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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: IMF Discusses On Dollar Death and Pop Reduction


They will be replaced by those from Africa – Muslims Refugees.

The IMF held it’s annual spring Meeting in Washington DC over the weekend and had the Audacity in this Bastion of NAZI Liberalism to discuss the down fall of the entire US Economic System and replace it with pure Chaos.

For those who have ears to hear it was clear as a bell.

Each profession has it’s own language and interpreting what someone says is often difficult if you do not understand their internal language.

For Example:

1) US Army: Get Proactive & Recon Macy’s

2) Your Wife: Lets go shopping


A kiss from my Godfathers in the Gambino’s means death while a kiss from the Head of the Russian Church is like shaking hands and saying hello.

This language the IMF uses is the same as the UN and Lucis Trust and that has taken me years to learn.

For those who are trained to hear what they really said this weekend we clearly understood there was a central theme they stated over and over again:

The IMF discussed the Death of the Dollar and the mass killing of people world wide to bring the world down to a “Manageable Population.”

The primary speaker they used was Chris LaGard – A Male Cross Dresser – look at her Adams Apple.

Women do not have Adams Apples.

On thing they hid very well is that the President of the IMF is Chinese.

Please keep in mind that the IMF,  United State Corporation, Chinese Central Band, Bank of Russia, Russian Federated Republic – all are owned by the Rothchilds Banking System

The Rothchilds Banking System is actually the Bauery Boys Banking System and is owned by Deutsche Bank, which is owned by the Vatican Trust, which is owned by the Vatican…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: IMF Discusses On Dollar Death and Pop Reduction


French Embrace Rothschild Status Quo

(Macron married his highschool teacher, the victim of a facelift mishap, 24 years his senior. 

There are rumors he is a homosexual)

A Rothschild frontman seems poised to 
become the Next President of France.
The French seem to have embraced
national suicide. False flag terror
does not appear to have been an issue.
Source — Originally appeared at Vzglyad; Appeared in Bulgarian at Memoriabg, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront
(Abridged by 
Emmanuel Macron, the photogenic 39-years-old financier with an amazing career became the leader of the presidential race in France with 23.8% of the vote, followed by Marine Le Pen with 21.7%. According to opinion polls, he will reach the second round with Marine Le Pen, where he will win 66 percent of the votes.
Emmanuel Macron … has no real political experience. He has not been elected anywhere before….He is an investment banker specializing in mergers and acquisitions and was successful in his career. He graduated from the National School of Administration, a leading university for the French elite. He worked for several years as an inspector at the Ministry of Economy. Then in 2007, a crucial year in his career, the promising 29-year-old economist was groomed by [Rothschild’s Jewish lickspittle] Jacques Attali.


Jacques Attali (left) is a philosopher-globalist, a writer of colorful utopias of how all nations and states will disappear from the face of the earth during bloody conflicts, and the survivors of humanity will unite under the banner of democracy and under the control of a World Government. Moreover, for many years Attali was well received at the Elysee Palace and is one of the most influential advisers of generations of French presidents, from François Mitterrand to Francois Hollande. Local media, calling him “the true president of France” is hardly exaggerating.
It is Jacques Attali who created the link between financial capital and the elite of the ruling Socialist Party, which he supports. He is exceptional in his ability to skillfully wrap the predatory plans of the bankers in beautiful leftist slogans.
In 2008, the Attali Commission presented to President Nicolas Sarkozy “300 proposals to change France” – a plan for modernization of the economy meant to save it from the long years of stagnation. The main idea can be formulated as follows: to avoid losing its competitiveness in the global market, the country must drastically reduce the cost of labor. One way for this to happen is to increase immigration to France; low-paid recent immigrants, who will not be able to get organized in trade unions, will displace the local workers from manufacturing and services. Also, the plan includes the proposal to drastically reduce government spending on health, education and pension provision. Sarkozy did not dare to accept this radical plan…

Source: French Embrace Rothschild Status Quo | Strange

French election: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen through to second round, estimates show – live | David Icke

Emmanuel Macron of the centrist En Marche! movement and Marine Le Pen of the National Front have advanced to the second round of the presidential elections in France, preliminary Interior Ministry data shows.

WATCH RT’s special coverage of the first round of France’s presidential election


Macron won 23.75 percent of the votes, while his rival Le Pen got 21.53 percent, the Interior Ministry final figured showed, as cited by Reuters.

Republican Francois Fillon and independent leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon got 19.91 percent and 19.64 percent, respectively…

Source: French election: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen through to second round, estimates show – live | David Icke

Le Pen, Macron Progress To Second Round As Establishment Parties Crash | Zero Hedge


With more numbers coming from the French Interior Ministry, as of 11:31 p.m. local time Macron’s lead is growing to 23.61% as more city votes are counted, vs Le Pen 22.20%, with 41 Million votes counted, or 85.4% of the total. The gap is likely to expand as the final votes are tallied.

Earlier, in a race that was too close to call up to the last minute, Macron, a pro-EU ex-banker and former economy minister who founded his own party only a year ago, was projected to get 23.7 percent of the first-round vote by the pollster Ifop-Fiducial and 24 percent by Harris. Le Pen, leader of the National Front, was given 21.7 percent by Ifop and 22 percent by Harris. Other pollsters projected broadly similar results.

Defeated Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon, Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and defeated right-wing candidate Francois Fillon all urged voters to rally behind Macron in the second round. A new Harris survey saw Macron winning the runoff by 64 percent to 36, and an Ipsos/Sopra Steria poll gave a similar result.

According to Bloomberg, the key takeaways are as follows:

  • Winners: Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron, in his first run for office, and the National Front’s Marine Le Pen, who succeeded in detoxifying her anti-immigrant party enough to make the second round (as her father did in 2002). The runoff campaign over the next two weeks will feature a stark contrast between Macron’s pro-EU, pro-globalization world view, and Le Pen’s call to close borders and quit the euro currency. Polls show Macron winning handily.
  • Losers: Francois Fillon and Benoit Hamon of the Republicans and the Socialists, respectively, the parties that have dominated French politics for decades. Fillon, the man to beat as recently as January, was undone by a scandal involving an alleged no-show government job for his wife. Hamon was a surprise winner of the Socialist primary after President Francois Hollande decided not to run again, but he never gained traction. At last count he was a distant fifth. Leftist firebrand Jean-Luc Melenchon also lost momentum in the campaign’s closing days.
  • Euro soared against both the dollar – rising to the euro’s highest level since Nov. 10, the day after the results of the U.S. presidential election. – and especially the yen, as investors priced in a win for Macron and the receding threat of a far-left or far-right candidate winning the presidency…

Source: Le Pen, Macron Progress To Second Round As Establishment Parties Crash | Zero Hedge

GoldFish Report No. 91, Week 14 POTUS Upade with Kent Dunn

Published on 23 Apr 2017

On GoldFish Report No 91, Kent and Louisa discuss the meeting in DC of the IMF, BIS, and World Bank regarding the SDR, the POTUS’s recent Executive Orders particularly regarding the H-1B Visa and their implications, Rumored Operation Gotham Shield possible EMP false flag planned for New York City and New Jersey beginning tomorrow. Also the power outages earlier in the week in NY, LA and SF, implications of the French Election on the RV-GCR, and the theory of incrementalism in public Policy and where it came from and what its agenda is…..And much more.

Marine Le Pen Warns France Is On The Brink Of Civil War – Your News Wire

Marine Le Pen’s campaign have warned that France is on the brink of a civil war due to the open border policy for terrorists in Europe.

According to Le Pen’s campaign coordinator, Jean Messiha, the constant attacks by ISIS militants in France, including Thursday’s murder of police officer Xavier Jugele, are about to push French citizens onto the streets in protest. reports:

And Jean Messiha told BBC Newsnight that a continuation of ‘feeble’ leadership will result in ISIS strengthening their grip
within the country, allowing them to carry out even more attacks on a larger scale…

Source: Marine Le Pen Warns France Is On The Brink Of Civil War – Your News Wire