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US Senator Charged With Child Prostitution – Your News Wire

Child prostitution charges were filed on Thursday against an Oklahoma Republican state senator who was found with a teenage boy in a motel room.

During the arrest, Shortey attempted to convince police that he was just “hanging out with a friend”, but after seizing his smartphone, evidence was found of him texting children and offering them money in return for “sexual stuff”.

Cleveland County prosecutors charged 35-year-old Shortey with engaging in child prostitution, transporting a minor for prostitution and engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of church…

Source: US Senator Charged With Child Prostitution – Your News Wire



The little 8 year old girl named Alisa… of the now infamous Hampstead coverup…. who the world saw speaking on video with her brother about the Satanic ritual abuse they were enduring at their school, was recently spotted in this Audi commercial that was played at the Super Bowl. She was 8 years old in the original picture and today (in the Audi commercial) she would be 2.5 years older.

It is believed she is being advertised to the elites for the price of an Audi.



Ella Gareeva, mother of the two Hampstead child whistle-blowers, is 100% sure this is her daughter, as are the girls maternal grandparents. (Just last week on March 8th, 2017, Ella Garee, the mother of Alisa and Gabriel, posted a new video of herself, making a statement and giving an update on the whole situation and where things are at now.) She has not seen her children or had any contact with them in 2.5 years. She is not even sure if they are still alive.

Seeing how they are being so blatant about this, it also makes you wonder why the children of the Sandy Hook kids choir were never identified when they sang at the Super bowl. Is it possible they were also being trafficked?

The original channel who made the video below was terminated shortly after they published this video. I’ve re-uploaded it so it can continue to be seen.

It is a travesty that this case was covered up and the children taken away from their mother. And now it appears they are being sex trafficked among the elite. Please spread this story.

And this my friends is where the Satan worshipping pedophiles belong…and someday…hopefully soon…but rest assured that someday, they will suffer in eternal torment for what they have done to our most innocent…our beloved children…

This is where pedophiles belong. They have seered their consciences…and for this they shall pay…

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6




Unicef: Syria War ‘Holocaust’ Against Children Silenced By The West – Your News Wire

Unicef has issued a horrific report claiming that an unofficial ‘holocaust’ killing huge numbers of children in Syria has been completely ignored by the West. 

According to the report, 2016 saw the Syrian war kill more children than any other year, with 652 dead as a result of the West’s meddling in the country.

255 of the children killed where in or a near a school, according to the report, which is a 20% jump from the number killed during 2015. The UN concludes that 2016 marks the worst  year for ‘grave violations’ than any year since the war begun…

Source: Unicef: Syria War ‘Holocaust’ Against Children Silenced By The West – Your News Wire

Celebrity Cloning, Trauma-Based Mind Control, Scalar Psychotronic Weaponry and Ritual Abuse – Prepare for Change


How deep the false reality programming goes:

Project Monarch, Project MKULTRA, Operation Mockingbird

I met them ALL in the cloning stations, they are all apart of a larger operation involving mind-control, trauma, ritual abuse, project monarch.

Project Monarch: Ritual Abuse, Trauma-Based Mind Control to Fracture the Mind
Project MKULTRA: Chemical and Systematic Trauma and Hypnosis to Fracture the Mind
Operation Mockingbird: Application of these Projects onto celebrities and media personnel to control the public mind and ‘invent’ the future

It’s ritual abuse. Project Monarch, project MKULTRA, operation mockingbird, all part of an operation to control the public opinion through the media and trauma-based mind control. MKULTRA switched names in the 1990’s to Artichoke and then others after that like Bluebird. The signs, symbols, and side-effects are being displayed all across the board.

People are assigned to attack certain subjects so that no one is permitted to participate in legitimate discussion. This is a satanic gaslighting and psychological manipulation tactic taken from the COINTELPRO disinformation tactic. Celebrity cloning and psychological manipulation is real. This extended from project MKULTRA and this is a document that the CIA recently released detailing drugging and mind-control of children.


MKULTRA Release (Typed Out)

Then there is project MONARCH which is ritual trauma-based mind control and abuse that is extended to the children of certain bloodline families and ultimately the future celebrities as children. Then there is operation MOCKINGBIRD which is a long-term manipulation of the pubic mind through the media via celebrities, news, movies, music and general entertainment. Through this the population can be swayed to accept certain ideals like spiritually degrading and hyper-sexualizing children. This is because the plan is to create a NWO system where pedophilia is accepted along with sacrifice and ritual abuse.

This is a spiritual degradation system that has been prophesied since the beginning because this will destroy all the humans who participate in it. Those who are sent to attack others are actually AI infested and mind-controlled slaves who are not operating under their free-will but are literally filled with a false-emotion and then guided into attacking others; they’re literally mind-slaves.

EEG Heterodyning, Scalar Psychotronic Weaponry

Research Robert Duncan from DARPA, he developed some of the technology. Various groups are assigned to gaslighting, insults, and covering this information in the public venue. They can’t utilize human frequencies and have no ability to understand human emotions and so these operations produce the desired frequencies of mind and emotion. This is a mass ritual and abuse situation Earth is under.

Ritual Abuse and the Occult, the Fracturing of the Mind and the Capturing of the Human Soul

In satanic ritual abuse the operatives use mind-control, trauma, hate, gaslighting, ridicule, mind-games, symbolism, sigil “magik”, drugging, chemicals, sex, torture, all kinds of methods that have been perfected as part of so-called “black magik” since the early days.

Research the occult defines  as there is information that defines all of this in a disguised manner. All the ancient images, the studies, the arts, the hints, it’s all been hidden from the public. There are regular holidays, parties, etc etc and their families are all always the ones who bring the children into the picture. Their parents always bring them, as young children into that. Imagine why there are always pictures of them as young children being involved in the industry, around pedophiles, etc etc etc. Just a coincidence? Every “star” happens to have been a “star” since they were 3? No, they are used in ritual occult abuse and sexual trauma as this fractures the mind and allows a group to program the individual towards specific means and this then is what happens when those fractures break down in ‘public’. Coincidentally with a camera man recording. If she speaks out now, how will people think?

There’s also scalar weaponry which is technology that Nikola Tesla invented and was stolen from him and this is capable of producing such effects from a distance from powerful (although relatively weak) generators. This technology can heal a person at a distance or empower the mind to see through time or interact with other minds and even Earth or the cosmos. Humans are walking Tesla coils and generators and this universe runs on scalar or “Teslian” energy.

Research Robert Duncan he worked with DARPA for many years and has gone public telling the truth. He talks of technology that can produce any kind of mental effect by directly beaming into the neurons and influencing the electromagnetic fields of the brain, drugs, slurred speech, fear, sleep, alertness, paranoia, sexuality, literally every response can be artificially created through scalar machinery…

Source: Celebrity Cloning, Trauma-Based Mind Control, Scalar Psychotronic Weaponry and Ritual Abuse – Prepare for Change

The Deep State is Dying – Clif High, Greg Hunter Video

(Before It’s News)

Image result for pictures of deep state war on trump

By Greg Hunter’s 


Internet data mining expert Clif High says the world is witnessing the unmasking of the so-called “Deep State” and revealing it’s long held control over humanity. High explains, “The level of complexity of humans has increased, and that was the factor that the Deep State did not take into account.  They kept their ridged mindset, their ridged rules, their compartmentalization and kept everything so boxed in even they were unaware that humanity has evolved out and around their obstruction.  So, the Deep State is dying simply because the knowledge of it is so prevalent.  It can’t be stopped, and is growing exponentially, and, basically, the knowledge itself is going to crush the Deep State.”

High, who calls his data mining research “Predictive Linguistics,” says don’t expect the people who have had the power to go down without a fight. High says to expect “economic dirty tricks,” but High predicts “they backfire.”  High goes on to say, “The reason why they backfire is the same reason why the media tricks are backfiring is the population has evolved beyond the level of gaming the power elite are capable of. . . . So, the same kind of dirty tricks are not going to work anymore.  They are going to backfire as they each are tried.  We will see the trick to shovel debt into the population backfire on the power elite.”

One of the biggest fears for the power elite is the brewing scandal involving sex trafficking, some of which include children. High contends, “It is, at this stage, the lynchpin for the power elite that are currently in place.  They are very desperately afraid that any of this should get out, and, thus, we see very unusual activities such as Obama is going to lead 30,000 on an impeachment campaign and a revolution this spring.  That language is really quite remarkable.  Never in any previous election campaign that I have been able to see . . . do we see this level of emotional intensity after the election.”  So, Trump is going to go after these power elites?  High says, “Oh yeah, they are desperately afraid, it’s horrific.”

High also says his research shows the mainstream legacy media is also fearful. High predicts “1/3 of our broadcast media personalities . . . those famous faces, will either be arrested or flee the country” over sex trafficking or the cover-up of it.

High also has new data on dramatic price movements for gold, silver, Bitcoin and all sorts of chaos starting in the middle of March. High says that Trump has basically caught a wave of change and “Trump is a very good surfer.”  High says don’t expect Donald Trump to be removed from office.  High says, “The Trump rally, in terms of his popularity, will keep rising.”

High will also update us on revelations in Antarctica and has new information about Mars. More and more technology is going to be coming to the surface, and it will change humanity.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of

(There is much, much more in this in-depth interview.)

After the Interview:

There is some free information and analysis on You can also go to the home page and buy Clif High’s latest report.  Just scroll down until you get to the title, which is “Watch this space.”  The report is nearly 40 pages long and can be purchased for $15.  It’s all at

Source: The Deep State is Dying – Clif High, Greg Hunter Video | Opinion – Conservative

John McCain Aide Arrested By Pedophile Ring Investigators – Your News Wire

John McCain aide, Jefrey Claude Bartleson, has been arrested for raping children following a nationwide investigation into elite pedophile rings. 

Bartleson, who was John McCain’s presidential campaign manager, was arrested for molesting numerous young boys.

According to the head of the Police Department’s special victims unit, Sgt. Brett Wilson, the arrest is part of a large operation involving breaking up child trafficking and pedophile networks in the United States. reports:

Because of the active nature of the investigation, Wilson said he couldn’t detail the allegations.

Source: John McCain Aide Arrested By Pedophile Ring Investigators – Your News Wire

Mass grave of babies and children found at Tuam orphanage in Ireland | Veterans Today

DNA analysis confirm suspicion several hundred children were buried in unmarked graves at former Catholic home for unwed mothers

Excavations at the site of the former Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, County Galway, have uncovered an underground structure divided into 20 chambers containing “significant quantities of human remains”, the judge-led mother and baby homes commission said…

Source: Mass grave of babies and children found at Tuam orphanage in Ireland | Veterans Today