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David Wilcock Comments: ‘Joint statement of religious leaders prelude to a major disclosure event’ » The Event Chronicle

David Wilcock made a couple of short comments on Benjamin Fulford’s latest report, Clean up of Khazarian filth continues in US, Japan and elsewhere.

FINALLY! Wohooo!

David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on July 4, 2017 @ 6:25 am


The joint statement of world leaders about making friends is, according to our sources, a prelude to a major disclosure event.


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I am working on some major new stuff and this was very handy to have at this time. I do believe Ben is right and we are on the threshold of some very major changes. What I see in this report is that the last bastions of Cabal resistance are being undermined.


Source: David Wilcock Comments: ‘Joint statement of religious leaders prelude to a major disclosure event’ » The Event Chronicle


Cosmic Disclosure: The Shadow Cold War – Sphere-Being Alliance

Season 7, Episode 27

 admin    04 Jul 2017

s7e27_the_shadow_cold_war_16x9.jpgDavid Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode. And in this episode, we’re going to get into the highly sought after updates that will bring us current with what Corey has heard at the time of this taping.

Before we do that, we’re going to have a little footage for you from one of our brand new shows here on Gaia. This show is called “Erich von Daniken, Beyond the Legend”.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at this footage, and then Corey and I will have a little discussion about it. Here we go.

* * * * * *


Erich von Daniken: Recall the pyramids in Guatemala, Central America.

1 Erich Von Daniken

2 Guatemala Pyramid Tikal

There again, under the main pyramid, they found a big sarcophagus where they believed, finally, we find the founder of the City Tikal, the one who created the city.

3 Guatemala Pyramid Tikal 2

But inside they found quicksilver.

4 Artist S Rendering Of Pyramid Interior Tikal

Quicksilver is, again, one of the components of the fuel of the vimanas in ancient India.

I say the ancient Indians . . . We have translatings of the fuel, the composition of the fuel, what was together. And one of the components was mica.

5 Mica

Now, in Teotihuacan, in this city outside of Mexico City, there is a mica chamber completely isolated with mica.

6 Teotihuacan

7 Mica Chamber Teotihuacan

It was, for a long time, not open for the tourists.

8 Mica Chamber Closeup

After I had published it in my book, now it’s open for the public. They cannot hide it anymore.

9 Mica Chamber Closeup 2

We have no reason today . . . Why is the whole chamber completely isolated with mica?

* * * * * *

David: Well, this is interesting because this idea of what he’s calling quicksilver actually being mercury, of course, shows up in the propulsion systems of the German Bell craft.

So do you have any idea why we might see a similar material, or the same material, appearing in an ancient pyramid as became this very useful propulsion medium for modern space travel?

Corey Goode: Well, you know, the German craft were reverse-engineered from craft that were given to them.

10 Corey Goode

And those craft had the mercury engines as well, the mercury fueling the electromagnetic field in their engines. So that’s been in use for millennia, if not before humans were on Earth.

David: So you think that it’s possible that there could be some type of anti-gravity effect generated in the pyramid, or some type of energetic from the mercury?

Corey: It’s more of a storage place for the fuel and the mica. They were storing it for future use.

David: When von Daniken is talking about the idea that a room made out of mica could shield high temperatures and electromagnetic fields and this kind of thing, why do you think they might have built a room like that?

It would obviously take great trouble to go to such an extent to put mica inside the pyramid like that. Why do you think that might have happened?

Corey: Maybe they had something inside that room that they were trying to shield the walls of the pyramid from so they wouldn’t crack, . . .

David: Hm.

Source: Cosmic Disclosure: The Shadow Cold War – Sphere-Being Alliance

Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions 8: Protocols and Loopholes – Sphere-Being Alliance

Season 7, Episode 26

 admin    27 Jun 2017

s7e26_viewer_questions_8_protocols_and_loopholes_16x9.jpgDavid Wilcock: Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode, and in this episode, once again, we are taking your questions that you’ve written in to us so that we can have a two-way dialogue here and engage in the stuff that matters to you the most.

So, Corey, welcome back to the program.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: All right. So the first question we have here is:

“What was the vetting process that Gaia led you through leading to you being considered a trustworthy and reliable whistleblower with an entire show built around your information?”

Corey: Well, I guess after I made it through your vetting process, I was introduced to the team up here, names that a lot of the people in this community would recognize. I didn’t at the time. I didn’t know who they were.

1 Corey Goode

My first encounter was: I was brought into a room – I did not expect to be questioned at the time – and two or three people, I believe it was three people, came and sat around the desk, around the table, and just started pelting me with questions.

And I think I did about, all in all, about 20 hours’ worth of answering questions.

David: So what was the nature of the questions that you were asked?

Corey: Very in-depth, very intricate questions, that the same questions would then be snuck back in, but in a different way. It was a .. . They were being very thorough and trying to be tricky.

At first, the people sitting across the table, they were kind of like, this. [Corey shows an expression of doubt and skepticism on his face.]

And as we got through the process, the looks on their faces changed obviously because I was invited to begin doing episodes.

David: So Corey, you mentioned the vetting process that started with me, and I think that’s an important point. What a lot of people don’t realize if you watch this show is that I had people coming forward, like Henry Deacon, as an example, who barely ever said anything publicly.

Another one would be this guy Daniel, who allegedly worked on the so-called Montauk Project. Another one is the guy Jacob, who I’ve dedicated an entire chapter to in my new book.

The bottom line is that I was holding on to a very interesting, world-transforming story about a secret space program with literally thousands of individual pieces of information that I had never gone public with so that I would know if somebody was real when they came along.

And you remember that when you and I started talking, especially within the first, I’d say, two or three months, every time you and I spoke you were finishing my sentences.

Corey: Right.

David: You knew things that I already knew and had heard from other people. And I think what was really bizarre for me was that, despite how much I thought I knew, it was like having a flashlight that I could only look through the keyhole of a door with.

And then when I talked to you, it’s like somebody opened up the door.

And you had said to me before how interesting it was that a lot of these people that I’d had briefings from before would kind of walk up to a line.

Corey: Yeah. That’s one of the . . .

David: Could you describe a little more what that is?

Corey: Right. And that’s one of the reasons I did come forward – originally I wanted to come forward anonymously – was that I was seeing a lot of these people, I heard what they were saying, I knew they were legitimate, but they were walking right up to the line without crossing it. They never crossed the line.

David: What were some of the things that would have been crossing the line?

Corey: Well, some of them that had been to Mars could have given a lot more detail. They could have told more about the Mars base that they went [to], about the slave labor, a lot of different . . . There are a lot of different details that they could have easily have shared.

David: Why do you think there would be people that would say some things but then withhold so much?

Corey: Well, they step over that line, there’s ramifications. So they were sharing what they could, what they felt they could, and stay safe.

David: How do you feel that the case of William Tompkins has affected what you’ve talked about on this show? Have you had any personal discussion with him, and how much does he know about what you know?

Source: Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions 8: Protocols and Loopholes – Sphere-Being Alliance

Cosmic Disclosure: Darkness on the Far Side of the Moon with Niara Isley – Sphere-Being Alliance

Season 7, Episode 25

 admin    20 Jun 2017

s7e25_darkness_on_the_far_side_of_the_moon_16x9.jpgDavid Wilcock: All right. Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with our insider’s insider, Corey Goode. And we have a very special guest, Niara Isley.

So Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: And Niara, welcome to the show.

Niara Isley: Thank you very much.

David: For the purpose of our viewers, let’s assume they haven’t read your book yet. They probably are going to want to after seeing this.

1 Facing The Shadow Embracing The Light

You started out in the military.

Niara: Uh-huh.

David: So this is how you got into that. So could you just give us a little backstory of how this ended up happening to you?

Niara: Well, I was in the Air Force from 1979 to 1983.

2 Niara Isley

I was an auto track radar specialist. That’s a surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery radar.

David: Okay.

Niara: And there’s a sweep-the-sky radar, like an air traffic control radar. And then it calls up different radar sites and said, “You have an incoming aircraft at such and such degree of elevation and azimuth and this range, and please point your radar in that part of the sky and see if you can pick up this guy, track him for five minutes.”

And then if we tracked him for five minutes, it was considered a kill.

David: Right.

Niara: And basically, an auto track radar paints a very tiny target on an aircraft. And it’s a targeting point. So then if we were an active SAM site, surface-to-air missile site, then we would push a button, fire a missile, and blow that plane out of the sky.

What we were doing was teaching pilots to fly against radar to increase their survivability in a wartime setting.

David: Ah! And where did this start? Where were you stationed?

Niara: I was stationed at Nellis Air Force

3 Nellis AFB

David: Nellis? Wow!

Niara: In Nevada.

David: Now that’s one of the ones that, if you’ve ever studied UFO lore, we hear a lot about.

Niara: And then I was part of a group that was bused up to radar sites in Tonopah and Tolicha Peak once a week, every other week.

4 Tonopah Test Range

5 Tolicha Peak

And then we would go out and do our job. And it was during that time, when I was at Tonopah, that I was taken in the middle of the night out to test the radar on “special aircraft”, which were extraterrestrial or back-engineered extraterrestrial craft.

Source: Cosmic Disclosure: Darkness on the Far Side of the Moon with Niara Isley – Sphere-Being Alliance

Cosmic Disclosure: Wormholes and Breakaway Civilizations with Mark McCandlish – Sphere-Being Alliance

Season 7, Episode 24

admin    14 Jun 2017

s7e24_wormholes_and_breakaway_civilizations_16x9.jpgDavid Wilcock: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. Well, Corey, welcome back.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So what we’re about to see here is Mark McCandlish describing a very fascinating UFO sighting that was certainly unambiguous way back during the era of the Vietnam War. Let’s take a look.

* * * * * *


Mark McCandlish: I was at an air show at El Toro Marine Corps Station. This was back around 1991 or ’92. And they had a static display there.

1 Mark McCandlish

And they had this beautifully restored B-24 Liberator.

2 B 24 Liberator

The aluminum of the plane had been polished to a mirror finish. And they had all the stencils were just perfect.

And I’m standing there behind this rope, and I’m looking at this plane. And I’ve just got a big grin on my face, just admiring what a wonderful restoration they’ve done on this plane.

And standing next to me is this fellow. He’s probably about five foot five, an older gentleman, probably in his 70s or 80s. And he’s got the same grin on his face too.

And so I look over and I said, “Boy, she’s a beaut, ain’t she?”

And he says, “Yeah!” He said, “I started my flying career in one of these.”

I said, “Really? You were in the Second World War?”

And he said, “Yeah, I was in the Pacific theater.”

And I said, “Well, so how long were you in?”

And he says, “Oh, 25 or 30 years.” And he said, “I ended up my career as a navigator in a B-52 in Vietnam.”

And I said, “Well, boy, that was some pretty serious fighting, especially, you know, B-52s and all the political flak that the military took.”

And so we started talking about different planes and weapons systems, the different things that he had flown or been a part of over the years.

And I said, “Well, you know, I understand that there’s some new, pretty advanced stuff that’s flying around now.

“I’ve heard stories from people who were in the Persian Gulf War who saw things zipping around in the sky that were unexplainable, making right angle turns at incredible velocity, stopping on a dime, and shooting away like they’d come out of a gun.”

And he kind of nodded and said, “Yeah, I’ve seen some of that stuff.”

And I said, “Really? Well, tell me about this.”

So he looks around nervously, you know, because he felt that maybe somebody might be tailing him – at least that was the way he acted.

And he says, “Well,” he says, “in the mid-’60s,” he says, “we’d flown a mission over North Vietnam, and our plane had picked up some flak from a surface-to-air missile. And so they sent us over to Guam to repair the aircraft, and we got about a week of R and R.”

And he said, “We were on our way back to our base in Thailand, and we were out over the Pacific. It’s about 1 o’clock in the morning, full Moon, not a cloud in the sky anywhere.”…

Source: Cosmic Disclosure: Wormholes and Breakaway Civilizations with Mark McCandlish – Sphere-Being Alliance

Cosmic Disclosure: Analyzing Joseph Skipper’s Photo Archive – Sphere-Being Alliance

Season 7, Episode 23

admin    06 Jun 2017

s7e23_analyzing_joseph_skippers_photo_archive_16x9.jpgDavid Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to another episode of “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey, and we’re going to do some show and tell for you.

We have pictures of anomalous formations, picked out by the Internet sleuth, Joseph P. Skipper. And whether it is actually real or not, it certainly opens our imagination and it lends itself to discussion about what may or may not really be there.

1 Joseph Skipper S Website

Here to discuss this with me is Corey Goode. So, Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So the first image that we have here is of a rock, which, when we zoom in on it up close, they look sort of like a capybara or a prairie dog.

2 Rock On Mars

3 Closeup Of Mars Rock

Whether what we’re seeing here is authentically a rodent or not, is there any potential truth behind this based on your knowledge, Corey?

Corey: Well, I think I’ve reported before that in the smart glass pads, I had read that when the Germans were building these different bases on the moon and on Mars, in their larger craft, they were bringing a lot of food and supplies.

4 Corey Goode

And within those food and supplies, they had different rodents like rats and spiders and cockroaches, things like that, that hitched a ride with them.

Now, after some time, of course, they are trying to get them out of the base that they’re staying at, so they chase them out into the environment of Mars where they think they’ll perish.

But some of the information stated that the rats that had been out in the environment for a while began to mutate, and they were larger, and they began to look a little bit differently.

And also there were remarks about different insects that had gotten larger, and they think it was because of the radiation.

David: Lack of atmosphere causing more radiation from the Sun.

Corey: Right.

David: If NASA has recently announced that there is, in fact, liquid water, standing pools of water on the surface of Mars today, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that they would be able to survive?

Corey: Well, yes. I mean, they could be eating the bugs that escaped from the same bases.

David: Right.

Corey: So we may have created a little environment, or they may have taken over the environment of other indigenous life that was on Mars.

David: Okay. So, now what we’re going to see is an image that was apparently sent to Joseph P. Skipper by someone from the European Space Agency, or ESA, and it particularly deals with the Hale Crater on Mars…

5 Hale Crater

Source: Cosmic Disclosure: Analyzing Joseph Skipper’s Photo Archive – Sphere-Being Alliance

Cosmic Disclosure: Zero Point Energy and Advanced Propulsion Technology – Sphere-Being Alliance

Season 7, Episode 22

s7e22_zero_point_energy_and_advanced_propulsion_technology_16x9.jpgDavid Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. So, Corey, welcome back.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So I’ve got to say that when I saw this interview footage, the first one we’re going to watch here, he actually mentions the name of a guy who I knew very well.

And Mark Comings is one of the only people I’ve ever met who literally could run rings around me when it came to advanced physics.

And so when you and I are talking, you know a lot more about Secret Space Program stuff than anybody else I’ve met, except for a few insiders.

Mark Comings is one of those guys, but in the physics arena. So this really shocked me to hear him mention that name because I know so much about this guy we could talk about him for two hours.

So without further ado, let’s hear the first thing that Mark McCandlish has to say, and maybe you’ll understand why I was so surprised once you see it yourself. Let’s take a look.

* * * * * *


Mark McCandlish: I met a scientist who has since sort of taken himself out of circulation. He’s vanished. His name was Mark Comings.

0 Mark McCandlish

He was a physics professor working as a teaching assistant at UC Berkeley, in their physics department.

And he had been . . . He’d become aware of the fact that in the basement of the physics building on campus was a lot of this old surplus equipment – frequency generators and oscilloscopes and power generators – all these different kinds of things.

So he asked the head of the department if he could go down and just tinker and do some experiments. He had some ideas he wanted to play around with. And they gave him the okay.

So he had this idea that, as you may know, there are certain kinds of crystals, like quartz for example, that . . . It’s the whole basis for the original phonograph record, the stylus.

When you would put a small crystal – I think it was like a diamond crystal – under pressure, it would create a mild electrical current. And if you amplify that current, you could then hear what the impulses were coming through that stone, that gem. And you could actually hear the vibrations that were recorded in a disk of plastic. That’s how the phonograph works.

And so his idea was that, okay, crystals, when they’re put under pressure – physical pressure – will create an electrical charge. But he wondered if you augmented the process by putting electrical coils that wrapped around the crystal, and you essentially applied an electrical pressure to the crystal, that the crystal would do not only the same piezoelectric process of creating an output of electricity, but that it might actually be more than what you would get with just putting physical pressure on it.

That by taking advantage of the lattice – the crystalline structure of this object, this stone – that you could then get it to resonate in a way that would kick out even more energy than you were putting into it.

And so he had a barium titanate crystal. It was about eight inches long, double terminated – in other words, a point on each side – had a cross-section that was kind of like a stop sign, sort of an octagon shape, had it fabricated by a facility outside the San Francisco Bay area where he lived.

And he had two different coils. One had a lot of fine windings, and another coil wrapped around the outside of that, all completely insulated, that had a lower number of windings.

And he experimented with putting a variety of different electrical charges, different voltages, frequencies, in different combinations, until eventually one night, about 1 o’clock in the morning, working late on this apparatus, the crystal began to glow a bluish-green, and it began to ring.

You know how when you’re at a wedding, and you take your glass – your wet finger on a champagne glass, and it makes that high pitched ringing sound? He said it was like that.

And he looked at the scale – the dials on his equipment that showed input voltage and output voltage.

And this thing was putting out 125% more – in other words, everything it was getting plus an additional 25% over and above what he was putting into the crystal.

Of course, he was very excited, you know, took his notes, shut everything down, went home, went to bed. And by 8 o’clock the next morning, his house was surrounded by black SUVs and guys with ear buds and dark glasses.

They kick in the front door. They tossed the whole house. They arrested him. They confiscated all his notes. They confiscated his equipment.

And they basically said that they’d found a closed circuit TV system that he’d set up to view some of the women in the Phys Ed building, the locker room, the women’s locker room in the next building. And, you know, he was in trouble…

Source: Cosmic Disclosure: Zero Point Energy and Advanced Propulsion Technology – Sphere-Being Alliance


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