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Hacked Documents Reveals Twitter Shadow Ban Of Alternative Media

Hacked documents reveal shadow ban of alternative media accounts by social media giant

A hacked document reveals that Twitter bosses use a list of alternative media accounts to shadow ban people who speak out against the establishment. The social media giant uses the list to artificially suppress tweets and hide them from people’s […]

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Deep State Using MSM, CIA and Purple Revolutionaries to Extinguish PizzaGate Truth

There are an unknown number of alternative news platforms that have been erroneously circulating a story about PizzaGate coverage that looks like this:

That the whole PizzaGate narrative was an extremely elaborate hoax fabricated by the agents of Deep State to smear Alt Media with the “fake news” label.  That they executed this blackop to take down alternative news media that helped Trump get elected.

In other words, the countless Deep State co-conspirators of this deliberate plot conceived and intentionally disseminated a fictitious story about James Alefantis’ Comet Ping Pong Pizza parlor in an effort to suck in the entire Alt Right.  

That because there was no basement found at Comet Ping Pong, the whole PizzaGate story has been proven untrue and has therefore discredited every alternative news site that ran with it. Because they purportedly published the ‘fake news’, which they did not.  Btw, it’s the Alefantis-owned Buck’s Fishing & Camping which has the basement

This series of foolish explanations is about as ridiculous as it gets.

As if the Democratic side of the counterfeit coin would willingly participate in a scheme that would ultimately destroy — FOREVER — the reputations of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, John and Tony Podesta, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and many other political heavyweights on the Left who are closely associated with the Pizzagate pedophilia crime spree…

Source: Deep State Using MSM, CIA and Purple Revolutionaries to Extinguish PizzaGate Truth | Politics

Pizzagate Was NOT Made Up By The Elite To Discredit Alt Media…Just Conveniently Used For It 


Published on 27 Mar 2017

After Alex Jones’s Pizzagate reversal, many are coming out, even in the so-called truther community, stating that the Elite “made up” pizzagate to “discredit” alternative media. Uhh…do you even think critically, bro?

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Tech-giant attacks alternative news with financial threats

The Alex Jones Show – MARCH 23, 2017
In January, the Wall Street Journal reported “Google Steps Up Efforts to Stop ‘Fake News’” and this week WSJ reports “Google Steps Up Effort to Keep Ads Away From Controversial Content” — see a pattern?

We show you the new way Google is moving to financially throttle independent media that reports “controversy” — as determined by the Google gatekeepers.


via Google “Steps Up Efforts” To Financially Attack Free Press — Infowars

Coded 4chan Post Hinted at Westminster Attack a Day in Advance | Galactic Connection

Source: Coded 4chan Post Hinted at Westminster Attack a Day in Advance | Galactic Connection

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Another Attempt On Pres Trumps Life


A few day ago we stated that Podesta put out a Hit on Trump, but the initial hit was supposed to be on the 27TH of March (+- 3 Days)  Guess the Hit Man jumped the gun by 4 days ….again I live in Tacoma so I only get bits and pieces.

I still feel the other hit is a go and this was just some Nut Case – but without the assistance of anyone in the White House – who really knows, right???

Apparently a man drove up with a Bomb in his car and the Secret Service stopped him from pulling into the White House with his car.

Someone got the bright idea of searching this man’s car – brilliant Secret Service — DUH. When he insisted they searched his cal and voila – a Bomb.

So what did the Secret Service do next after someone tried to Blow Up President Trump???

They went public as to exactly where President Trump is – where he stays every weekend.

“Uhhh – You can’t blow him up here – you have to blow him up at the Mar-A-Largo Resort in Palm Beach at his other house.”

Apparently President Trump owns the Mar-A-Lago Resorts in Palm Beach Florida and maintains  a Private Residence there over the weekends.

If you were a Moron, and you wanted President Trump Dead, you would describe exactly where the President was just after you found a Bomb headed to his personal residence at the White House right?

‘Oh – you can’t blow him up here – he is actually at his home in Palm Beach.”

Than is exactly what Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino did – he described in detail exactly where President Trump was minutes after they arrested the Man with a Bomb in his car headed to kill President Trump….

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Another Attempt On Pres Trumps Life

Germany Threaten Facebook With ‘Huge Fines’ If They Don’t Remove Alternative News – Your News Wire

Germany will impose fines of up to 50 million euros if Facebook don’t remove alternative news content from their platform. 

A new law being drafted will see social media firms face hefty fines if they take longer than seven days to remove content that German authorities deem to be “illegal” – including so-called fake news.

Germany’s justice minister, Heiko Mass, says that social media giants such as Facebook have not done enough to tackle content that the government deems ‘subversive’.

BBC News reports:

The proposal requires sites to run 24-hour helplines and to delete flagged content within seven days.

‘Utterly impossible’

Social media firms such as Twitter and Facebook were getting better at handling illegal content, said Mr Maas, but both had a long way to go.

Mr Maas quoted research which suggested Twitter deletes only 1% of the hate speech it is told about by users, and Facebook, 39%.

“This isn’t sufficient yet,” said Mr Maas.

Racism and hate speech are believed to have become more prevalent on German social media following the arrival of large number of refugees in Germany.

Any content that was “clearly criminal” would have to be removed within 24 hours under conditions outlined in the draft law. If, after an investigation, content is found to be criminal then that must be removed in seven days. The people who posted the illegal content must also be told about its deletion.

The proposed law would require each network to run fully staffed, round-the-clock reporting systems and to name an individual responsible for handling complaints. That person could face an individually levied fine of five million euros if companies break laws governing what can be published.

Mr Maas said the law could apply to fake news articles if they proved to be slanderous, defamatory or libellous.

Facebook did not comment directly on the proposal but said tests it commissioned showed it removed a higher percentage of illegal content than Mr Maas claimed. The social network said it expected to have 700 people employed in Berlin by the end of 2017 overseeing its efforts to review flagged content.

German digital trade association Bitkom criticised the proposed law. It told the Financial Times that the requirement to remove material within 24 hours on sites that handle more than one billion posts per day was “utterly impossible to implement in operational terms”.

Source: Germany Threaten Facebook With ‘Huge Fines’ If They Don’t Remove Alternative News – Your News Wire