David Oates Reverse Speech Show 3-31-17… “Anniversary of the Beginnings of Reverse Speech” If you only listen to the first 10 minutes or so of this one, you’ll get an idea about how David Oates and friend discovered messages in reverse speech. First one, Neil Armstrong. He also goes through a few historical RS analyses of Ron Paul, Werner von Braun, and others. Published on Mar 31, […]

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David Oates 3-9-17 on Jeff Rense – “Explaining Trump’s negative Reverse Speech”

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I’ve just finished listening to this. I know some may align with these “reverse speech” messages. I certainly do. There are some changes in tone from Donald Trump’s earlier reversals (prior to inauguration; see here1, here2), where they were mostly congruent (message from FS goes along with that from RS). But these are mostly not congruent. In my view, Trump has learned the depths of the dark arena he has entered.

Two points which stood out for me (among many others) (FS = Forward Speech, RS = Reverse Speech):

Donald Trump (15 minutes): RS = “Air Force man is alive” (My first reaction to this was that “Air Force man” refers to a “Captain America” (good guy(s), good people, white hats) that Trump knows are there to help.)

KellyAnne Conway (40 minutes): FS “Other pieces of the administration… may be leakers”; RS…

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GoldFish Report No. 82 [3-5-17]… “POTUS Update Week 7 with Kent Dunn”

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goldfish_report_logo_150_9Here’s a new Goldfish with Kent and Louisa. As always, I suggest “take the best and leave the rest”.

GoldFish Report N0. 82 Week 7 POTUS Review with Kent Dunn

Published on March 5, 2017
On GoldFish Report No. 82 Week 7 Louisa and Kent review the President’s Address to the Joint Session of Congress. Louisa shares resources on reverse speech analysis, thanks to Blogger Kauilapele, that shows comparisons of many world leaders spoken words to their unspoken subconscious words and the results are compelling. Kent discusses ‘reading between the lines’ in this speech and guides us to where we should be doing that. Kent discusses the intent of the Pope’s visit to the US to create the One World Religion and cautions viewers about announcements of the return of Jesus. Other issues discussed includes Withdraw of TPP overcoming differences between parties, Obamacare, education, unemployment, poverty, economy, and a new…

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David Oates on “The Edge Radio” 1-29-17… “Reverse Speech Analysis of Lots of people, including Trump, Hillary, et al”

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This man called “Trump” is much more than many give him credit for. From every “sense” I’ve had about him, he is “the Real Deal”. According to David Oates reverse speech analysis, what Donald Trump has been saying is “congruent” with his reverse speech. Congruence indicates “he really means what he says”. This is in contrast to what other Republican people, Democrat people and Hillary and Bill and many others say.

Some may wish to check out the first several minutes of this video to hear validation of this, via reverse speech analysis.

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