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Trump Nears Total War: Calls To Active Duty All US Reserve Forces, Expels China From US Power Grid

May 3, 2020

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An in-depth new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the strategic paradigms rapidly being shifted in the ongoing “Coronavirus Pandemic War”, says the exchange of gunfire a few hours ago across the demilitarized zone between North and South Korean military forces, when coupled with warnings being sounded that the world faces an unprecedented hunger crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic and coronavirus caused global economic chaos is causing entire societies to start falling apart, makes it clear why it’s now being predicted that the end of US global dominance has begun, and the world order will have to reinvent itself.

A reinvention of the global order the world will have to figure out for itself as the United States turns inward upon itself—a fact best evidenced a few hours ago by President Donald Trump himself when he posted a direct and ominous message to the American people stating: “The Russia Hoax is the biggest political scandal in American history. Treason!!!”—with the crucial significance of this ominous message being its following the 30 April signing by President Trump of his “Executive Order on Ordering the Selected Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty” that called to immediate active combat service over 587,000 reserve US military forces—a total war action taken by President Trump that’s most critical to note about he specifically designated to occur within the “Enhanced Department of Defense Counternarcotic Operation in the Western Hemisphere”.

Which itself is a massive US war operation using the excuse of illegal drugs to surround the entire Western Hemisphere (North America, Central America, South America) with nuclear armed and combat ready American military forces—and 48-hours ago, on 1 May, was followed by President Trump signing his “Executive Order on Securing the United States Bulk-Power System”—another wartime action taken by President Trump, and whose staggering scope and breadth of hasn’t been seen in the US since World War II—as it calls for the immediate removal from the entire United States electrical power grid of everything, from wires to transformers, made in Communist China or any other foreign country…

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Bigger Than Watergate Shock To The Conscience Collides With Military Operation To Overthrow Trump

May 2, 2020


By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An intriguing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the latest developments occurring in the “Coronavirus Pandemic War”, notes with grave concern that after President Donald Trump yesterday signaled his intention to slam Communist China with tariffs to punish them for the spread of the coronavirus, he ordered the immediate deployment of four B-1 nuclear-armed heavy bombers to their forward base in Guam as a “show of force” against the Communist Chinese military—a needed defensive measure coming at the same time the United States is down to its last nuclear-armed aircraft carrier battle group, with all their other ones being crippled by the coronavirus—which joins this battlefront to the even more critical one exploding in America that’s being called “Bigger Than Watergate”.

A reference to what is now known as the Watergate Scandal, that began on 27 January 1972 when former and current CIA operatives broke into and attempted to bug the Democrat National Committee offices on believed to be, but never proven orders issued directly by President Richard Nixon—a scandal ignored by the American people to such an extent that 10-months later, on 7 November 1972, the handed President Nixon one of the most crushing election victories in US history—which was followed nearly two years later, on 9 August 1974, by President Nixon becoming the only American leader in history to resign from office.

A stunning turn of events entirely due to the American people awakening to the shocking level of corruption existing within their Deep State government and its subservient intelligence agencies and the lies they were told about it—and whose mirror counterpart today being exposed involves the attempted coup against President Trump by these same malign forces—an attempted overthrow of President Trump supported by a leftist mainstream propaganda media hammering into the American minds the now conclusively proven lies that Trump colluded with Russia to win his election—proven lies a new poll shows 53% of the American people still believe are true—but as exactly as happened during the Watergate Scandal, are lies now being forced into the light of truth in full view of the American people—with the first of these monstrous lies to be exposed being the “shock to the conscience treatment” of General Michael Flynn.

A Watergate Scandal redux (brought back) revealing of truth to the American people so they can awaken to the horrors of what’s really happened, however, that’s now colliding with furious efforts to keep it from occurring—as the forces arrayed against President Trump know full well the wrath ready to descend upon them by the American people once they know the truth—and is why top Democrat Party socialist leader US Congressman Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff is demanding that leftist US tech giants step up their authoritative censorship and silencing—and even more dangerously, is why disgraced former top US Army General Stanley McChrystal—forced to resign after he mocked and showed contempt for the civilian leaders of America—has created and deployed, using socialist Democrat Party monies, an actual military psychological warfare operation to keep the truth hidden and destroy President Trump…

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Coronavirus Theories So Far!!

By Andrew Goldthorpe

Curious to know… from all the media alternative theories on the internet surrounding COVID 19 which is the most popular right now, select the one you believe the most. Please enter 1,2,3,4 etc as appropriate.


1. China wasn’t happy that Trump and pushed them into such a hard trade deal which hurt them financially. The Chinese not wanting to go to war then released the virus to crash the world economy so they could then buy up Stock, shares, currencies and Gold etc at cheap prices to get their own back.

2. Aliens are coming to finally say Gday and therefore the governments of the world needed to create a good reason that the public would believe to ground the worlds air traffic as they didn’t want to cause planes crashing into each other when our sky will be filled with flying saucers

3. It has long been known that the Governments of the world want a cash ban and everyone to use digital money instead, what a better way to do it than have people staying at home, ordering online and spreading rumours that the cash itself can spread the virus so don;t use it.

4.It has been widely talked about that the world is indeed over populated, what better way to cull the population down than releasing a virus that will kill off the most vulnerable off leaving the strongest gene pool remaining.

5. For a while it has been said that the first GFC was a small one and a bigger one was due, rather than have an angry population blaming their corrupt Governments and the Banks etc for stealing the peoples money yet again, what a great story if they can blame the GFC MK2 on the virus and let the real culprits get away scott-free again.

6. Huge paedophile networks were about to be exposed bringing down some huge public figures, celebrities etc etc, by diverting attention to the Virus the paedophile mess can all be swept under the carpet and who knows maybe a few big names may actually get Covid 19 and “die” in the process

7. To push the vaccination agenda by using fear tactics and cripple the population financially to the point where if you don’t take the vaccine you wont be able to fly on plane, use public transport or work in a public place again.

8. To distract the population while the roll out of the controversial 5G network rolls out blaming any deaths on the Convid 19 Virus rather than the microwaves from the 5G towers

9. To collapse the world financial system controlled by central banks and allow a new fairer system owned by the people to rise flushing out all the corrupt people in the process.

10. A virus from a Bat in a dirty market in China mutated and jumped species to a Human and then it just spread world wide and caused the world to pretty much shut down with no other agenda being played out in the background.

11. Russia and the Saudi’s caused the Oil price to plummet potentially sending many Shale Companies (aka Fracking Oil Companies) broke only days before the media was reporting on Covid 19 whilst this maybe good for consumers the knock on effect for the markets was devastating

12.The US military added the Covid 19 virus into the supply chain of the super potent drug that was manufactured in Wuhan China called Adrenachrome. Adrenachrome is a super powerful drug mainly used by Satin worshipers to get the ultimate high during the sacrificing ritual by terrifying children or animals, kill them and then drink their blood while this powerful chemical that is produced by the body is present making the hallucinations super powerful unlike any other. By attaching Covid 19 to the manufactured supply it would expose all the people who use it that also may be connected to the child abduction rings thus exposing them so they could be investigated or arrested.

13. Forced micro-chipping of the population, creating a digital ID for each person on the planet so they can be tracked and traced anywhere on the planet in real time using 5G technology. Through injecting of the COVID-19 Vaccine which everyone will be begging to take once this chaos is over the nano sized microchip will also be placed into each person.

and please if you have heard another one I have missed please PM me and I will edit the post and add it on.

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