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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trumpsters Move To Buy CNN

Saturday, January 14, 2017

VIDEO: Trumpsters Move To Buy CNN – YouTube

Supporters of the Trumpster now have made a move to take over Att/Time Warner – which owns CNN – and the other 5 News Organizations which run the News across the world.

The sales will go through the day the Trumpster in inaugurated

Time for the Truth to Emerge.

Most of these CNN Reporters will be lucky to find a job cleaning toilets in about 6 months.

In retaliation for these efforts the Obama Handlers have ordered the NSA to turn over all telephone call recordings to the Satanic NAZI  CIA for immediate release through these FAKE News Sites like CNN and Time Magazine.

Please keep in mind that many, many CIA Agents are Patriots and there will be Hell to pay if they cooperate with this outgoing Illegal Alien.

The intent here is to sabotage the Trump Presidency.

What else would you expect form the Satanic NAZI’s in the Democratic Party?

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