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There are far more vaccine-damaged children in America than chemical weapons-damaged children in Syria

(Natural News) By now, you are surely aware that the U.S. war machine, under President Donald J. Trump, has launched cruise missiles against the Syrian government. The emotionally-charged justification for all this is that “beautiful babies” were being killed by chemical weapons. While the pro-war factions of the establishment elite are celebrating the missile strike,…

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Crackdown On Sanctuary Cities Begins — DR WILLIAM MOUNT

dr-william-mount21111111Trump Administration has begun cracking down on cities that are illegally protecting, and funding, illegal aliens.It is one thing to help families with food and rent like we do here on our channel – it is another thing to openly violate law after…

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Stop The Press, Trump Orders Arrests

The Arrests have begun.

Yesterday Candice Claiborne – the The Big “H” s  State Department Appointee in charge of South Western Russia (Chechnya, Dagestan and Georgia) was charged in Federal Court with failing to report contacts with Chinese Agents who then provided her with gifts in exchange for Diplomatic and Financial Information.

A you recall – under her tenure there were large shipments of weapons to this South Weastern Russian States which caused certain Terrorist Groups to go into these states and kill allot of Civilians.

In addition – the 400 Tons of Military Equipment Ambassador Christopher Stevens sold to the Muhujadeen Al Kaleek in Libya, taking the Commission for these sales and causing the BIG H to kill this US Ambassador, were directly linked to the deaths of US Special Forces, Russian civilians and countless deaths in Syria and Libya.

It is called Murder.

Apparently the President has now ordered the arrests of all those involved in selling America Out under the last 4 administrations.

The caveat of this is that in a Few Days President Trump will meet with President Xi Jinping of Russia in his Southern White House at Mar-a-lago in Florida.

Send extra protection to the South Eastern area of the complex and a few Nuclear Tipped Anti-Air Missiles would not hurt on the grounds as well.

As you recall – the VA sells Active Duty Military Records world wide and this began under President Clinton in 1993. Some of our soldiers took the Algorythmes in their cell phones to break into all US Federal Agency Computers with them and defected to the Blue Army in China due to this fact.

Later these men broke  through every Security Wall in over 750 major US Corporations and every computer the US “Agencies” own.

The secrets stolen form these US Based Companies rest clearly on the shoulders of the Clinton’s, Bush’s, and the last administration  for allowing these breaches of National Security.

So if you are the CEO of an American Company and you are being out – competed by a Foreign Company because your Top Secret New Inventions were stolen by the Chinese – look no further than these last 4 President’s.

Whether or not President Trump orders these breaches in American Security to cease remains to be seen.

So – for example – if I travel overseas and I know how to access Nukes across the US – my records are across the globe.

I knew a Submarine Fleet Commander – an Admiral – who was allergic to Wheat. So when he traveled – well – a little wheat in his food and he gets “Drunk” and begins spouting Nuclear Access Codes to the waiters. He was in charge of 50 Submarines, 144 Nukes per sub – over 7,200 Nukes.

So expect allot of changes as we enter the month of April as the truth about everything is revealed…

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Immortality and exponential expansion into the universe will come after final cabal defeat

Last week somebody hacked into my computer so that the video at the link below started playing as soon as I turned it on. It purports to show the destruction of the Black Night Satellite that many people in US intelligence agencies like the NSA insist has been stopping humans from leaving the planet earth.

This news coincides with announcements by NASA of age reversing pills and faster than light travel technology that will allow us to go to visit newly discovered earth like planets.

Scientists have made a discovery that could lead to a revolutionary drug that actually reverses ageing. A team of researchers developed the drug after discovering a key signalling process in DNA repair and cell ageing

NASA digital illustration handout released on February 22, 2017, all seven planets discovered in orbit around the red dwarf star TRAPPIST-1

CIA sources are also saying a secret presidential order was given to release free energy technology as well as existing anti-aging technology.

The only thing that is blocking humanity from this future of immortality and exponential expansion into the universe is now a small group of people clinging to control of financial computers at the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank and the BIS. These computers need to be physically seized in order to allow the issuance of unlimited funds to let humanity spread its wings and fly.

The individuals who have been forensically identified as blocking the funding for a new age are Janet Yellen at the Fed, Mario Draghi at the ECB, Haruhiko Kuroda at the BOJ and Agustin Carstins at the BIS. Special Forces need to go and seize these individuals and occupy the computer centers at the central banks ASAP in order to ensure the liberation of funds for the planet earth.

If these computers and the parasites who control them are removed, multiple sources in various charitable foundations are saying that not just trillions but actual quadrillions of dollars could be released to finance an end to poverty and environmental destruction as well as research into immortality and unlimited expansion into the universe.

The battle against the controllers of the Babylonian debt slavery system these central banks oversee is continuing towards final victory. Former US President Barack Obama has vanished from public view and is probably undergoing interrogation. Also last week the body of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s long term associate Vincent Foster was exhumed and was found to have two bullet holes to the back of his head meaning the cause of his death was changed from suicide to murder. Pentagon and CIA sources say this finding will lead to the Clintons being prosecuted for murder.

The death of the big Kahuna, David Rockefeller, was also formally announced last week by his family. CIA sources say Rockefeller was kept in stasis in a vegetative state for months at an Antarctic base before the family finally gave up and announced he was no longer with us.

When this writer was first informed by the Japanese authorities of a plot by the Western elite to kill 90% of humanity through disease, starvation and nuclear war, they handed me material showing that Rockefeller sat at the head of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and other top groups of Western power brokers. Thus he was a prime suspect as the originator of this fiendish plan.

However, when I actually met Mr. Rockefeller I had the impression that, deep inside, this man thought he was doing good for the planet. The question that upcoming truth and reconciliation investigators need to answer now is how was how his vision for a united planet earth in harmony with nature got distorted into a nightmarish genocidal plan.
The forensic trail that started with Rockefeller led to…

The full report will be posted in 3 days

Source: Immortality and exponential expansion into the universe will come after final cabal defeat

BREAKING: Autopsy Results From Vince Foster’s Exhumed Body–Cause Of Death To Be Changed

March 22, 2017 By usapoliticsnow
A string of events this week has led to incredible results in a 23-year-old case that had gone completely cold. After a reporter for The Washington Examiner was shot dead in front of his home and a letter was sent to his editor on his behalf, an investigation began into the death of Clinton attorney Vince Foster. Foster’s death in 1993 had been ruled a suicide.
With new evidence, Rep. Trey Gowdy successfully petitioned a federal judge to have the body of Vince Foster exhumed for autopsy. The body wasn’t autopsied before burial the first time, which aided in the theory of a cover-up. Forensic specialists examined the body last night at the Naval Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, concluding that the cause of death for Mr. Foster should be changed from suicide to homicide.
LT Col. James McFitting, head of the hospital’s forensics lab, told reporters in his office that Foster had not one but two gunshot wounds, both of which would have been fatal. There would be no way he could have pulled the trigger himself a second time. The wounds were also in the back of his head, meaning unless he reached all the way around to make it look like a murder and fired two identical guns at the same time, the original story was impossible.
The doctor who signed Foster’s death certificate died in a car crash a few months later and the police detectives who worked the case have both left the country, never to be seen again. Without the letter from the reporter, Mr. Foster may have never seen justice.
The case has been turned over to the FBI, who has clear jurisdiction at this point, for the difficult task of connecting the dots from Foster’s death directly to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Director Comey has assured the congressional panel that he will personally see to it that all of the bureau’s resources are made available.

In other words, Clinton will be getting away with murder…again.

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Breitbart Vs. Soros: Investigations Causing Problems for Billionaire’s European Operations    » The Event Chronicle


By Aaron Klein. The news outlet reported the Hungarian government’s move to minimize the influence of Soros’s Open Society Foundations and other foreign-funded non-governmental organizations, or NGO’s, is being “seemingly buoyed by U.S. President Donald Trump’s election victory and the ascendance of the alt-right in Washington.”

Politico reported on the role of Breitbart News in exposing Soros, falsely labeling the news agency an “alt-right website.” Breitbart News, recently ranked as the 29th most trafficked U.S. website by the Alexa rankings system, is an independent news website considered by many to be the largest conservative news site in America. It has no affiliation with the so-called alt-right movement…

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