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Update to #Pizzagate Video: Reddit Censorship


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Energy Wave Incoming – This One is Much More Intense

26Jan17 By Brian Hyland

Brian red.jpgI am feeling a very strong amount of energy buzzing through my body to go along with the bouts of lightheadedness. We must be getting another energy wave hitting us:-)

It has been reported that the sun has been caught on video discharging energy bursts. People posted about it yesterday. I think that we are very close to The Event now.

The sun is a living being(Logos) and has been charging up it’s energy for release solar system wide. A burst of energy (Gamma/Proton I’ve heard) will flash through our entire solar system and rid us of these pesky little parasites(AI and Dark Entities) that were lured here via a “Honey Trap” once and for all time.

The energy will flow through us(like it is now), upgrade our dna and ready us for Ascension. The effects from this will ripple out through space and time via our common DNA which we share with our galactic cousins.

This feels similar to the New Year’s Day blast, but much more intense. I feels like my head is floating. I sense that if it wasn’t for the New Year’s Day Blast, we would not be ready for this one.

I hope that you guys out there are coping well! I am going to bed to ride this out in comfort!:-)

Remember breathe, go with the flow and don’t get caught by the fear:-)




I have had my Internet cut right on the Eve of Trump’s Inauguration!

WOW! I have had my phone line cut on the Eve of Trump’s Inauguration. There was a Telstra guy out the front playing with our line connection. The funny thing is that I was out in the front yard and I didn’t see him! Otherwise I would have taken photos of him, his van, his numberplate and posted it all over the internet. Why didn’t I notice him out the front of my house when I was 20 feet away from him jumping on the trampoline???


There was also an energetic attack in my relationships that we managed to ride out successfully(lovingly) and get back to  harmoniously loving each other. Wow! Just caught another energetic attack. They are attacking us on our “Out Of Integrity”s. It looks like they are going for our relationships. This is probably going to go on regularly now, it will probably be intense right up until Trump is officially declared President of America.

Jim Stone was cut off yesterday and I covered it here. He told us that this always happens before the Deep State Nazi’s try something.

Hooray! My internet is back on again

Now, at this point I would like to thank the AI or whomever switched my internet back on so soon after I started to type this post on SOMEONE ELSE’s phone, and probably when they realised that I was going to get this post out anyway!

He came back. I didn’t see any guy still, but I did take some pictures.





It has gone off again a couple of times, but back on now. I will start posting what they didn’t want out now!:-)

I am still getting interference with this article. I have tried to post these pic 4 or 5 times now. The photos keep disappearing and  I keep getting broken links. Here’s hoping this works!


This is the photo that they didn’t want up

They got me again! I have had to reset-up this post. Again! and again! and then I showed someone else what was going on and presto! Now it works! The AI definitely doesn’t want to be noticed! It interferes just short of proof!

I can definitely see that the AI and the Dark Entities are working together now.

Success!! Now to get to what they distracted me from:-)

Be Loving to each other!




Building a Vibration Bubble in Your Home – Frequency Penetration of the Building Materials (8Hz, 417Hz, 432Hz, 528Hz, 852Hz, De-Stress and Harp Music)

16Jan17 By Brian Hyland

I had a thought that if I piped the right frequency/vibration throughout my home with the speakers that I already have installed throughout my house, I could permeate it with a harmonious frequency and maybe transform all of the negative energy in and around the house. And maybe make it vibrate like that all night and gives us great sleep.

I have been experimenting with playing the frequencies softly through my house during the day. My goal is to build a vibration bubble of peace and tranquility around my house. The bricks and mortar, concrete and glass, all basically make a crystalline speaker box. I am hoping to make the bricks, the glass, the concrete pad under the floor, all vibrate at that frequency by the end of the day.

I am going to try leaving it on at night at low volume too. And then there is the Harp Music application at the bottom.



Here are some of the frequencies that I am trying.



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The Mandela Effect Seems To Be Happening Now

15Jan17 By Brian Hyland (UPDATED)

It has been a bumpy ride for the last two days. Is anyone else feeling this?

Around midnight for the last two nights it felt like it got very, very bumpy. Last night especially, just after midnight, was particularly bumpy. I had to take myself to bed to sleep through it:-)

It feels like that we are being held on a razor’s edge. Any stray thoughts are manifesting into reality and playing out immediately. Freewill feels like it has tightened up to the point where there is no Kharma bank for us to bank our behaviour, good or bad, and maybe cancel it out before it bites us. This does not seem to be happening any more, we seem to be experiencing instant kharma. We should be able to watch the chaos agents collapse in on themselves with their own created chaos.  And then, I guess, they will move away from us.

The Blue Avians(BA) from the Sphere Being Alliance(SBA) have told us that that WE are co-creating this together.


So keep your alignments tight, keep your integrity tight, and operate from your heart! Because your head is not working very well now I imagine(like my head). Be kind to each other. That will have HUGE benefits to our personal relationships and get as much rest as you can.

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I CHOOSE A LIFE OF SERVICE! Is The Event’ happening on 14Jan17 – The Signs Are There


11 January 2017


Brian hyland melbourne.jpg

This morning I was made aware of my dad’s presence behind and supporting me. Now I can feel him and the tears are rolling!:-)

My other confirmation was yesterday when a friend said that she saw her Aunty inside her reflection in the mirror.

To me that makes two confirmations that deceased, loved ones are showing themselves to their living, loved ones here in Perth, Australia.

Looks like our loved ones have all come back to support us in this transformation that is about to occur.

“I was rocked the other day with what I felt to be a reversal of the gravity field on new years day around 11. It nearly knocked me off my feet. I broke out into multiple bodies, at least four or five all standing with me. I felt the ground shake for several hours with aftershocks.”

The Blue Avians told Corey Goode that when The Event/Energy Wave was almost upon us, we would get reports from all over the world of deceased, loved ones visiting the living.  “By this, you will know that it is almost upon you”.

This is the beginning of the New Golden Age that Cobra is calling NEW ATLANTIS!

The veil is an energy grid that extends 8.6 miles up from the surface of the planet. Its function is to block access to most of what is inside of us. It has been mined and latched with booby traps which are being deactivated before The Event can happen.   This frequency fence that blocks us, is ending, and is being replaced now with what Cobra is calling The NEW ATLANTIS ENERGY GRID.

At some point during or after the event, that part that is unconscious will become conscious again. It contains all of our past lives and memories and our 4D/5D/6D? abilities.

I have noticed that telepathy and synchronicity are increasingly present in my life. And for others around me too!

“We have been contained to only 2.3% of what looks to be an IMMENSE brain capacity.”-Kent Dunn

The event will allow the world to change. The Event will allow the GCR/RV, NESARA/GESARA, New financial system, new government, New free energy tech, replicators (advanced 3d printers), food clothing and shelter for the entire planet.

To my knowledge, The Event is not Ascension, but there are many entanglements in the understanding and unfolding of both of these events.

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