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Enlightenment Videos 1 of 2… James Gilliland 4-23-17… “Taking Calls; Trump, GCR, the Republic, Technologies”

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All I will say about this is that I started watching and have about half of it to go. He discusses some of the energy work he has been doing around the planet. I felt it was “asking” to be posted, so here it is.

Please go to the YouTube video page to see the numerous reference links James and team have provided.

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GoldFish Report No. 91, Week 14 POTUS Upade with Kent Dunn

Published on 23 Apr 2017

On GoldFish Report No 91, Kent and Louisa discuss the meeting in DC of the IMF, BIS, and World Bank regarding the SDR, the POTUS’s recent Executive Orders particularly regarding the H-1B Visa and their implications, Rumored Operation Gotham Shield possible EMP false flag planned for New York City and New Jersey beginning tomorrow. Also the power outages earlier in the week in NY, LA and SF, implications of the French Election on the RV-GCR, and the theory of incrementalism in public Policy and where it came from and what its agenda is…..And much more.

Khazarian mafia attempts to start World War 3 stopped in Syria and in North Korea – Weekly geo-political news and analysis Message from Benjamin Fulford


Posted by benjamin April 17, 2017

Now that Donald Trump showed his true colours as a Zionist (Khazarian mafia) sleeper agent, he is becoming increasingly isolated and is guilty of provable war crimes, Pentagon, CIA and other sources agree. “Trump is toast,” was how a CIA source described the situation.

Trump has been pushed by his Zionist handlers into trying to start World War 3 because these religious fanatics still think they are somehow going to start a war between “Gog” and “Magog,” kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest. To this end Trump ordered an attack on a Syrian airbase where Russian personnel were stationed. That is also why Trump tried to start a war with nuclear armed North Korea last week.

The situation with North Korea was designed by the Zionists to provoke to ultra-macho antagonists, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, into a situation where neither man could back down without losing face. The North Koreans said they had a right to test missiles etc. any time they want, especially on the 105th anniversary of the birth of their country’s founding father Kim Il Sung. Trump said, “if you do that we will attack.”

So, a face saving solution was engineered with a missile that blew up immediately after launching. The North Koreans were able to claim they went ahead and did their test despite Trump’s threats. The Zionists were able to hint they sabotaged the test with unspecified secret weapons. The important point being that Zionist attempts to start World War 3 failed yet again and will continue to fail.

These provocations are just one sign there is something undeniably dysfunctional going on with the Trump presidency. A few weeks ago Trump was invoking President Andrew Jackson and hinting about nationalizing the Federal Reserve Board. Now he is saying FRB chief Janet Yellen can have another term in office. He also turned from provoking the Chinese and accusing them of being “currency manipulators” to brazenly sucking up to them and denying they manipulate their currency.

These flip flops may be connected to the arrival of yet another bankruptcy deadline for the United States Corporate Government, in this case the expected Bankruptcy of the US Corporation’s Puerto Rico subsidiary on May 1st. Despite efforts to paint this as a municipal bond type problem, this could trigger a domino effect that finally takes down Zionist central in Washington D.C.–sector.html

Sources close to the Japanese emperor say the arrival in Tokyo this week of P2 Freemason lodge and Vatican representive US Vice-President Mike Pence, as well as long term Rothschild agent and US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was for the purpose of…


Source: Khazarian mafia attempts to start World War 3 stopped in Syria and in North Korea

The intel I am receiving from various trusted sources, FWIW, is that the Alliance is behind the latest precision military strikes and they do have a positive purpose.

It is important to remember that the majority of this administration is Alliance personnel. The Cabal is not in charge of what is happening. They may throw some curve balls in the mix but by no means are they running the show. Nor could the president start making autonomous decisions when it comes to the military.

The Cabal seems to have been behind the CW attack in Syria, and the Alliance had to swiftly respond to that one. The type of things that we are hearing from one or more of the sources behind this report would be consistent with how the Cabal would then want to spin it against the administration, as well as constantly stoking fears of WWIII.

They know that any exercising of force in the world, and particularly by the US military, makes people very upset and allows for constant rumors of a world war to be spread.

My own sources have emphatically stated the Alliance is taking out the final pockets of the Cabal’s proxy armies and /or funding sources in anticipation of major announcements and prosecutions.

If these things were not done first, ISIS or NK could be used to hurt or kill a lot of people, and throw the world into chaos.

In the metaphysical sense we are going through a “dark night of the soul” on a global scale at the moment. Many people, including those giving intel to Ben in this report, have a very bleak sense of what is going on.

Yet, it seems that everyone in the comments thus far is expressing skepticism.

I have worked with the same trusted sources for years now and we are still anticipating major, if not gigantic leaps towards positive events. Contrary to the idea of someone trying to start WWIII, this is much more about PREVENTING it once the really hardcore intel starts being revealed.

The Cabal cannot make strikes directly. They have to use proxy armies to do their bidding. Those armies are on their last legs and an operation just like we are seeing now MUST be done before any of the stuff we’ve been hoping for can happen.

Intuitive data through dreams has been remarkably accurate and consistent for the last 25 years. Bearing that in mind, three mornings ago I had a powerful dream where I was working beside the president and talking with him for at least 20 minutes. We were cleaning up the mess in a fancy, dark house, opening the drapes to let the light in, et cetera.

He confirmed the intel I had already received, as I have shared it here, in this dream.

I am hoping to write this all up very soon. I have been benevolently distracted by some huge developments for the positive in my own life lately.

David Wilcock

Let me be clear that the dream only came AFTER all of my sources had independently said the same thing, from very tangible avenues.


DR WILLIAM MOUNT: North Korea – Flash Point For Economic Reset?

Things across the planet now seem to be spinning out of control and we need your prayers to stop this madness – and we need them now.

1) First – North Korea (Hermit Kingdom) has announced a potential attack on America, China, Taiwan, Russian  and Japan using the 150+ Large 15KT+ Firecrackers the Big H sold them way back in 2011. Their dictator’s handlers have gone Cadywhompus Crazy Insane. The attack is expected on 14 April +- 3 Days.

Apparently the US is currently chasing a North Korean Submarine near Los Angeles that is loaded with one 15KT Fire Cracker.

Further – all 8 Minute Man 1 Rockets (Yup – US Made) are fueled and ready for launch in the Hermit Kingdom.

China has just deployed around 200,000 troops to the Hermit Kingdom’s Northern Boarder.

The US has just sent 3 full carrier groups to South Korea and Japan – the Carl Vinson carrier group being one of them.

We still do not know where the 36 Unfired Tomahawk Missiles went but feel they may be used this weekend to help start this massive world conflict.

2) Then – we have learned about the FBI sponsored Black Lives Matters riots to begin 15 April. It was advertised on their Facebook Page several months ago. So expect to stay home this weekend.

3) Then – a NATO HQ just South and West of Paris is still scouring Europe for 18 working BIG Firecrackers 15KT+ to set off – 6 in the US and 12 in Europe on the 16th.

4) Then yesterday the UN – in 3  private Broadcasts to – announced the increase in the Middle Eastern Conflict to bring millions of Murdering Refugees to Europe and America to create a Living Hell so we can grow spiritually and all learn to get along.

Then they stated that when their Christ Returns he will come with Fire – burning and cleansing all that he sees to purify our souls on Easter.

Which Eater the Christ will return on we do now know.

Well – Jane just reminded me that Easter is Sunday.

So let’s pray that this insanity ends here and now before it leads to some sort of conflict – and this huge conflict is being set up for the Economic Reset world wide – which would lead to about 6 months of economic turmoil.

4) Finally – China is selling  rice made of Plastic worldwide and has been doing so now since 2011 and the response by both administrations is to ignore this.

China’s Wuchang Rice has been sold across the world as a “Premier Rice” but is actually made up of Potato Starch and a toxic plastic…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: North Korea – Flash Point For Economic Reset?

Synchronicity Among Reval, Disclosure and Ascension


Archangel Michael ~ Synchronicity Among Reval, Disclosure and Ascension In this excerpt from my {Steve Beckow} reading with him through Linda Dillon, on March 10, 2017, Archangel Michael looks at the tie-in between the Reval, Disclosure, and Ascension. He reviews the range of response to be expected from lightworkers and their nearest colleagues. Thanks to…

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