GaiaPortal 1-21-17… “Portals of determination clarify to all”

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gaiaportal_logo291One could say that this also relates to the US inauguration. “Portals of determination”… which path will be chosen? It’s clarifying for all. “The Heralds” I believe include “the Trump”… and many of his new staff. But there are also other heralds as well (including many of those who read this blog). We shall see who goes “over the cliff”, as it approaches.

For further interpretations, I suggest checking Rosalie Parker and The Event Hub.


Portals of determination clarify to all

Portals of determination clarify to all.

Inner Visions guide the Heralds.

Deft parables are released.

The blind lead the blind, as the cliff approaches.

Eyes that see, share their views.

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