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John McAfee: CIA Would Rather Suicide Me Than Protect Americans – Your News Wire

The CIA is a rogue organization that disobeys presidential orders and has failed its mandate to protect American citizens, says internet security guru John McAfee.Speaking after WikiLeaks released a trove of classified documents related to the CIA’s arsenal of cyberweapons, McAfee said the CIA practice of deliberately keeping software exploits unpatched for potential access “is like not giving sick people penicillin.”“The CIA has confirmed that they knew of ‘zero day’ exploits years in advance of the manufacturers of the software finding out,” he said. “Basically, by not fixing those faults it puts customers of Google, Apple, Microsoft and many other American manufacturers at risk, it puts their reputation at risks, and it costs us all billions of dollars.”…

Source: John McAfee: CIA Would Rather Suicide Me Than Protect Americans – Your News Wire


Vault 7 Update – Dissecting Wikileaks Publishes Of “Entire Hacking Capacity of CIA” – March7


Published on 7 Mar 2017

The amount of the stories and articles in the Mainstream Media about Alien life and UFO’s makes me think that an agenda may be afoot….

Independent Life on Mars article –
Yahoo News “UFO near ISS” article –
Partial Disclosure and Competing Secret Space Programs –


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Weekly geo-political news and analysis – 13Feb17 – Benjamin Fulford


Posted by benjamin. February 13, 2017. There are intense power struggles taking place in the United States and China these days meaning that big new initiatives for the planet as a whole will have to wait until the dust settles in both countries, Chinese and American sources say.The struggle in the United States is, to simplify things somewhat, between the deep state faction behind Trump and the remnants of the Bush/Clinton deep state apparatus. In China, three main factions are duking it out as part of an elaborate power dance that will produce a new central government line up sometime around the end of March.When these power struggles are over, then we can expect major reforms of the Federal Reserve Board, the United Nations, the IMF, the EU etc. to begin in earnest.Let us start with the US power struggle, which has intensified now that Jeff Sessions has been formally appointed Attorney General. Immediately following his appointment Trump issued an executive order that “re-focuses the Federal Government’s energy and resources on dismantling transnational criminal organizations, such as drug cartels.” As a Pentagon official described it “Trump declared war on the Bushes and Mexican drug cartels.”…

Source: Weekly geo-political news and analysis