Vitamin D may be your best defense against respiratory infections, new science finds –

(Natural News) Vitamin D intake may help keep common colds and flu at bay, British researchers found. Various studies have previously established that vitamin D may help reduce the risk of respiratory infections, and the recent analysis further emphasizes the vitamin’s role in boosting the immune system. To test this, researchers at the Queen Mary University of London pooled data from 25 separate trials with a total cohort population of 11,321 participants.

The research team found that vitamin D supplementation provided a modest protective effect against respiratory infections. Lead researcher Dr. Adrian Martineau said vitamin D supplements helped reduce the risk of developing respiratory illnesses such as colds and flu by 10 percent. Participants suffering vitamin D deficiency were shown to benefit more from supplementation.

According to researchers, vitamin D supplementation may help prevent respiratory infection in one out of 33 individuals. In contrast, flu vaccination may prevent infection in one out of 40 individuals. This suggests that vitamin D supplementation could be a more ideal preventive against respiratory conditions. The findings were published in the British Medical Journal

Source: Vitamin D may be your best defense against respiratory infections, new science finds –


Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine » The Event Chronicle

By Dr. Mercola

Conventional health authorities claim getting a flu shot each year is the best way to ward off influenza. But where’s the actual science backing up that claim?

If you’ve repeatedly fallen for this annual propaganda campaign, you may be surprised to find the medical literature suggests vitamin D may actually be a FAR more effective strategy, and the evidence for this goes back at least a decade.

Dr. John Cannell, founder of the Vitamin D Council, was one of the first to introduce the idea that vitamin D deficiency may actually be an underlying CAUSE of influenza.

His hypothesis1 was initially published in the journal Epidemiology and Infection in 2006.2 It was subsequently followed up with another study published in the Virology Journal in 2008.3

The following year, the largest nationally representative study4 of its kind to date discovered that people with the lowest vitamin D levels indeed reported having significantly more colds or cases of the flu. In conclusion, lead author Dr. Adit Ginde stated:

“The findings of our study support an important role for vitamin D in prevention of common respiratory infections, such as colds and the flu. Individuals with common lung diseases, such as asthma or emphysema, may be particularly susceptible to respiratory infections from vitamin D deficiency.”…

Source: Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine » The Event Chronicle

Clif High – Welcome to Alt Reality 5 – Sun, Chemies and You! 

Alt Reality #4 will be along sometime in the near term distant future recent history. It fell out of time. We are blaming CERN and the LHC.

Welcome to Alt Reality #5
In this episode we discuss the Sun, chemies and you!
We also piss off some people, perhaps quite a few a bit later on.

This episode is pre-graphic’d!

The discussion involves the solar helical model, much much much better displayed by DJSadhu at the link here. I can’t tell you how much better DJSadhu’s graphics are than mine! You’ll see.
The discussion includes some information on solar impacts on the Ice Age and why people are so batshit crazy these days.

It also briefly discusses why there are so many chemtrails these days.

Further some bitching is thrown at David Wilcock and Corey Goode for their ‘ascension rap’. Real solar issues will NOT include co-creation.


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Russia Bans United Airlines Flight From Airspace After “Not From Earth” Virus Detected

April 14, 2017 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A frightening and bizarre Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that less than 48 hours ago, a United Airlines flight enroute to Shanghai (China) from San Francisco (USA) was issued a “shoot-down order” by Aerospace Forces (AF) should it near the Federation’s airspace border due to a “spectral signature” showing that this aircraft had aboard it a virus not contained in any Earth database—with Western news media sources only reporting that it was banned from nearing Russia due to “diplomatic reasons.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, United Airlines Flight 857 is a regularly scheduled route between San Francisco and Shanghai and has always been allowed to utilize Federation airspace that enables this aircraft to make this journey in 13 hours—instead of a flight time in excess of 17 hours should it have to refuel in Japan.

On 12 April, this report continues, Aerospace Defence Forces (ADF) experts interpreting analysis from their secretive “Angel Halo” satellite (designated in West as Object 2014-28E) were alerted to United Airlines Flight 857 after a “spectral signature” revealed that this aircraft was “infected/enhanced” by a mysterious “not from Earth” virus species not contained in any database.

This report details that the detection of this “not from Earth” virus aboard United Airlines Flight 857 was “accidental/incidental” as the “Angel Halo” satellite was on a “assignment/mission” using a specialized K-law spectral signature correlation algorithm (PDF) to identify “hot spots” of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) locations in the Pacific Ocean far east regions of the Federation—and is a disease that, since 1992, has wiped out within a few days the entire populations of many shrimp farms throughout the world.

Federation concerns relating to any virus species (especially of unknown origin) nearing and/or entering China, this report explains, is due to that Asian nations catastrophic H7N9 outbreak—that is a deadly strain of the bird flu virus that has killed more people this season — 162 from September up to March 1 — than in any single season since it was first discovered in humans four years ago.

So feared, in fact, is this H7N9 virus, this report explains, Professor Yi Guan, PhD, of Hong Kong University, one of the world’s top experts on viral diseases, has warned it could lead to the worst pandemic in human history with his fearfully saying that it can’t be controlled and it’s too late to eradicate it—and as it now threatens to spill out of China and overcome the entire world, has further warned that “this virus poses the greatest threat to humanity than any other in the past 100 years”…


Bayer Infected Thousands Of Children With HIV — FDA Covered It Up – Prepare for Change

After learning that a large batch of their painkiller pills were contaminated with HIV, the company Bayer decided to go ahead and sell their product to the public anyways.

The disturbing revelations, reported by The New York Times, prove how major corporations are capable of compromising the safety of consumers for a quick buck.

In 1984, the company knowingly sold over 100,000 vials of their product (priced at over $4 million) with the expressed permission of the FDA — yes, the Food and Drug Administration
allowed them to do it.

Complete History of BAYER — One of the Biggest Depopulationist Companies in the World

Luckily for American consumers, Bayer did not sell the contaminated product within the states, though it did not hesitate to ship internationally to Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

As a result of their reckless decision, thousands were killed and tens of thousands infected with HIV.

To this day, no legal actions have been levied against the company, all while “health department leaders in Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore were all imprisoned.”

BAYER Bought Concentration Camp Victims in WWII

Bayer’s public stance on the matter has remained perfectly PR ever since:

“Decisions made nearly two decades ago were based on the best scientific information of the time and were consistent with the regulations in place.”

Unsurprisingly, the colluding government “regulatory” officials at the FDA worked overtime to cover Bayer’s tracks.

As reported by the New York Times, Dr. Harry M. Meyer, Jr of the FDA urged officials to “quietly solve” the Bayer issue “without alerting Congress, the medical community, and the public.”

Bayer (Heroin to Children & Nazi Concentration Camps) Buys Monsanto for $66 Billion

Source: Bayer Infected Thousands Of Children With HIV — FDA Covered It Up – Prepare for Change

GENOCIDE In the Unites States – Chemtrails, Monsanto, Vaccines and Fluoride, Where’s The Outrage? 

Published on 12 Apr 2017

Folks, we bombed Syria twice in the name of a humanitarian effort because allegedly Assad was gassing his own people.. Poisoning them with Sarin Gas. Many people applauded that effort and yet, where is the outrage of the poisoning of our OWN people? It’s time to wake up and demand some answers.

Syrian War – What The Elites Are Hiding

The most recent bout with this ongoing Syrian conflict was put forth to the world to hide something very serious.As you recall – a few days ago a fake Chemical Gas Attack on a town in Syria from an abandoned airfield…

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