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Message from Matthew 9-17-16…

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matthew41This Matthew message answers several questions I’m sure many have asked themselves.

“If [North Korea] does send a nuclear warhead into space, detonation will be prevented by universal family members who continuously patrol your skies—the same will be so if any other nation would make such an attempt.

“…the presidential election in the United States, Hillary Clinton’s withdrawing from the race for health reasons has an edge on the other possibilities that also would put Bernie Sanders in the White House. This doesn’t mean that if the edge widens, the scenarios pertaining to Clinton’s activities will evaporate. The energy of those streamers will run its course to bring that information to light,

“The truth about “9/11” will be revealed, but not until after the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati have lost all their influence in the government, economy and mainstream media of the United States… That nation’s finger-pointing at Russia…

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