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Message from Tolec 12-24-16… “Galactic, Torsion, Energy Ascension Wave… Its Meaning for Humanity & Implications”

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tolec_andromeda_council_tolec_video_240_1As with the recent Sandra Walter (and PCR) post, this message from Tolec is very important, I feel, in helping to recognize why we are here… and what we are going through right now.

“…this galactic, torsion, energy, “ascension” wave that our solar system, including our planet, has entered into IS the major reason for the continuance of the raising of consciousness, vibration and frequency of most beings on this planet, and other planets of other dimensional levels, in this area of space… Keep in mind the actual moment of change to 4D life … it will be instantaneous.

“…this journey to 4D, from an emotional perspective, is a journey inward toward the complete expression of love… love of self and love for each other. During the course of this evolution remember to forgive… forgive yourself & forgive others on the way to… opening your heart… transitioning…

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[#182] Pyramids and Photon Vortexes | Gaia – Seeking Truth

Wisdom Teachings: [#182] Pyramids and Photon Vortexes Video

Wisdom Teachings: [#182] Pyramids and Photon Vortexes (September 2016)

Season 23, Episode 2
Available worldwide
Runtime: 31:50

Now that David Wilcock has given us an understanding of the physics of gravity and photons, we begin to learn how a pyramid can attract and shape the fluid-like substance of space-time. The photon vortexes created by pyramids can have a mysterious effect on the materials of our reality. This is how large pyramids, of the right shape and materials, can create changes in matter and act as life-force generators. These effects range from improving the optic properties of crystals to reducing radioactive levels. This presentation was originally webcast September 12, 2016.

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Exopolitics » Tom DeLonge & UFO Disclosure: Rocking the Secret Space Programs Boat – Pt 2


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In Sekret Machines, Tom DeLonge spends much time describing the corporate involvement in developing a secret U.S. space program. According to him, a global consortium of corporations secretly funded the development of flying triangles using antigravity and torsion field principles adopted from the Nazi Bell experiments.

These resulted in the development of a squadron of TR-3B’s based out of Area 51’s highly secretive S-4 facility at Papoose Lake. The U.S. Air Force Space Command and Defense Intelligence Agency is in charge of the TR-3B or ‘Locust’, operating out of S-4, according to Delonge, as relayed by his advisory team.

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