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False Flag Filmed, Ready For Release: London

What you are about to see will shock many of you but this is how it is done.

The GSA releases money to SERCO – they subcontract around the world and hire companies to hire Crisis Actors and pre-film False Flags.

Then – when they are ready – they release the False Flag and claim it was a School, or Mall, or Airport Shooting.

So this expected Terrorist attack to hit England – it has already been filmed and is currently being edited.

The beauty of this is that everyone now has a Cell Phone and can record these “FAKE” shootings and then send them to TV stations outside North America and Europe and they will then be published.

So this expected “FALSE FLAG” set up to occur in England over the next few days has already been filmed and is currently being edited.

When Completed – it will be sent to the ENTRUST Corporation and then sent to every major news agency in the world through the US Sponsored Program called Demon.

Thank you Abel Danger for this report.


As for the Seth Rich Investigation – Sorcha has released some Emails showing just how Foul Mouthed these Elite NAZIs are that run the Politics of America, especially the Democrats.

These will murder, swear, harass and steal for fun and the FBI is used as their personal Henchmen – their Whores and Pimps – to do their Dirty Work.

After these Murdering Whores are pimped out by the FBI Chiefs they are then killed by FBI Henchmen.

Dead men tell no tales

Follow The Money

The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer.

Even the FBI Agent’s Salary seems to be shrinking under this inflation we are now seeing.

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Huge Nuclear Leak At Hanford – Again


There has been yet another Massive Nuclear Leak at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

It seems that after we did our initial Story on Hanford they have and a Nuclear Emergency about every month.

This Nuclear Reservation – this Octopus of Death – is literally falling apart.

In a private discussion with someone very close to the situation we saw..

1) Barrels of Nuclear Material completely dissolved

2) Trenches along the Columbia River where Nuclear Rods are dissolved leaking directly into the Columbia River – the bottoms and sides of the Cement Tanks had crumbled.

3. Train Car Loads of Nuclear Material headed to Bonner’s Ferry to be dumped on the Forests – polluting Northern Idaho Water with HUGE amounts of Nuclear Radiation and a Governor who does not care one little bit about it.

Governor C.L “Butch” Otter – you get the Golden Poop Award from this Ambassador you murdering freak.

4) Again – the Entire Water Well System on the Spokane Indian Reservation is contaminated with Plutonium – a man made product – as trucks from Hanford dump huge amounts of Dissolved Nuclear Rods at Wellpinit and into other Old Silver Mines.

Governor Jay Inslee you get the Super Golden Poop Award from this Ambassador for allowing this.

5) Further – huge amounts of radiation are now leaking into the Columbia River from these Dissolved Nuclear Tanks. They dump the Used Rods into the tanks, dump in the radiation – and the entire slurry has leaked into the Columbia River by morning.

For over 50 years the Columbia River has so much radiation it rises in Temperature 2* after it passes Hanford – and now it is also very radioactive .

The Radiation Levels in the Columbia at the Blue Bridge – something they have been measuring daily now fro over 70 years – is now spiking.

You see – Nuclear Radiation dissolves everything.

In 1945 at Hiroshima during the Atomic Blast a Taylor’s Shop was destroyed. His Sewing Machine blown into the River. When he came back a week later to recover this Sewing Machine it dissolved in his hands.

We spoke to a Nuclear Expert several weeks ago and here is what he said: Our Nuclear Facilities across the globe are literally falling apart. Walls are collapsing, built up gas pockets blowing up, floors turning to dust.

Our Nuclear Powered Naval Ships last 20 – 40 years before the core begins to melt down. Many of our Nuclear Facilities are over 60 years old and they too are literally dissolving and have absorbed so much radiation the employees are dying of cancer at younger and younger ages.

To eliminate the radiation they can:

1) Hit a site with lightning 15 – 20 times and their radiation is discharged

20 Bring in Radionics Machines to dissolve the radiation

3) Use Brown’s Gas to dissolve the Radioactive Material

4) Deny Everything and continue to watch cancer rates sky rocket world wide.

Please pray that those in, and around Hanford – eat Sea Weed and Immusist – as these products have been shown to CURE cancer…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Huge Nuclear Leak At Hanford – Again

Congressman Jailed For Treason – It Has Begun

dr-william-mount211111111111211The arrests of Congressman who have been shown to be Traitors have now begun.

Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner was sent before a Secret Grand Jury and was found guilty of Sexting a 15 year old and agreed to a 2 year sentence in Federal Prison in Philly and to be listed as a Sex Offender for the rest of his life.

Of course – his loyal wife immediately filed for divorce upon learning of his conviction.

Congressional Immunity usually continues for life – unless there is Treason Involved so there is a whole lot more to this story that meets the eye.

In order for the Treason Charges to be dropped he would have had to turn over some really special, and condemning,  evidence about his fellow Congressman.

One down – 22 to go.

This specially rebuilt part of the Philly Federal Prison allows those who are to be arrested the opportunity to come clean on all their involvement and then relocated to a safe place to live out their little miserable lives.

The arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing was done so secretly that no one was able to Kill Congressman Anthony Weiner for testifying against the Big H and her Drug Dealing Organization.

One down, 22 to go.

Pray that the Traitor Congressman John McCain joins him for selling out America.


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Wikileaks: CIA Now Controls Your COmputer

dr-william-mount211111111111211A few days ago we discussed the fact that the New Computer Virus taking control of Banks and failing Hospitals was released by Microsoft and the “CURE” for the virus was created even before the Virus was released – forcing you to update into “Windows 11” and their “Smart Cloud.”

Now it has been brought forward – thanks to the Chinese Run Corporation of Wikileaks – that the CIA is now taking control of all computers that run Windows 8-10, 9 was a flop and never released.

Primary CIA Virus is Hera – Running XP through Windows 10
Secondary: Hera for Windows 8-10.

So apparently we have 3 Microsoft/CIA Viruses to worry about:

1) Wannacry
2) AfterMidnight
3) Assassin

This program – unlike any other News Program on the internet – is about solutions.

We state what the news is and then how to protect yourself form this madness…

So here is what you can do to protect yourself.

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The Trump Trap & The New Dollar

We have been discussing the fact that the Main Stream TV and You Tube Reporters have been led down a trap so that when President Trump is ready he will spring it on them and deal with it.

As of 1 October the ATT/Time Warner Merger happens and all of these Main Stream Media Moguls will answer to the Trump Team.

So whether they are fired, or arrested, is immaterial. In fact – if they get fired their possibility of working in the news anywhere is the world – is over.

If anything happens to President Trump – which I Doubt – VP Pence will simply arrest them. If you crawl into the mind of  Pence he is too straight forward of a man to “Entrap” them.

The main stream may find their time cut a little short as most of them have now hung themselves by releasing Secret Information to the Public.

As for this little attempt to get Pence and Trump together and take them out with a Micro Nuke 8 June – good luck.

It ain’t gonna happen.

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FBI’s NapkinGate – MSM Reaches New Low

EX- FBI Director James Comey wrote a note on a Napkin concerning 3 issues and gave it to the New York TImes

The News York Times called it an ‘Official FBI Memo” even though James Comey was actually fired 1 April and let to stay on until 1 May – then President Trump gave him 7 days to complete his Congressional Questioning and – on the 8th – escorted him out of the FBI Building and officially wrote him a letter stating he is fired.

The Napkin stated that:

1) President Trump leaked “Classified Info” to Sergey Lavrov – Russian’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

To this P{resident Putin has released the transcripts of the conversation proving James COmey guilty of Treason by trying to take down a Standing President.

2) Revive the Seth Rich Story – which was covered in detail months ago.

3) General Flynn was fired for security leaks.

In fact – General Flynn is now working hard behind the scenes to determine who is conducting Treason, collecting data on them, and at  the appropriate time these Traitors will be arrested.

So these lies on a Napkin amount to Treason.

We are calling it the FBI NapkinGate…