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Steven Strong: Out Of Australia, Dreamtime & The Pleiadians

Steven Strong: Out Of Australia, Dreamtime, & The Pleiadians

Many alternative researchers, archaeologists and scholars of history have dedicated countless hours pouring over ancient sites and remains in hopes of piecing together humanity’s hidden origins.



The Woman That’s Changing The Lives Of Melbourne’s Homeless By Buying Them Houses

By Kalee Brown When you grow up with so much privilege, and are surrounded by people within the same or similar social class as you, it can be easy to take things for granted. We get so stressed out and consumed by our daily lives that we often forget to express gratitude for the little…

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Australia To Forcibly Vaccinate Citizens Via Chemtrails

Australia have approved the license application from Big Pharma company PaxVax that will allow them to intentionally release a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into Queensland, via chemtrails. 

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) says that the vaccine qualifies as a limited and controlled release under section 50A of the Gene Technology Act 2000. reports:

PaxVax is seeking approval to conduct the clinical trial of a genetically modified live bacterial vaccine against cholera.

Once underway the trial is expected to be completed within one year, with trial sites selected from local government areas (LGAs) in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. PaxVax has proposed a number of control measures they say will restrict the spread and persistence of the GM vaccine and its introduced genetic material, however there is always a possiblity of these restrictions failing and infecting wildlife and ecosystems.

Aerial vaccines have used in the United States directed towards animals by the use of plastic packets dropped by planes or helicopters.Sanofi (who is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world) has subsidiary companies such as Merial Limited who manufacture Raboral, an oral live-virus poisonous to humans yet distributed wildlife in the masses…

Source: Australia To Forcibly Vaccinate Citizens Via Chemtrails – Your News Wire


Who Is Behind the Cyber Attacks and Chaos….“Operation Talpiot” and “The Technion” ? 

by Brendon O’Connell


1) How Israel planned over 40 years ago to dominate the high technology communications sector.

2) How Israel trained officers from Israeli Military Intelligence to become private entrepreneurs. Now they dominate both the public and private high technology sector.

3) How this plan was titled “Operation Talpiot”.

4) How Israel dominates databases of all kinds from banking to medical, to policing, to NSA sub contractors, to government encrypted communications, to video surveillance systems for Class A critical infrastructure.

5) How Israel and Jewish Power have a tradition of the Sayanim or Helper who assist Israeli Intelligence where ever these Jews live and work, anywhere in the world, giving access to all sorts of public and private sensitive locations.

6) How Israel is setting up high technology co-operation schools under The Technion – their premiere research facility. This co-operation is used to infiltrate into the country of interest.





Source: Who Is Behind the Cyber Attacks and Chaos….“Operation Talpiot” and “The Technion” ? | Blogging/Citizen Journalism

Abel Danger: The MH 370 Search & Track Records at Pine Gap …

I have spent the last three weeks on holiday in Tasmania from Vancouver with my brother John Hawkins to celebrate Easter.

Having read the Australian over the Easter weekend I write this as a sequel to “Where is it? MH370……”written by my friend and colleague Field McConnell and first published on Tasmanian Times

The Australian, April 17, 2017

‘Greg Hood, chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, has refused to release material about the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has invoked draconian legislation in refusing to release material about its search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, warning that any bureau employee who provides such information to the public or a court could face two years in jail.’

I write in an effort to shame Greg Hood and his handlers in the Australian Government who have ordered the Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to refuse to release material about the search and the tracking of the missing MH Flight 370 and have threatened two years of jail time for bureau employees who provide any such information.

Do you have any whistle blower protection laws in Australia and if not why not?

Some ATSB officers have doubts about the agency’s official line that MH370’s pilots were unconscious or dead in a “ghost flight” which ended with the Boeing 777 going down in an unpiloted crash as expressed to victim families who seek documents, according to the Australian, giving: ‘opinions of international experts, including from the US and British air crash agencies, Boeing, aerospace group Thales, and British satellite group Inmarsat, about satellite data that automatically tracked the course of MH370.’

The ATSB Chief Commissioner may be trying to avoid a charge of spoliation of, or tampering with, evidence in e-discovery matters, where records in electronic form such as SMS messages are often difficult to retrieve or monitor.

It is impossible that those in charge of the high-tech, cutting-edge Pine Gap facility lost track of MH370 as it flew down the West Australian coast to be ditched in the Southern oceans.

If they did, what is the purpose of this facility in regard to the protection of Australia from attack by hostile neighbours to the north?

I suggest that the flight was controlled using technology that may be better understood, seen and discussed at the following links …

Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot 

Source: Abel Danger: The MH 370 Search & Track Records at Pine Gap …

U.S. Deep State Pushing Australia and China Closer to Conflict

The Deep State has yet to exert significant influence in China and this bothers them. This is why they are now, according to Australian journalist John Pilger, trying to push Australia, a nation which has no contemporary enemies into provoking a nuclear armed China. The justification? The building of Chinese airstrips on disputed reefs and islets in the South China Sea.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at how and why Australia might be provoked into starting a dispute with China. The airstrips in the South China Sea are of course, extremely minor considering the fact that the US has 400 military bases surrounding China, a ‘perfect noose’, and is about to conduct war games with Australia. The war games scenario? An air-sea battle plan for a war with China. Can you imagine what would the reaction be if there were 400 Chinese military bases surrounding the United States?

Source: U.S. Deep State Pushing Australia and China Closer to Conflict (Video) | Politics

Robert Steele: An Ex-CIA Agent On The Political Pedophilia Epidemic

Episode 65 sees Global Freedom Movement Media joined by former CIA operative Robert David Steele to discuss the political pedophile epidemic. In this episode, Robert addresses PedoGate, child trafficking, Israel, Mossad, America’s compromised politicians, the Clintons, and his innovative ideas for solving the world’s woes.

Please note, Australian viewers, that prior to the interview, in our email exchange, Robert established that he had relatively little to speak to regarding Australia’s players in the elite pedophile networks, however, as you’ll see, Australia is definitely not off his radar completely.

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More about Robert David Steele:

Robert is the pro bono Chief Enabling Officer of Earth Intelligence Network, a charitable organization devoted to teaching holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering.

He is also responsible for creating the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) discipline world-wide and is now leading the OSINT Done Right – Active OSINT movement.

Robert seeks to create an international Open Source (Technologies) Agency for local to global information-sharing and sense-making as well as OSEE innovation. His believes his ideas would enable us to end poverty, end hunger, provide clean water, sanitation, and clean energy for all people — first within the USA and then globally — within a decade or two at 10-20% of the cost of the prevailing industrial-donor model.

Robert a.k.a. Bob has also been recommended for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize by Jan H. Kalvik, as disclosed in his essay “Intelligence & the Nobel Peace Prize.”

On his website – linked below – you can find Robert’s more of Robert’s information, along with his books, talks, and interviews.

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