Those who think “Trump hates gays” may wish to read this… Gateway Pundit 6-18-16… “Flashback Interview: Trump Defends Gays from Clintons in 2000”

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gateway_pundit_header_300_1There is quite a bit of name calling and labeling of Donald Trump, as you may see in numerous “protest signs” that have words like “racist, misogynist, fascist”, etc. I view those “labelers” as ones who are unwilling to look at the actual person. Easy to label. Not so easy to keep an open mind. And see the whole picture.

I have many gay friends and acquaintances (and many others I’ve met, of hetero, homo, and who-knows-what-o, orientations (and I personally am “pro-whatever-you-are-o”)). From all I’ve read and heard, Donald Trump has never said anything negative about anyone in the LGBT community. He treats them as humans. This article would seem to support that.

Bottom line, no matter who you are, be what you are, no matter who is President.

This is via SWR’s FB post.

“Back in 2000 Donald Trump was interviewed by the gay Advocate magazine

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Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Weekly geo-political news and analysis


Now that the Trump regime has formally been installed, the real battle over the future of the planet earth can begin in earnest. On the one side we find the Western military industrial complex and on the other we find the ancient bloodline families. Another way of putting it is the battle is now between those who have the guns and those who control the butter (money) supply. Yet a different lens for analyzing the upcoming struggle is to see it as China (Asia) vs. the US (the West), however that is too simplistic. The “West” as things now stand includes Japan plus North and South Korea and maybe even Vietnam while “Asia” includes Germany and other Rothschild controlled nation states.

The ideological battle lines were set in two speeches, one by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Davos bloodline love fest on January 17, while the other was President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

Xi’s speech essentially supported the globalist status quo so long as “the global economic governance system,” continued to be reformed to give greater voice to developing nations. Xi also promised China would help the world develop in a win-win manner in harmony with nature. Of course China has been by far the greatest beneficiary of the current system so the bloodline globalists have asked for Chinese protection now that a backlash against them has begun in the West.

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Jim Stone (date?)… “Mexican news announcer STUNNED by Trump protesters (They are the exact same professionals that frequently riot in Mexico)” (plus VIDEO)

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denise_maerker_240_1Usually I will not be putting out anything about “violent” things, but this one from Jim Stone was rather illuminating. In the attached video the so-called “Trump protesters” were suddenly “invaded” by a group of black-hoodie-wearing folks who all of a sudden started throwing trash cans through windows. According to Jim Stone, Denise Maerker (of Televisa) said these are the same ones that have been seen in Mexico causing disturbances.

This is how the corporation (cabal) operates. It was done in Ukraine, and many other places where USA CORP wanted to take over, I’m sure.

I could not find the video where she looked “stunned”, but the one I’ve included definitely shows the “black-hoodie-wearers” doing disruptive acts. Here is Televisa’s YouTube page.

“The news announcer was not ready for what she would see, and was not warned. They just played uncensored footage. And when the camera went back to…

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Office of Poofness 1-22-17… “Higher Love”

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poofness_office_of_330A new Poofness / Susan / Zap report. I will say, I like this message from Zap and crew.

Music lyrics and video link is at the end.

[Kp note: I always take these “Poofnesses” as potential data. Does it “ring” true within (if it “rings” at all)?]

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[Poof] “…we are aligned with the higher principles behind this and we are aligned with the people who are working diligently to get it over the top. Each week we see progress, progress that you can’t really fully understand ; and that is frustrating here as well as with the ground troops. Nonetheless, we can once again say that it is all working to serve the betterment of all.

“The troops are on the ground…

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For over 30 years, Captain Mark Richards has been and still is, a prisoner of the war between on and off planet races that have dominated Earth for centuries. He is an honorable officer of the Navy, who because of his rebellion against the Draco and Reptoids (Luciferian alliance) is considered a threat to their operations…


Kp Message 1-22-17 0340 HST… “Tonnes of Activity on the Planet at this moment”

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160731_Kp_Kilauea_P1010160_crop_240_1I’m having a grand challenge getting to sleep at this moment. And I just “got” that as of 1-20-17, a huge amount of activity was “unleashed” on (and in) this planet… it’s going on right now.

I see this as 3D, but Higher Energetic as well. And, yes, the event of the Inauguration appears to have been the trigger.

So what are we going to do? Ignore it? Resist it? Hopefully not. Today I went to Hāpuna and even the the waves tended to be farther out, and larger, than usual, I still went out to experience them.

So we have the choice to experience, team up with, be a part of these new waves, coming in right now, or stay on the beach and watch.

I’m headed out to ride those waves, baby!!

Aloha, Kp

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Holy Crap!! UFOs fly by Trump’s Jet on 1-19-17 NY to DC flight…

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[Kp update: here’s the article that discusses this.] As I said, “Holy Crap!” Something flew by Trump’s plane. At about 2:54 in the video (at the end of article). Suggest play the video, click on lower right gear icon, set speed to 0.25, and watch at that locations.
There was another one at 1:50 (below), but to me this looked more like a boat on the ocean.

What does this mean? My ideas:

  1. These are indeed off planet alien vehicles.
  2. These are Secret Space Program vehicles, sent to protect the Trump.
  3. These are aliens sent to do a “Trump Hair Probe”.
  4. These are cabal craft sent to give a message to Trump, “Don’t you dare mess with our city-state (DC)!!!”
  5. These are secret “Trump hair stylist” craft.
  6. They are Obama drones that missed the plane.

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