Dmitry

The Pentagon cannot account for $6.5 trillion dollars according to a new Department of Defense Inspector General’s report – raising alarm bells not just because of the obvious lack of accountability and oversight, but because the last time the Pentagon ‘lost’ an enormous sum of money, 9/11 happened.

Donald Rumsfeld was due to testify about a missing $2.3 trillion before Congress on September 13 2001, however the case was put on hold after the events of September 11.

The paper trail was destroyed when one side of the Pentagon was blown up, and the $2.3 trillion dollar case was brushed under the rubble.

The new case of the missing trillions, and the combustible political climate in the U.S. in 2016, has left many commentators fearing that “something big is about to happen again.”

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RT Report: ‘9/11 Was An Inside Job’ | Your News Wire

August 14, 2016 by Baxter Dmitry

RT have analysed the evidence and aired a report that claims “9/11 was an inside job.” The hard hitting report also claims top officials within US government and the CIA are on record stating “the White House is behind the terrorism of their population.”

High profile government and intelligence officials have confirmed the existence of a campaign called Operation Gladio – a “major operation” according to former CIA chief William Colby – and that this campaign is responsible for organizing terror events to allow authorities to “bring in a state of emergency” and“move people around like sheep.”

With reports from the Kremlin that President Putin will release satellite images proving that the Twin Towers were destroyed by “controlled demolition” rather than by the force of two planes, enormous strides towards disproving the official 9/11 Commission version are taking place.

You can view the report here:

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  • False: The public are given an untruthful version of the event by the government and the media. The falsity can range from no one actually had been killed or hurt (it was all theater); to some of the alleged victims are real; to all the alleged victims are real but the alleged perpetrator(s) is a fall guy who was set up by the “real” conspirators behind the scenes.
  • Results in a “rallying around the flag” effect: Whatever the true nature of the “false flag” event, the objective is to arouse and manipulate the emotions (fear, anger, outrage, indignation) of the American people so that they’ll “rally around the flag” in an outburst of patriotism, supplying the current White House occupant and his (and his party’s) policies with their support and loyalty.


CIA Fakes Vaccination Operation to Gather DNA | White House admits staging fake vaccination operation to gather DNA from the public | Stillness in the Storm

Saturday, August 13, 2016

(Stillness in the Storm Editor)Here is a rather disturbing yet eye-opening report by Naturalnews, and bolstered by mainstream news sources.

The CIA used vaccines to gather DNA from unwilling individuals. Granted this was allegedly done in the name of ending the War on Terror, but is it really so much of a stretch to say that it is taking place within the US and beyond?

We have heard from several insiders that the government gathers all manner of intelligence from the people, including DNA samples. This information is important for some of the most secretive projects in history, related to secret space programs and advanced bio-interfacing technology and practices.

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The Vatican Has Paid Close To $4 Billion To Settle Child Molestation Lawsuits | Stillness in the Storm

We need to look at where the evil hides and remove it -> Brian

August 12th 2016 by Alexa Erickson

The reality of child molestation by the Roman Catholic Church has surfaced time and time again, and yet, somehow, it continues to happen. If you watched the movie Spotlight, perhaps you have an idea of just how things are going down. But let’s break it down to date.

While you can’t put a price on the innocence of a child, you can put a price on just how much the Roman Catholic Church has paid out in lawsuits over the never-ending epidemic of child molestation wreaking havoc in its ranks.

According to Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter, who decided to research this particular topic, since 1950, the Vatican has spent a disgusting $3,994,797,060.10. That’s nearly $4 billion to keep things hush hush. That number may even be a bit conservative, as we cannot know for sure the agreed upon “under the table” amount.

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Why It’s So Hard for Members of the Military to Speak Out – Prepare for Change

By William J. Astore

The United States is now engaged in perpetual war with victory nowhere in sight.  Iraq is chaotic and scarred. So, too, is Libya. Syria barely exists. After 15 years, “progress” in Afghanistan has proven eminently reversible as efforts to rollback recent Taliban gains continue to falter. The Islamic State may be fracturing, but its various franchises are finding new and horrifying ways to replicate themselves and lash out. Having spent trillions of dollars on war with such sorry results, it’s a wonder that key figures in the U.S. military or officials in any other part of America’s colossal national security state and the military-industrial complex (“the Complex” for short) haven’t spoken out forcefully and critically about the disasters on their watch.

Yet they have remained remarkably mum when it comes to the obvious.  Such a blanket silence can’t simply be attributed to the war-loving nature of the U.S. military.  Sure, its warriors and warfighters always define themselves as battle-ready, but the troops themselves don’t pick the fights.  Nor is it simply attributable to the Complex’s love of power and profit, though its members are hardly eager to push back against government decisions that feed the bottom line. To understand the silence of the military in particular in the face of a visible crisis of war-making, you shouldn’t assume that, from private to general, its members don’t have complicated, often highly critical feelings about what’s going on. The real question is: Why they don’t ever express them publicly?

To understand that silence means grasping all the intertwined personal, emotional, and institutional reasons why few in the military or the rest of the national security state ever speak out critically on policies that may disturb them and with which they may privately disagree. I should know, because like so many others I learned to silence my doubts during my career in the military.

My Very Own “Star Wars” Moment

As a young Air Force lieutenant at the tail end of the Cold War, I found myself working on something I loathed: the militarization of space.  The Air Force had scheduled a test of an anti-satellite(ASAT) missile to be launched at high altitude from an F-15 fighter jet.  The missile was designed to streak into low earth orbit to strike at the satellites of enemy powers.  The Soviets were rumored to have their own ASAT capability and this was our answer.  If the Soviets had a capability, Americans had to have the same—or better.  We called it “deterrence.”

Ever since I was a kid, weaned on old episodes of “Star Trek,” I’d seen space as “the final frontier,” a better place than conflict-ridden Earth, a place where anything was possible—maybe even peace.  As far as I was concerned, the last thing we needed was to militarize that frontier.  Yet there I was in 1986 working in the Space Surveillance Center in Cheyenne Mountain in support of a test that, if it worked, would have helped turn space into yet another war zone.

It won’t surprise you to learn that, despite my feelings, which couldn’t have been stronger, I didn’t speak up against the test.  Not a peep.  I kept my critical thoughts and doubts to myself.  I told myself that I was doing my duty, that it wasn’t my place to question decisions made at high levels in the administration of then-President Ronald Reagan.  You can’t have a disciplined and orderly military if troops challenge every decision, can you?  Orders are to be obeyed, right?  Ours not to reason why, ours but to do or die—especially since we were then at war with the Soviets, even if that war fell under the label of “cold.”

So I buried my misgivings about facilitating a future shooting war in orbit.  I remember, in fact, hoping that the ASAT test would go well and that I’d be seen as effective at my job.  And in this I think I was probably pretty typical of military people, then and now.

The F-15 ASAT program was eventually cancelled, but not before it taught me a lesson that’s obvious only in retrospect: mission priorities and military imperatives in such a hierarchical situation are powerful factors in suppressing morality and critical thinking.  It’s so much easier, so much more “natural,” to do one’s job and conform rather than speak out and buck a system that’s not made for the public expression of dissenting views.  After all, a military with an ethos of “we’re all volunteers, so suck it up—or get out” is well suited to inhibiting dissent, as its creators intended.

To those who’ve been exposed to hierarchical, authority-heavy institutions, that lesson will undoubtedly come as no surprise.  Heck, I grew up Catholic and joined the military, so I know something about the pressures to conform within such institutions.  In the Church, you learn—or at least you did in my day—that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God, and the “old guard” priests and nuns I encountered were more than ready to encourage that fear.  In the military, you learn from day one of basic training that it’s best to put up andshut up.  No grumbling in the ranks.  No quibbling.  Yes, sir; no, sir; no excuse, sir.  Cooperate and graduate.  That conformist mentality is difficult to challenge or change, no matter your subsequent rank or position.

There’s a sensible reason for all this.  You can’t herd cats, nor can you make a cohesive military unit out of them.  In life and death situations, obedience and discipline are vital to rapid action.

As true as that may be, however, America doesn’t need more obedience: it needs more dissent.  Not only among its citizens but within its military—maybe there especially.

Unfortunately, in the post-9/11 era, we’ve exalted and essentially worshipped the military as “our greatest national treasure” (the words of former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta at the recent Democratic convention).  The military has, in fact, become so crucial to Washington that aspiring civilian commanders-in-chief like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lean on retired generals to anoint them as qualified for the job. (For Trump,Lieutenant General Michael Flynn did the honors; for Hillary, General John Allen.)

The Pentagon has, in a very real sense, become America’s national cathedral.  If we’re going to continue to worship at it, we should at least ask for some minimal level of honesty from its priests.  In militarized America, the question of the moment is how to encourage such honesty.

Call it patriotic dissent.  By “dissent” I mean honest talk from those who should know best about the hazards and horrors of perpetual war, about how poorly those conflicts have gone and are going.  We desperately need to encourage informed critics and skeptics within the military and the Complex to speak their minds in a way that moves the national needle away from incessant bombing and perpetual war.

Yet to do so, we must first understand the obstacles involved.  It’s obvious, for example, that a government which has launched a war against whistleblowers, wielding the World War I-eraEspionage Act against them and locking away Chelsea Manning for a veritable lifetime in a maximum security prison, isn’t likely to suddenly encourage more critical thinking and public expression inside the national security state. But much else stands in the way of the rest of us hearing a little critical speech from the “fourth branch” of government.

Seven Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Break Ranks   

As a start, it’s hard for outsiders to imagine just how difficult it is to break ranks when you’re in the military.  So many pressures combine to squelch dissent—everything from feelings of loyalty and patriotism to careerist concerns and worries about punishment.  I wasn’t immune from such pressures, which is why my story is fairly typical.  As I’ve said, I had my criticisms of the military, but I didn’t begin to air them until 2007, two years after I’d retired.

Why the delay?  I can offer explanations but no excuses.  Unless you’ve been in the military, you have little idea how all-enveloping and all-consuming such a life can be.  In a strange way, it may be the closest thing to true socialism in America: base housing provided and tied to your rank, government doctors and “socialized” medicine for all, education for your children in base schools, and worship at the base chapel; in other words, a remarkably insular life, intensified when troops are assigned to “Little Americas” abroad (bases like Ramstein in Germany).  For Star Trek: The Next Generation fans, think of Ramstein and similar bases around the world as the Borg cubes of American life—places where you’re automatically assimilated into the collective.  In such a hive life, resistance is all but futile.

This effect is only intensified by the tribalism of war.  Unit cohesion, encouraged at all times, reaches a fever pitch under fire as the mission (and keeping your buddies and yourself alive) becomes all-consuming.  Staring at the business end of an AK-47 is hardly conducive to reflective, critical thinking, nor should it be.

Leaving military insularity, unit loyalty, and the pressure of combat aside, however, here are seven other factors I’ve witnessed, which combine to inhibit dissent within military circles.

1. Careerism and ambition: The U.S. military no longer has potentially recalcitrant draftees—it has “volunteers.”  Yesteryear’s draftees were sometimes skeptics; many just wanted to endure their years in the military and get out.  Today’s volunteers are usually believers; most want to excel.  Getting a reputation for critical comments or other forms of outspokenness generally means not being rewarded with fast promotions and plum assignments.  Career-oriented troops quickly learn that it’s better to fail upwards quietly than to impale yourself on your sword while expressing honest opinions.  If you don’t believe me, ask all those overly decorated generals of our failed wars you see on TV.

2. Future careerism and ambition: What to do when you leave the military?  Civilian job options are often quite limited. Many troops realize that they will be able to double or triple their pay, however, if they go to work for a defense contractor, serving as a military consultant or adviser overseas.  Why endanger lucrative prospects (or even your security clearance, which could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you and firms looking to hire you) by earning a reputation for being “difficult”?

3. Lack of diversity: The U.S. military is not blue and red and purple America writ small; it’s a selective sampling of the country that has already winnowed out most of the doubters and rebels.  This is, of course, by design.  After Vietnam, the high command was determined never to have such a wave of dissent within the ranks again and in this (unlike so much else) they succeeded.  Think about it: between “warriors” and citizen-soldiers, who is more likely to be tractable and remain silent?

4. A belief that you can effect change by working quietly from within the system: Call it the Harold K. Johnson effect.  Johnson was an Army general during the Vietnam War who considered resigning in protest over what he saw as a lost cause.  He decided against it, wagering that he could better effect change while still wearing four stars, a decision he later came deeply to regret.  The truth is that the system has time-tested ways of neutralizing internal dissent, burying it, or channeling it and so rendering it harmless.

5. The constant valorization of the military: Ever since 9/11, the gushing pro-military rhetoric of presidents and other politicians has undoubtedly served to quiet honest doubts within the military.  If the president and Congress think you’re the best military ever, a force for human liberation, America’s greatest national treasure, who are you to disagree, Private Schmuckatelli?

America used to think differently.  Our founders considered a standing army to be a pernicious threat to democracy.  Until World War II, they generally preferred isolationism to imperialism, though of course many were eager to take land from Native Americans and Mexicans while double-crossing Cubans, Filipinos, and other peoples when it came to their independence.  If you doubt that, just read War is a Racket by Smedley Butler, a Marine general in the early decades of the last century and two-time recipient of the Medal of Honor. In the present context, think of it this way: democracies should see a standing military as a necessary evil, and military spending as a regressive tax on civilization—as President Dwight D. Eisenhower famously did when he compared such spending to humanity being crucified on a cross of iron.

Chanting constant hosannas to the troops and telling them they’re the greatest ever—remember the outcry against Muhammad Ali when, with significantly more cause, heboastedthat he was the greatest?—may make our military feel good, but it won’t help them see their flaws, nor us as a nation see ours.

6. Loss of the respect of peers: Dissent is lonely.  It’s been more than a decade since my retirement and I still hesitate to write articles like this.  (It’s never fun getting hate mail from people who think you’re un-American for daring to criticize any aspect of the military.)  Small wonder that critics choose to keep their own counsel while they’re in the service.

7.  Even when you leave the military, you never truly leave: I haven’t been on a military base in years.  I haven’t donned a uniform since my retirement ceremony in 2005.  Yet occasionally someone will call me “colonel.”  It’s always a reminder that I’m still “in.” I may have left the military behind, but it never left me behind.  I can still snap to attention, render a proper salute, recite my officer’s oath from memory.

In short, I’m not a former but a retired officer.  My uniform may be gathering dust in the basement, but I haven’t forgotten how it made me feel when I wore it.  I don’t think any of us who have served ever do.  That strong sense of belonging, that emotional bond, makes you think twice before speaking out.  Or at least that’s been my experience.  Even as I call for more honesty within our military, more bracing dissent, I have to admit that I still feel a residual sense of hesitation.  Make of that what you will.

Bonus Reason: Troops are sometimes reluctant to speak out because they doubt Americans will listen, or if they do, empathize and understand.  It’s one thing to vent your frustrations in private among friends on your military base or at the local VFW hall among other veterans.  It’s quite another to talk to outsiders.  War’s sacrifices and horrors are especially difficult to convey and often traumatic to relive.  Nevertheless, as a country, we need to find ways to encourage veterans to speak out and we also need to teach ourselves how to listen—truly listen—no matter the harshness of what they describe or how disturbed what they actually have to say may make us feel.

Encouraging Our Troops to Speak More Freely

Perpetual war is a far greater threat to democracy in our country than ISIS, Russia, or any other external threat you want to mention.  To again quote former President Eisenhower, who as supreme commander of Allied forces in World War II had learned something of the true nature of war, “Only Americans can hurt America.”

The military and the entire apparatus of the burgeoning national security state should exist for a single purpose: to defend the country—that is, to safeguard the Constitution and our rights, liberties, and freedoms.  When it does that, it’s doing its job, and deserves praise (but never worship).  When it doesn’t, it should be criticized, reformed, even rebuilt from the ground up (and in more modest, less imperial fashion).

But this process is unlikely to begin as long as our leaders continue to wage war without end and we the people continue to shout “Amen!” whenever the Pentagon asks for more weapons and money for war.  To heal our increasingly fractured democracy, we need to empower liberty and nurture integrity within the institution that Americans say they trust the most: the U.S. military.  Dissenting voices must be encouraged and dissenting thoughts empowered in the service of rejecting the very idea of war without end.

Some will doubtless claim that encouraging patriotic dissent within the military can only weaken its combat effectiveness, endangering our national security.  But when, I wonder, did it become wise for a democracy to emulate Sparta?  And when is it ever possible to be perfectly secure?

William J. Astore is a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF) and a TomDispatch regular. He taught history for fifteen years at military and civilian schools and blogs at Bracing Views.

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Source: Why It’s So Hard for Members of the Military to Speak Out – Prepare for Change

Multiple FBI Criminal Probes of Clinton Foundation Despite Obama, DOJ Objections

04:44 14.08.2016

Multiple investigations by FBI and the US Attorney’s Office are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation, according to a former senior law enforcement official.

A set of investigations into Clinton Foundation have been initiated by a joint effort of Federal Bureau of Investigation and various US Attorneys Offices. The investigations include potential corruption charges, according to the former official who has direct knowledge of the activities.

The involvement of the US Attorney Office is a major departure from other centralized FBI investigations. Previously, FBI performed such investigations on its own.

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18 Years Later – Pam Martens Sends Another Warning To The Fed & The Clintons | Zero Hedge

download (7).jpg

Below is the testimony of Pam Martens to the Federal Reserve on June 26, 1998, imploring it not to support the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and usher in an era where Wall Street banks like Citigroup could own both insured deposits at its commercial bank as well as engage in high risk trading at its investment bank

Tyler Durden's picture

It is the same players that we saw enabling reckless behavior in 1998: Citigroup, the Fed, and the Clinton-led Wall Street Democrats. And, as Jesse notes, here we are again, almost eighteen years later, watching the same short term, selfish characteristics by the big money banks putting the entire economy of productive individuals at risk again

“There’s something big and scary going on behind the scenes but, as usual, the public isn’t reading about it on the front pages of the newspapers.” Pam Martens and Russ Martens warn that big banks and big insurers send scary signals…

Yesterday, the broad stock market, as measured by the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index, declined a modest 0.29 percent while big Wall Street banks like Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase fell by triple that amount. Bank of America, which bought the big retail brokerage firm, Merrill Lynch, in the midst of the 2008 crash, fell by 8.6 times the rate of the decline in the S&P to give up 2.50 percent.


Equally noteworthy, two major insurers, MetLife and Prudential Financial, saw percentage market losses far in excess of the S&P. MetLife declined by 2.74 percent while Prudential Financial lost 1.68 percent. Prudential Financial has been named a Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) by the Financial Stability Oversight Council. MetLife had received the same designation but won a court battle to rescind the designation. The U.S. government is appealing.

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