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Foster Gamble, Thrive Movement, 2-25-17… “An Encouraging Look Forward”

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Since this is from Foster Gamble, I felt it was a somewhat “independent” (of political, etc., stances) view of what’s going on in this world as we move forward, and upward. This is, in my view, a very powerful message. And it almost 100% aligns with the Higher Vision I have been given about the “T-man”. This is actually one the “finest” articles I have read yet this year.

[Kp Caveat: some may wish to call upon the Angelic TAPT while reading this.]

“…I recognize the dangerously heated divide among people throughout our country and the world. I appreciate the high levels of engagement, and at the same time find the lack of open dialogue across worldview, and the outside provocateurs, to be unfortunate components of the recent activism. Nonetheless, I am encouraged by much of what I see happening in the world, and… I wanted to explain why I…

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