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Babylonia Rises at the DNC – DR WILLIAM MOUNT


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Video: Babylonia Rises At The DNC – YouTube

A New Religion has arisen at the DNC, complete with  Accolades, Priests, Gods, Symbolism and Human Sacrifices at the alter of the God of Self – Abortions and Infanticide – the killing of children.

In fact – the leaders of this new religion here in the United States are currently meeting at the Bohemian Grove along the Russian River and dancing naked to their GOD Marduk, as symbolized by the owl and Snake Serpent. In a few hours, after a Gay Sex Orgy, these leaders will sacrifice a Young Girl and then burn her body at the base of this Owl – the weekend after the two political conventions.

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PAO – Update for July 26, 2016

13 Caban, 0 Pop, 13 Caban

Dratzo! We come to discuss the changes being readied for this beautiful blue-green orb. For many years, the last major remnants of the dark cabal have worked to delay or prevent the inevitable. Now, those who are formally in charge have finally come together with us and set up a timetable for the initial distribution of the prosperity funds and its grand corollary, the RV. These global distributions are to be the death knell for the American de facto regime and its dark companion, the European Union. As the beginnings of the British exit become known, this new monetary system can at last ready itself for the rise of BRICS and a fairer global banking system. To us, it is significant that this operation began as the Galactic New Year was to be proclaimed! Thus, a time for a series of new realities appeared even as a whole host of new energies became available. The workers of the Light, as well as those who oversee the moving of the new monies, are ecstatic and see this time as a new start for this realm. At the moment, some wondrous events are manifesting and this set of events is reaching its climax with the finishing of the Global Currency Reset [GCR]!

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Can Spirituality Overcome the Oligarchy? » The Event Chronicle

The Political Bottom Line

Everything is political, but firstly it’s biological. This is the concept behind my recent article on biological oligarchical collectivism. It’s simply a swift way of saying that, whether realized or not, our lives are influenced by politics, local and international, past and present — but no matter how important this is to understand, it is even more important to understand that despite the insidious infiltration of politics into every strata of human existence, we are still biological beings.No matter one’s political tendencies or ideologies, we need clean air and water and quality food in order to even begin to contemplate political and social objectives, let alone participate in the world.

Politics permeates everything in society. Politics is something we are immersed in. The people of Flint, Michigan, who cannot drink politics, realize this most directly. We are biological beings firstly, before we are social and political beings. It is only the rhetoric of government and corporations that leads us to prioritize our lives otherwise.

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Were the Elohim or Shining Ones the Creators of Mankind? — Part 2 » The Event Chronicle

One of the greatest secrets kept from mankind are the true makers of everything we can see and think of. Called the Elohim or Shining Ones, they are considered to be most powerful beings ever to exist, the ones who forged our body and soul, and breathed the same air with us in ages long forgotten.

Part 2

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The Portal: June Monthly Update Interview by Cobra

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Here is the June monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The audio version and the transcript are available here:


You can submit your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here:

Victory of the Light!

Source: The Portal: June Monthly Update Interview by Cobra

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