Kp Message 1-22-17 0340 HST… “Tonnes of Activity on the Planet at this moment”

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160731_Kp_Kilauea_P1010160_crop_240_1I’m having a grand challenge getting to sleep at this moment. And I just “got” that as of 1-20-17, a huge amount of activity was “unleashed” on (and in) this planet… it’s going on right now.

I see this as 3D, but Higher Energetic as well. And, yes, the event of the Inauguration appears to have been the trigger.

So what are we going to do? Ignore it? Resist it? Hopefully not. Today I went to Hāpuna and even the the waves tended to be farther out, and larger, than usual, I still went out to experience them.

So we have the choice to experience, team up with, be a part of these new waves, coming in right now, or stay on the beach and watch.

I’m headed out to ride those waves, baby!!

Aloha, Kp

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What is Ascension and is the Human Race Ascending? : Waking Times

What is ascension? For millennia, many religions and spiritual teachers have been telling us that during 2012 and soon after, humanity will experience a special spiritual event called ascension. Is this event true or is it just a fantasy dreamed up by certain crazy people. My understanding of ascension is that it isn’t a fantasy, but a natural cycle of the Universe and we are in the middle of ascending to higher levels of consciousness…

Source: What is Ascension and is the Human Race Ascending? : Waking Times

The Mandela Effect Seems To Be Happening Now

The Mandela Effect Seems To Be Happening Now

15Jan17 By Brian Hyland (UPDATED)

It has been a bumpy ride for the last two days. Is anyone else feeling this?

Around midnight for the last two nights it felt like it got very, very bumpy. Last night especially, just after midnight, was particularly bumpy. I had to take myself to bed to sleep through it:-)

It feels like that we are being held on a razor’s edge. Any stray thoughts are manifesting into reality and playing out immediately. Freewill feels like it has tightened up to the point where there is no Kharma bank for us to bank our behaviour, good or bad, and maybe cancel it out before it bites us. This does not seem to be happening any more, we seem to be experiencing instant kharma. We should be able to watch the chaos agents collapse in on themselves with their own created chaos.  And then, I guess, they will move away from us.

The Blue Avians(BA) from the Sphere Being Alliance(SBA) have told us that that WE are co-creating this together.


So keep your alignments tight, keep your integrity tight, and operate from your heart! Because your head is not working very well now I imagine(like my head). Be kind to each other. That will have HUGE benefits to our personal relationships and get as much rest as you can.

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Are You a Starseed? — Traits and Tendencies

Are You a Starseed? — Traits and Tendencies

Friday, January 13, 2017

(Ginny Marston) Starseeds are beings that have experienced life outside of the universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than the earth, although they may have had previous lifetimes on earth. There are 3 categories of star seeds:

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by Ginny Marston, January 10th, 2017

  • Typical Starseed: Had preparation lifetimes and may have lived 5-50 times on this earth.
  • Old Soul Starseed: Has had hundreds of lifetimes on earth, these are our guardians of the earth.
  • New Starseed: Many who have had no lifetimes on earth. These include some of the Crystal and Rainbow Children.

Traits of Starseeds:

  • Difficulty fitting in, not being able to relate to people, an innate loneliness and want to return home.
  • Shy and introverted as a child. They are creative and enjoy spending their time playing make-believe rather than playing with other children.
  • Highly intelligent and inquisitive. Fascination with learning but if they feel the information is mundane, they will tune it out.
  • Often diagnosed with A.D.D. or even Bi-Polar Disorder due to the dramatic mood swings because of their sensitivity to the world around them.
  • Often had imaginary friends and created a fantasy world to explore their own minds.
  • Around the ages of 5-11, they may have experienced a paranormal experience with shadow figures or ghosts.
  • Feel more comfortable communicating and being around animals and nature.
  • Due to their sensitive nature, they often choose careers that involve healing.
  • Have difficulty deciding what to do with their life as nothing on this planet makes sense to them.

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riding the cosmic boulevard

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Sophia Ra

20 hrs ·

riding the cosmic boulevard

since september equinox 2016 we have been receiving cosmic solar waves of plasmic life force energy at least every hour, these can be so strong that we may have to lie or sit down to receive the upgrades. one must be moving slowly in all aspects to receive these new 5th dimensional and higher frequency downloads. if you are too busy in the head, physically or emotionally these high voltage rays may just pass you by, as they require a stillness of being in order to be received. so please use your awareness to slow down, or at least when you come up against something that ushers you to slow down, instead of road rage, grunting about the queue being too long or rain stopping you from going out etc. just remember that you are being guided or getting a cosmic kick up the arse to SLOW DOWN. Do it with grace & ease & you can open up to receive.

the worlds are on fire, flaring up & out in all directions.

it has not been an easy ride nor shall it be, as what’s to come has it challenges, but lets get all over it & be honoured to be having these experiences.

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GoldFish Report Update with Kent Dunn: 36 hours and Counting- What you need to Know – YouTube

GoldFish Report Update with Kent Dunn: 36 hours and Counting- What you need to Know – YouTube

Published on 12 Jan 2017

This Special GoldFish Report Update with Kent Dunn: 36 Hours and Counting- What you need to know about this January 14th deadline. Kent makes it real by giving this last warning about choosing sides and what the consequences will be. What exactly does it mean to no longer have free will and what’s next for humanity. The views of our guests do not necessarily reflect the views of the GoldFish Report. However, thus far, no one has been able to refute Kent’s claims, so we choose to publish this and let the viewers use discernment and do the fact checking for themselves.

Mothmen & Others Being Forced Out of Their Tunnels by The Incoming Energies

Mothmen & Others Being Forced Out of Their Tunnels by The Incoming Energies

This increasing energy (Protons and/or Gamma Rays) is forcing the Mothmen and others out of their tunnels underground to the surface of the planet. Where the galactics are waiting to pick them up and put them in stasis. All is going according to The Plan that Kent Dunn has been laying out to us over at Gary Larrabee’s Youtube Channel.

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Source: ‘Demon’ sighting picture goes viral on Facebook | WFLD