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White Liberals Help Their New Muslim Neighbors Move In Next Door – Get Sick Thank You ‘Gift’ For It

View on YouTube White Liberals Help Their New Muslim Neighbors Move In Next Door – Get Sick Thank You ‘Gift’ For It
White Liberals Help Their New Muslim Neighbors Move In Next Door – Get Sick Thank You ‘Gift’ For It

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When one liberal family discovered that Syrian refugees were being placed in their neighborhood they jumped into action. The family put together a generous care package of sorts to welcome their new neighbors. However, the family and other neighbors nearby quickly changed their tune horrified by how they were “repaid”.

The left has been claiming for years that the refugees that have been entering our country are just seeking acceptance. No matter how many times conservatives warn liberals the true intentions of refugees, it continues to fall on deaf ears. Liberals do not want to accept the fact that Muslims are not ones to assimilate or coexist with anyone not Muslim. Instead of liberals placing facts over emotions they continue to do whatever they can to appease these barbarians. Though no matter what these liberals do to makes these Muslim refugees happy it always takes a brutal turn.

A prime example of this would be what happened to a family in Canada. The liberal family decided that they would welcome Syrian refugees with open arms in their Hamilton, Ontario neighborhood. This family and many of their neighbors believed all the hype that the media had said about refugees. So, one year ago the neighborhood community embraced the Syrian refugees only to be left terrified.

Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy conducted an interview with a woman who was an eye-witness to the events in the Hamilton neighborhood. Andrea explained how the neighborhood naively accepted the left’s propaganda on how wonderful the Syrian refugees were. The neighborhood families all donated money to provide the new family with bicycles, furniture, and garden supplies. However, as the warm feelings of being neighborly quickly subsided after the Syrian family began to assault the local children.

Andrea explains that when she was in her home she heard a loud ruckus outside of her home. When she looked outside that was when she discovered that the Syrian children were hurling stones and bricks at the Canadian children. Andrea then went on to say that she witnessed the eldest of the Syrian children who is around 16, pick up what appeared to be a shovel and attempt to beat one of the children’s father. While that was happening the other Syrian children were throwing bricks at the Canadian neighbors too. But,


Trump Gets Revenge After Elizabeth Warren & Ashley Judd Blame Him In ‘Nasty Woman’ Rants

View on YouTube Trump Gets Revenge After Elizabeth Warren & Ashley Judd Blame Him In ‘Nasty Woman’ Rants
Trump Gets Revenge After Elizabeth Warren & Ashley Judd Blame Him In ‘Nasty Woman’ Rants

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No one can forget Ashley Judd’s sick “Nasty Woman” rant, and now, Elizabeth Warren is mimicking Judd’s disgusting performance as they both continue to rail against President Donald Trump. Warren is trying to kickstart a run for president as she threatens Trump with “nastiness” as Judd is crying, saying she is getting cyber-bullied, and they both blame Trump. Now, the president is getting sweet revenge against the noted feminazis. You don’t want to miss this.

Elizabeth Warren was in rare form as she stood on an empty New York stage Friday night. Just across town, the horrendous rendition of “Julius Caesar” was starting, which stars a Trump look-alike getting murdered night after night. Warren was reading from her latest book, This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class, which was written quickly by ghost writers to jump-start her presidential bid for 2020.

Rattling on about the Boston’s Women’s March, Warren read, “Our very act of marching delivered the loudest possible proclamation of our deep down, unshakable belief that we can make democracy work again by insisting that this government serve the people.” She then started reading her favorite slogans from the Women’s March, screeching, “This is a good sign: ‘Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet.’”

Townhall responded to Warren, reporting, “Elizabeth, sweetie, democracy DID work. And if we haven’t already seen what ‘nasty’ is, we’ll pass.” Trump got his own revenge without ever having to name Warren. Hours after she gave her talk on saving the middle class, Trump punched back, proving that is exactly what he is doing, with no help from the likes of Elizabeth Warren.
Feminazis across the country took the “nasty woman” remark and made it into one of their badges of honor. That spurred Ashley Judd to give her own “Nasty Woman” speech at the Women’s March, something she has not been able to live down. After conservatives took her to task on social media, Judd claims she has been the target of cyber-bullying.

She even gave a whining “TED Talk” about all the hate coming her way, saying she employs someone to “scrub her daily online reading so she doesn’t read anything that might upset her.” Judd found out what Trump supporters think about her “Nasty Woman” rants, especially after she doubled down, crying about the backlash she got.
Judd and Warren continue to play the “woman card,” trying to make Donald Trump out to be the big bad misogynist who is out to hurt women on a daily basis. Warren is pissed off that Trump called her out on her fake Indian ancestry bullcrap, and now, she thinks she’s going to be the Democratic nominee in 2020. We say, bring it on. If Pocahontas Warren is the best the Democrats can do, we can’t wait for the election.

Pocahontas is at it again! Goofy Elizabeth Warren, one of the least productive U.S. Senators, has a nasty mouth. Hope she is V.P. choice.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 10, 2016
What’s really irking Warren and Judd is their claim that Trump is fueling this so-called misogynist atmosphere in Washington, D.C. “Mainstream Media outlets turned Sen. Elizabeth Warren getting interrupted by Sen. Mitch McConnell in February into a bona fide meme. They even peddled T-shirts with ‘She Persisted…’ emblazoned on them. Chelsea Clinton shrewdly pounced, too, scoring a book deal from the non-story,” reports Fox News Contributor Bernard Goldberg.

He went on, “Why? To paint Sen. Warren as a victim, punish GOP politicians and prop up the Gender Card. And reporters did it again recently. Scribes whined when Sen. Kamala Harris got interrupted by male members of the Senate.”

Indeed, Judd lashed out during her talk, saying, “[Trump] is causing women politicians to be cut off while speaking, he is responsible for so much hate.” But, she forgets one thing. Where were those headlines for Betsy DeVos? Washington Examiner reports, “The education secretary was interrupted repeatedly by men during her confirmation hearing, and on occasions since, but the Left has celebrated those interruptions, not denounced them.”

So, idiot Elizabeth Warren and her feminazi sidekick Ashley Judd make zero points. In fact, they refuse to acknowledge women who view the world quite differently than they do. Oh, but they know best, they are progressives, just out to selflessly help women. Except, they have female blood on their hands. Half of the abortions they celebrate are little girls. They are nasty women, and those of us with values voted for Trump, we voted for truth. We who belive in God and country won’t let those lying nasty women stop us from making America great again.

Trump-Hater Kamala Harris Just Got A Nasty Surprise After She Tries Sick Fundraising Scheme

View on YouTube Trump-Hater Kamala Harris Just Got A Nasty Surprise After She Tries Sick Fundraising Scheme
Trump-Hater Kamala Harris Just Got A Nasty Surprise After She Tries Sick Fundraising Scheme

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Kamala Harris has reached a new, all-time low. The rude, obnoxious junior senator from California launched a fundraising scheme, and it’s backfiring big time. Harris is well-known as the shrew who acted like her hair was on fire on Capitol Hill while questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Admiral Mike Rogers. Playing the tired “woman card,” she banked on cashing in on her rude behavior, but instead, all she got was a nasty surprise.

Kamala Harris thinks her rude, crude, ridiculous rants during the Senate hearings on Capitol Hill will make her rich. Harris is trying to cash in using her “woman card,” depicting what happened to her during the hearings as some great moment in American politics for all women. Harris’ delusions of grandeur caused her to pin a tweet to the top of her Twitter page that refers to her being “silenced” and links to a donations page:
On the donation page, Harris claims, “It’s happened to me, Elizabeth Warren, and countless others. Too often women are silenced in society and in the Senate. Make a contribution to defend the women of the Senate and fight back.” Wow. This woman is one big liar, and Americans with even half a brain aren’t falling for her sick attempt at fundraising.

“While she claims she was ‘silenced,’ in each case Harris was actually the silencer, talking over witnesses such as Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. In each case, the witnesses protested that she was not letting them answer her questions. Sessions, in particular, complained that by cutting him off, she was exposing him to legal risk of not telling the whole truth,” reports Breitbart.

Harris got a nasty surprise after she posted the fundraising scheme on social media. Seventy-five percent of the comments are negative, calling her out as a swamp creature that has to go. Grandstanding and showboating at the Senate hearings doesn’t translate into big cash donations.
Harris has tried to make a name for herself by trolling Donald Trump on Twitter, as the San Diego Tribune reports, “Is California Sen. Kamala Harris running for president in 2020? She’s sure acting like it, at least on Twitter. Since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the Senate rookie has sent more than 80 Trump-related tweets in 14 days. Each time, in just 140 characters or less, Harris has trolled him on his policies, his cabinet nominees and more.”

Trolling the master of Twitter didn’t work for Harris, but then again, she’s got nothing else to fall back on. She’s the epitome of a swamp creature, getting her start in politics as San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown’s mistress. “The first time [Kamala Harris] ever appears in a search of California news is March 22, 1994, when she was Assembly Speaker Willie Brown’s date at his 60th birthday party. She was 30 years-plus younger. But she didn’t just date Brown. She cashed in from knowing him,” reports CalWatchdog.

Kamala Harris is shaping up to be a female Barack Obama. With only one term as a U.S. Senator, there is already a lot of talk about a serious bid for president in 2020. She, like Obama, has a sketchy background. Besides the gender card, she plays the race card, even though her mother is from India and she used to identify as an “Indian-American.” Now, she identifies as an African-American, although her father, who left her mother when she was seven, is Jamaican-American.

There’s one huge problem with Harris running in 2020. Never again will patriotic Americans be duped into voting for someone solely based on their race or gender. Harris can take her fake gender card fundraising and go back to California where she belongs. She’s a big-mouthed swamp creature who is heading for the Washington, D.C., drain. After Obama, Americans won’t be fooled again.

Michelle Scrambles To Post Boot Camp Photos Just Hours After Melania Gets Kudos For 1 Thing

View on YouTube Michelle Scrambles To Post Boot Camp Photos Just Hours After Melania Gets Kudos For 1 Thing
Michelle Scrambles To Post Boot Camp Photos Just Hours After Melania Gets Kudos For 1 Thing

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Nothing happens in Washington, D.C., by coincidence. When Michelle Obama posted photos of her working out during a weekend boot camp, it unsurprisingly came just on the heels of a very public story about Melana Trump. Michelle talks about having a hard time adjusting to life outside the White House, and when the press gave big kudos to the new First Lady, Michelle countered with a photo spread. You don’t want to miss this.

We’ve seen the Obamas trail the Trumps all around Europe and trying to stay in the limelight, grasping at headlines by stirring up controversy. Now, we have Michelle Obama posting boot camp photos, which is sort of strange. We had no “personal” photos posted while they were trolling the Trumps in Europe, but now, we have this post by Michelle. If you look at the timeline of events, she posted it immediately after Melania Trump made headlines of her own, and it all starts to make sense.

Michelle wrote, “When I was at the White House, I often hosted bootcamp weekends for my close girlfriends… even though I’m no longer at the White House, I’ve continued this tradition and wanted to share some photos. My girlfriends have been there for me through all kinds of life transitions over the years – including a pretty big one recently!”

She goes on to post two photos, one of which shows off her arms, which TMZ made sure to mention in their headline, “Michelle Obama, Check Out My Guns!” It’s obvious Michelle is looking for some attention, and she wants people to see her “guns.”
Well, just hours before Michelle posted her workout pics, here was the big international headline for Melania Trump: “Melania does a Pippa! Donald Trump’s wife shows off pert bottom in TIGHT dress.” From Melania’s pert bottom to Michelle’s guns, how often are we going to get headlines like this within hours of each other?
For those who say there is no way that Michelle would post photos just to throw shade at Melania, think again. Contrary to what the left would have you believe, Michelle Obama isn’t a superhero, she’s a liberal woman, and like most liberal women, she has issues. Michelle Obama is used to the spotlight, and it must irk her that the woman who replaces her is a model. Michelle has to work out to stop gaining weight, where Melania Trump is one of the lucky ones who probably doesn’t have to work at all at staying thin.

The liberal media makes comparisons all the time, just like they did on Father’s Day. Newsweek made a huge deal out of what type of public Father’s Day messages went out, comparing the Obamas and the Trumps, all in an attempt to make the president look bad.

“In his final press conference as president, Obama says in comments carried by Today: ‘Every parent brags on their daughters or their sons, but man, my daughters are something. And they just surprise and enchant and impress me more and more every single day,’” reported Newsweek.

They go on to bash Trump, saying, “[Obama’s] social media message differed somewhat from that of his predecessor President Donald Trump, who used social media to celebrate his approval rating going up and complain that he was the victim of a witch-hunt.” The mainstream media constantly looks at any little thing, hoping to make Trump look bad, but if conservative media brings up Michelle or Barack, they freak out, saying how dare we trash talk the saintly Obamas.

As long as the Obamas put themselves in the limelight, they are fair game to report on. Michelle is delusional if she thinks posting pics of her “guns” won’t get some blowback from Trump supporters or that her arms will take attention away from Melania’s pert bum. No one twisted her arm to post those pics, and there’s little doubt it was in response to the press calling Melania’s bottom “pert.” So, if Michelle wants to have a “look at me” post on social media, she opened herself up to the critiques of it. Michelle is wishing she was back in power and seeing the poised, graceful Melania take her place has got to be tough, there’s no doubt about that.