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Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ You Are Here on Mission — Love Has Won

August 19, 2016 By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I wish to assist the collective consciousness in breaking down belief systems most of Humanity has put in place. You are all integrating much light within your Being. However, the purging or release process is still ongoing as there can be no dense energies to anchor in your higher selves. The information that I will provide may rock the foundations of what your think you know and what is Truth about the Mind and Heart. The realm of illusion has shrouded much of the truth of The Ascension of Humanity and it’s in depth evolutionary process. This includes what some call, the “Universal Mind”. Let us delve into the differences of The Universal Mind and the Universal Heart as well as Your Mission on Planet Gaia=Heart.

Keep in your Hearts, there are no Belief Systems in Heaven. These beliefs that you hold on to, hinders your spiritual growth and must be released. The realm of illusion is the realm of the mind. This was not the original state of Being within 3D frequencies nor the blueprint for Humanity. Gaia is a planet where Love would Mirror Love. This means Humanity was originally a Heart based race. A race that felt, experienced and gained knowledge and wisdom through various experiences. There was no mind as it never existed in all of Creation. Now, you maybe asking yourselves, “What Happened to Humanity? How can there be no mind?”

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